King of Cups Tarot Card and its Meaning

King of Cups Tarot Card and its Meaning

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The King of Cups signifies control and emotional balance. It represents generosity.

It symbolizes being fatherly, diplomatic, and responsible. It symbolizes leadership, advocacy, philanthropy, and humanitarianism.

It’s about being charismatic, understanding, sensitive, and communicative.

The King of Cups sits on his throne that is set on a large stone block. He sits there calmly while the sea rages around him.

Just over the horizon, a ship sails the turbulent seas. Just behind the king, a fish jumps wildly out of the water.

All of these signify the unconscious breaking through. It has been acknowledged by the King of Cups but it does not even ruffle him. His emotions are still in check, and he is dealing with it in a levelheaded and mature manner.

The King of Cups exercises restraint when it comes to emotions. He has mastered and learned how to control his emotions.

This does not mean that he keeps them bottled up inside. Rather, he found the right balance between thoughts and feelings.

Just like the King of Cups, you are capable of balancing and controlling your emotions and your intellect. You are able to journey through life buoyed by your emotional maturity.

The King of Cups wants you to be considerate when dealing with others, to understand why people feel the way they do, and to learn how to cope.

The King of Cups can sometimes represent a strong and older male figure in your life. He is usually a man with a strong paternal instinct. He is kind and considerate, responsible and generous, tough and powerful.

He is more diplomatic than forceful. He is the calm in the midst of a crisis. He is a man of his word and a man of action.

He can lead people and have them work towards a common goal. He is a peacemaker. He can be tough when he needs to be, but he can also show affection with ease.

If you are experiencing emotional challenges, the King of Cups suggests that you remain calm and be the more emotionally mature one.

You will never win if you lose your cool. Rein in your emotions and allow yourself to think clearly and logically.

King of Cups Tarot and Love

When it comes to love and relationships, the King of Cups suggests that you are enjoying a diplomatic and gracious moment. It’s a positive card when it comes to romance.

It signifies a calm and harmonious time between lovers. They know how to fight or argue in a healthy manner, and they know how to resolve issues quickly and peacefully.

If you are looking for love, the King of Cups showing up in your reading indicates that someone very loving, caring, and strong is making his way towards you.

Maybe a doctor, or a lawyer, or a police officer. Basically, a man that demonstrates the positive traits of the King of Cups.

In the reversed position, the King of Cups can mean lovers refusing to acknowledge problems in the relationship. They choose to ignore the telltale signs of restlessness or unhappiness.

They just would rather not talk about it and hope that it goes away.

When they do start talking, they talk about other stuff except their relationship problems.

Every time a confrontation takes place, one just simply walks away or quickly changes the topic. Sometimes one will crack a joke. Other times one will refuse to react or say anything at all.

This can be because they are both in a state of denial, or they just don’t want to rock the boat and open the proverbial can of worms.

If this is your partner, learn how to best talk to him that does not sound argumentative, confrontational, or accusatory. Do it on neutral ground, during a time when both of you are feeling light and peaceful.

If upsetting words need to be said in order to get to the root of the problem, be prepared to take a few blows. Choose your words wisely, because once you let them out, there’s no way to take them back.

King of Cups Tarot and Money

When it comes to money and wealth, the King of Cups indicates that you have to accept the reality of your finances.

It can also signify the need to be charitable and generous, no matter how grim your financial situation is.

Remember that being charitable or generous does not only apply to money. You can always share your time or your knowledge to a person in need of it. Compare this with the meaning of the King of Wands card.

King of Cups Tarot’s Meaning for the Future

In the future position, the King of Cups signifies peace and tranquility descending on your life. The King of Cups is making it happen for you.

If you are looking to create a more happening and exciting life in the future, the King of Cups is not something that you will welcome in your reading.

The future that’s waiting for you is peaceful and tranquil. You can’t achieve it all on your own, though.

You have to seek the help and bank on the strength of friends and family who wish you a happy and peaceful future, too.

Is the King of Cups a Sign of Good Luck?

Is the King of Cups an actual sign of good luck?

Well, it is viewed as being one of the more influential and powerful cards within the cups suit, and he has a tendency to be related to a number of different emotions and meanings that can, with the correct advice, be seen as being rather positive in their nature.

It is also viewed as representing a real balance between everything and states that your emotions are in check.

It also notes that you have had previous issues with impulse control and yet you are now able to control things so much better which then leads to you making less mistakes.

With the Upright King of Cups, you are not only able to control your emotions but also your ideas and are creative in offering solutions to a number of situations.

This balance then leads to you having a superior understanding of what is within you and this awareness will also then lead to your future being brighter than it may have otherwise been.

The King of Cups is diplomatic and also with a sense of authority surrounding him.

He is sensitive and is able to tune into the feelings of others while also not ignoring his own and achieves that balance with some aplomb.

It shows that you need to remain mature whenever you are dealing with any kind of negativity as that is where your strength lies and it will reduce the chances of you being pulled down at the same time.

However, things are slightly different if you draw the reverse King of Cups. This represents an ability to manipulate people and situations to allow you to gain from it.

He can be viewed as being quite controlling especially when it comes to emotions and this draws in more negative energy that could threaten to derail anything and everything that you are doing.

With this, the impulse control has largely gone, and there is a chance of them being quite vindictive in nature.

But, what about it being a sign of good luck? Well, if you do indeed draw the upright King of Cups, then it will be viewed as a sign of good luck.

This is all thanks to the way in which you are able to control your emotions, think clearly, and come to the correct decisions.

This positive form of control does help to eliminate negativity that then, in turn, draws in bad energy that will ultimately have an impact on the kind of luck that you are experiencing.

So, while the King of Cups is not a full on card representing good luck per se, that does not mean that it being drawn at any point in your reading should be anything other than a good thing.

However, just remember that the reverse is not quite as good, but at the same time it is not a full-on disaster and something that will the prove to be impossible to recover from.

My Final Thoughts on King of Cups Tarot

The King of Cups symbolizes kindness and compassion. This is the kindness and compassion that you give away, and the kind that you receive.

There is also an aspect of true love in your life, no matter how hopeless or dreary it seems. Love yourself and let others love you back.

When you see the King of Cups in your tarot reading, someone will most likely show up in your life who will be instrumental in achieving your goals.

He may be the last person in your mind to help you out, but you cannot discount his pure intentions and motivations.

Whatever advice he will share, or whatever knowledge he will impart, take it, think about it, and use it.

Who is the King of Cups in your life? How has he changed your life, and how is he helping you achieve your goals?

What do you think?

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