The Ostrich Spirit Animal

The Ostrich Spirit Animal

You may think that the ostrich spirit animal is a strange and silly bird because it’s big and unable to fly.

But there are so many lessons that you can learn from the ostrich symbolism, even with its seeming limitation.

It is a quick and powerful animal with legs that can injure or kill anything that threatens it. This signifies a secret power and how its choices allow it to live in peace and harmony with others.

Common Ostrich Spirit Animal Meanings

Just like the orangutan spirit animal, the meaning of the ostrich signals a time to cleanse yourself and release what’s no longer working for you.

Look at your life and see which aspects are giving you stress, and work your way to remove them from your life.

The ostrich meaning also shows you to be aware of your spiritual knowledge and find ways to apply it to your life. Learn and understand it so that you can use it in the best way.

When you feel threatened or scared, there’s nothing wrong with staying away and protecting yourself. This ostrich symbolism teaches you to be calm and do what you need to protect yourself.

Does seeing an Ostrich mean Love is coming?

When the ostrich symbolism appears in your life, this signifies your tendency to put things off, including love and romance.

You feel you have no time for love, or you are not ready after going through something painful.

If there’s someone special in your life right now, don’t push them away. The meaning of the ostrich encourages you not to deny what you are truly feeling or let yourself miss out on something big and wonderful!

Do this if you see the Ostrich Totem in Your Dreams…

The meaning of the ostrich in dreams suggests that you are in denial about something in your life. You are not facing reality and this is a truth that you find hard to accept.

Like the appearance of the antelope, it encourages you to take a good look at what is happening and learn to accept the truth. The sooner you do this, the more positive your future becomes.

Positive Traits of the Ostrich Spirit Animal

When you share an affinity with the ostrich spirit animal, you are smart, confident, and driven. You are gifted with a big imagination, and you use this in your personal and professional life.

You love to learn new things, and you are a natural puzzle solver. You are fixated on getting the results that you want.

You are passionately determined, headstrong, and self-assured. You can easily influence people just by doing what you love best.

You are charming and social, and you feel most alive when you are with like-minded people.

People may think that someone like you is high maintenance, but you have simple desires and you are very easy to live with.

When others are conflicted with their choices and decisions, you simply follow your heart and your instincts. You don’t worry too much because you know that worrying does not help.

You know when to stand tall and when to lay low. You know where you stand because you are well-grounded.

Just like with the goose spirit animal, you like security and stability. You don’t like disagreements and disputes, so you make your life as peaceful and harmonious as possible.

Negative Traits of the Ostrich Spirit Animal

Having the ostrich totem as your guide also means that you have a big ego. You don’t do well as a follower.

You disappear and head off on your own when you find yourself a new challenge. Not only that, you like getting plenty of attention even if you say you don’t.

You have difficulty trusting others and opening yourself up to them. You can also be a little too self-involved.

You are as passionate as you are flighty. You fall in love hard but cannot be expected to be in a long-term relationship.

You get bored easily. This can be a big challenge when you are looking for stability or when you are planning to settle down with someone.

Call on your Ostrich Spirit Animal when:

  • You find yourself in a dangerous situation.
  • Fight or flight? There are certain situations when you can fight because you know you can, but there are also situations when it’s wiser to just walk away.
  • You need strength to fight.
  • As much as possible, avoid fights because there are other more peaceful ways to resolve conflicts. When you are left with no other choice, be prepared.
  • You need to avoid a stressful or troublesome situation.

Your choices and decisions determine how peaceful or stressful your life will become. If you want to avoid drama and trouble, choose your battles wisely.

4 Unusual Facts About Ostrich Symbolism

The view that people tend to have about the ostrich is that it is quite stupid and is unable to fly even though it is a type of bird.

However, this vision is certainly not what you would equate with the spirit animal or ostrich symbolism as things go deeper than you may have initially imagined.

That being said, there are a number of interesting points regarding ostrich symbolism that could be useful to a range of people.

1. A time to cleanse.

There is an overwhelming sense that the appearance of the ostrich spirit animal is going to represent a time for you to carry out a cleanse in your life.

This is the point where you need to take stock of what is going on in your life and to then release those aspects that are simply not working for you.

Also, if something is causing you stress, then let it go as well because all of this negativity is going to be holding you back from reaching your true potential.

2. Teaching you to be calm and protective.

A key part of ostrich symbolism is to teach you how to be calm and protective at the same time.

It will be important that you do not allow yourself to be flustered in any way as this then causes stress, and that is something that needs to be avoided.

It teaches you to weigh up the situation before you make any kind of decision as this increases the chances of you doing the right thing.

Also, if you are uncertain about something, then the ostrich spirit animal does help you to understand that it is absolutely fine to stay away from a situation if it means you are protecting yourself.

3. It can represent denial.

If the ostrich is able to appear in your dreams, then this is looked upon as meaning you are in some kind of denial about a part of your life.

It will then be time to take stock of what is going on and being honest in then facing up to whatever your reality is going to be.

The longer you stick your head in the sand, then the bigger the problem is going to get, and it will then be harder to take back control.

4. Learning and puzzle solving are huge for you.

Being able to learn new things and solve puzzles is a huge part of having the ostrich spirit animal in your life.

You are viewed as having an impressive imagination, and this will then bode well for you when it comes to solving those puzzles.

Also, you are clear in your mind that you want to achieve certain results, and you have an absolute determination to get to that end goal no matter what you need to do in order to achieve it.

Clearly, ostrich symbolism is not as silly as the ostrich itself. Instead, it promotes the idea of really looking at our situation and life before we then go ahead and make the appropriate changes in order to make our desired progress.

My final thoughts on the Ostrich Spirit Animal and its Symbolism

The meaning of the ostrich becomes clear to you when you need to take a break and lay low. However, this does not mean that you should hide or run away from your problems.

Your ostrich totem teaches you to understand the situation and step back when you can to avoid unnecessary trouble. Choose peace, protect yourself, and let the trouble pass for now.

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