King of Pentacles Tarot Card and its Meaning

King of Pentacles Tarot Card and its Meaning


The King of Pentacles tarot is the card of power and discipline, of control and stability, of wealth and riches.

It symbolizes strength, security, virility, and seductiveness. It also represents truth, patience, care, and perseverance.

It can also indicate someone who is fatherly, someone who is a family man or a businessman.

The King of Pentacles tarot speaks of ambition, satisfaction, fulfillment, and success.

He sits on his elaborate throne carved with vines and bulls. He is garbed in rich robes embroidered with grapevines. He is the picture of nobility and sophistication.

The King of Pentacles tarot is surrounded by vines and flowers and different kinds of plants, symbolizing achievements and material success.

He holds a scepter and a gold coin, which symbolize material power and influence.

His castle stands just behind him, a symbol of all that he has achieved through all his hard work and determination.

The King of Pentacles tarot is serious when it comes to building his wealth and turning his dreams to reality, unlike the Seven of Cups.

He is proud of all he has accomplished and enjoys showing them to anyone who wants to learn a thing or two about success.

The King of Pentacles tarot is a fatherly figure who will provide everything that you need, from the emotional and spiritual needs, to the material and financial, just like the King of Cups.

He gets a sense of self-worth when he is able to do these things for the people that he loves.

The King of Pentacles tarot is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to business and money. He always succeeds in business.

He accomplishes great feats. He has achieved so much that he no longer has to prove himself to everybody else.

The King of Pentacles tarot symbolizes competence and efficiency. He is methodical and well-organized. He thinks before speaking. He weighs the pros and cons before reaching a decision.

He can take any idea and turn it into something successful and profitable.

The King of Pentacles tarot indicates that you know how to work hard and party hard. You have the money as the result of all your hard work as indicated as well in the tarot of Ten of Pentacles, so now it’s time to put it to good use.

King of Pentacles Tarot and Love

The King of Pentacles tarot is a good omen in love. If you’re single and looking for love, this indicates that someone will walk into your life and sweep you off your feet.

If you’re in a relationship, things between you and your partner will take a more serious turn. Something more permanent and lasting.

The King of Pentacles tarot symbolizes the responsible one when it comes to love and relationships.

He is consistent and faithful, and he can very well be your future. Your forever.

Expect to enjoy a long-term and deeply satisfying relationship with the King of Pentacles. He is all about commitment, consistency, and loyalty. Just the kind of man that every woman wants to have in her life.

You can count yourself lucky if he chooses to be with you, because the King of Pentacles thinks like a businessman when it comes to relationships, too.

He will not enter a relationship unless he’s really sure that he wants you and sees himself being with you through the good times and the bad.

He will not waste his time on time wasters and bad girls. He will much rather be single and wait until the right one comes along. If that’s you, you can consider yourself set for life.

The King of Pentacles will shower you with love and gifts and everything else that he can provide. In return, he will expect you to make his house a home, and nurture and care for your children.

He will expect you to satisfy all his needs, and so much more.

When it comes to emotions, the King of Pentacles tarot signifies true love, and how true love does not die. It symbolizes steadfast love and devotion.

When the card is in a reversed position, it means quite the opposite. There may be deception and lies in the relationship.

Your man cannot be trusted and he can use you just for his personal gain. He is selfish and manipulative and will sap you of all the hope and happiness in love.

King of Pentacles and Money

When it comes to financial matters, the Kings of Pentacles tarot is a harbinger of good fortune.

You are enjoying a good and abundant time, and everything is on the upswing. Enjoy when you can, but don’t splurge on things that are not important.

Put your money to good use. Donate and be charitable. Remember not to let your money rule your life.

You have a talent with money. You will make money when you want to, if you want to. So share your blessing to others who are less fortunate and you will be rewarded even more.

King of Pentacles Tarot’s Meaning for the Future

When the King of Pentacles tarot appears in the future position, it is reminder for you to enjoy the good things in life. You also must pay equal attention to matters of business and money.

Make solid and well thought out plans and use your keen business sense when you undertake new projects. Follow the plan precisely how you laid it out to ensure your success.

Is the King of Pentacles a Sign of Good Luck?

The King of Pentacles is a minor arcana card that is closely associated with the idea of an individual trying to improve their life or their own thoughts and emotions.

It is also connected to the idea of being able to see things through to the very end and to actually succeed in achieving your goals no matter how big or small they may be.

Furthermore, there is a sense of you having the correct principles in life and your approach to it and that there is a lot of success surrounding you in both a life and enterprise way.

There is an idea of loyalty and dedication but there is an idea of being better in dealing with the practical side of things rather than the emotional part.

From a good luck perspective, then the main thing is that the card in the upright position is not about placing obstacles in your way.

Instead, it is connected to your drive and determination that ultimately delivers results, so you are able to make the kind of progress that you have been hoping for.

This lack of obstacles or incorrect thinking and decision making, when drawn in this position, does then make you believe that it can indeed be a card of good luck.

However, if you draw the King of Pentacles in reverse position, then things are going to be slightly different for you.

In fact, it can indicate that you are in danger of losing your grip on various things and that it is not going to be nice if that is indeed the case.

You may be taking risks, accepting wrong advice, lack confidence and faith in your own self, or your judgement is very much off.

This is clearly all negative in its approach, so there is a need for you to then be in a position to reassess life and what you are doing to see the areas that do have to be changed.

This card in the reverse position does not explicitly state that it is going to hit you with a period of bad luck, but the connotations that come with the actions associated with it will certainly make you believe that this is going to be the case.

If you fail to heed the warnings that they are giving you, then bad luck is certainly going to befall you at some point in the future.

Overall, the King of Pentacles is largely a positive card that is focused on that idea of determination in your life.

Yes, the reverse position can be negative and potentially incorporate the idea of bad luck, but that does not always have to be the case.

It will only lead to bad luck if you are unable to make the changes that are necessary and, at that point, you may as well as see it as being your own fault as you failed to listen.

In general, there is nothing to really fear if you draw this card at any point.

My Final Thoughts on King of Pentacles Tarot

The King of Pentacles tarot wants you to use your life, your energies, and the resources available to you in the most positive and most useful way possible.

If the King of Pentacles is a man in your life, this is a man that you can depend on and trust completely.

The King of Pentacles tarot wants you to get serious about your dreams and start putting in the hard work.

Turn your plans into actions.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor and treat yourself to some rest and relaxation.

The King of Pentacles tarot asks you: What are your plans for the future? How serious are you in making your dreams happen? How do you enjoy the fruits of your labor?

What do you think?

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