The Seal Spirit Animal

The Seal Spirit Animal

seal symbolism

The seal spirit animal spends most of its life in the sea, but it gives birth to its offspring on land.

This seal symbolism indicates that there are things formed deep inside of you and things that are nurtured through the help of your senses and abilities.

They are made real to you when you use them in your everyday life.

Just like with the snake spirit animal, the meaning of the seal helps you remember your connection to your inner rhythms, as well as encourage you to swim with the current instead of drowning in it.

Common Seal Spirit Animal Meanings

The seal spirit animal (like the chicken spirit animal) reassures you that it’s okay to use your personal strength.

Have conviction in your decisions, thoughts, and emotions, and don’t listen too much to what others are saying.

However, don’t be closed off to well-meaning advice. You might miss incredible opportunities and important information if you’re not listening when you should be.

The seal totem is a source of power and capability, just like the mouse totem. By tapping into the inner strength of your true self, you can learn the lessons that will help you better navigate life and deal with people.

The seal spirit animal appears to you because you need to experience your inner and outer worlds.

This is the time to learn how to flow with life, hear what’s not being said, and discover your true nature.

The meaning of the seal also reminds you to integrate your creativity with your reasoning, and your imagination with your intellect.

Participate in activities that will help you channel or direct this bustling energy.

Take care of your inner self so that you can gain a good sense of balance. Embrace the meaning of the seal and watch as the big changes take place.

The seal spirit animal represents all facets of your partnerships and relationships.

The seal symbolism comes into your life because you need to deal with issues that plague your own relationships, or because you just need to find one that works for you.

It seeks to make you understand that there’s a masculine and feminine side to relationships, and that sooner or later, they will clash. It’s necessary to create a balance and honor your differences.

The seal meaning also reminds you that there will always be opposing forces present in your life, and you don’t necessarily have to fight them all the time.

Sometimes, they can create something dynamic and exciting — just the thing you need to keep you on your toes and get your blood running.

If Your Spirit Animal is the Seal, read this carefully…

With the seal spirit animal, you need to pay attention to your imagination. A lot of your daydreams are based on reality, even if you think they’re too far off.

You are a naturally creative and imaginative person, and you need to engage in activities that will help you unlock your gifts.

Share your brilliant ideas with the world because you will be one step closer to your goals once you do!

Seal spirit animals as messengers of change

The seal spirit animal teaches you to go with the flow and to listen to the nuances of your life. Explore your true nature and understand the mysteries of your existence.

To achieve success and balance, you must use your creative imagination with your powerful intellect.

Teach yourself to be at home with yourself and in your body so that you will uncover your true beauty and power.

Positive Traits of the Seal Spirit Animal

When you have the seal totem, you are a gentle and playful soul. You like peace and happiness to surround you, and you will do everything in your power to keep your life that way.

You are not a stranger to mood swings, either. You can be fierce and ferocious one moment, and then friendly and nice the next.

You don’t panic at the first sign of problems because you are flexible, resourceful, and adaptable. You are resilient when it comes to challenges.

You easily move on from them and focus on what needs to be done without breaking down. You set aside your emotions and deal with more pressing matters.

When it comes to thoughts and emotions, you have no difficulty separating the two. You can easily maintain a healthy balance.

Negative Traits of the Seal Spirit Animal

You can be quite talkative and lazy when you’re busy having a good time. This can be a turn off for most people.

You are also unwilling to face problems when it comes to your personal relationships. Rather than deal with them head on, you have the tendency to play yourself as a victim.

You much rather pretend that everything is fine. You blind yourself to your own ability to make your life more loving, prosperous, and productive.

Call on your Seal Spirit Animal when:

  • You need to experience some fun and play.
  • Allow yourself to enjoy other aspects of your life by stepping away from work stresses and personal issues. If you really want to experience a change, you need to find room for love and laughter.
  • You need to cast your fears aside.
  • The seal meaning should give you the strength and courage to go out there and do your thing. Fill your life with wonderful memories instead of regrets.
  • You are having issues with your relationships.

There’s no perfect relationship, and there will always be differences that will arise. What matters is how you deal with these differences and use them to grow together in love.

4 Unusual Facts About Seal Symbolism

Seal symbolism, along with the seal spirit animal, is going to be significantly more powerful than you are perhaps aware.

However, an explanation as to what you should be able to expect regarding it will also be important, and the best way to do that is to identify various facts connected to this animal symbol and the way in which it can change your life.

1. It symbolises being in touch with those deeper meanings.

Seal symbolism is often associated with the idea of needing to be in touch with things that are deep inside of you.

This is linked to the way in which they live in the sea but then give birth on land, so they emerge from the depths, and understanding those deeper meanings in life will allow you to build on them and to even then decide if you need to make some changes to your life.

2. Have belief in yourself and your convictions.

Seal symbolism is also linked to you needing to work on having belief in your own self and trusting your thoughts and feelings.

It also stresses that you should not focus too much on what other people are saying or thinking, but then you should not completely ignore them either as there can be some useful advice.

Understanding how to strike that balance between listening and then trusting your own thoughts can be a difficult thing to achieve, but it is possible.

3. It focuses on requiring a sense of balance in your life.

The seal spirit animal is also going to be strong on the idea of getting a sense of balance in your life as this will prove to be more beneficial than you realise.

Having an unbalanced life means you are unable to really do the things that you need to do in order to make progress in life.

However, it does not have to be like that simply because the seal spirit animal pushes you towards a life of work, rest and play.

4. It also instructs you to use your imagination and creativity.

Seal symbolism is also going to push you in the direction of making sure that you use your imagination and creativity as much as possible.

Of course, this is also going to involve you delving into activities that will allow you to do this, so actively look out for them as it will make a significant difference to the way in which you are able to effectively interact with this aspect of your own self.

Seal symbolism is really about a sense of equality, but it is equality that is linked to your own self and the way that you go about things in life.

You need to be able to better understand what is going on for you inside to then make a difference on the outside, and that may not be as easy as you would perhaps like it to be.

However, with the seal spirit animal by your side, the future may indeed be brighter than you could imagine.

My final thoughts on the Seal Spirit Animal and its Symbolism

The seal spirit animal is a good swimmer. The seal symbolism appears to you when you feel like you’re drowning with your personal issues.

It reminds you that you can flow with the ever changing currents of life. Don’t allow yourself to sink when you can very well swim!

The meaning of the seal asks you to think about the flow of your emotions and thoughts. Do your best to keep that balance so that you can release any negative and harmful thoughts.

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