The Hierophant Tarot Card and its Meaning

The Hierophant Tarot Card and its Meaning


The Hierophant is numbered five in the tarot deck, ruled by Taurus, and also goes by the name of Chiron, the Shaman, and the Pope. You can see the Hierophant sitting high on a chair in what looks to be a stately religious environment.

Before him, two men are kneeling, waiting to be appointed their new roles. The Hierophant is clothed in three rich and intricate-looking vestments, symbolizing the three worlds.

There are three tiers on his crown, and he holds a triple scepter, symbolizing the Hierophant’s rule over the three worlds.

The crossed keys signify unlocking mysteries, and the balance between the conscious and subconscious minds.

The Hierophant is very traditional, and the card suggests that you have inside you a desire to follow the norms and due process, and stay within the confines of what is conventional rather than the orthodox.

If there are already existing beliefs and systems, it means you will much rather adapt than innovate.

When this card appears in your tarot reading, it just means that now is not the time to go all insurgent and to start questioning the status quo, like the Three of Wands.

The appearance of the Hierophant can also mean that you are relinquishing your power to someone else or to another group of people.

It can mean that you are following a new belief system, or you want to honor a tradition, or you want to begin some new traditions in your life. Perhaps change, like the Fool or Wheel of Fortune tarot card.

The Hierophant can also represent a person you admire and respect, a role model from whom you have formed your own opinions and beliefs.

It can also represent some kind of an initiation, so be prepared for a change to happen in your life.

This can be a graduation, or starting college. This can also be a baptism, a funeral, or a marriage.

The Hierophant Tarot and Love

The Hierophant denotes commitment, so if this card shows up in your reading, that’s a really good sign.

Your relationship with your man is going well, and the love is taking deeper roots. You are now in that phase of the relationship where your friends gag at all your romantic gestures, both online and offline.

It’s the kind of relationship that feels like it’s meant to be, because you agree on almost anything. From what to order on Friday nights to how you want to raise your future kids.

What’s even better is that you grow and discover things together, and you feel secure in the love and the protection that the other person provides.

There’s no way to go but get married and have a family!

But if you’re not wired to live the happily ever after love story, the Hierophant can mean that it’s time to take courage and admit that this safe and conventional relationship might not be for you.

Your man can be stubborn and exasperating, and this can drive you up the wall.

You feel like you’re just a follower instead of a partner. You deserve to be happy, and if that means breaking the rules, or breaking free so that you can learn more about yourself, then you definitely should go for it.

The Hierophant Tarot and Money

When it comes to money, the Hierophant tells you to avoid being such a risk taker and opt for the conservative, traditional, and tried and tested methods in handling your finances. Like those get-rich-quick schemes?

They sound too good to be true. Before investing your money, talk to the experts. There are legit financial experts who can help you and give more sound advice when it comes to your money.

They do this for a living, so don’t be shy to ask a lot of questions. The knowledge that you will get from them will equip you with the information you’ll need to better handle your finances in the future.

The Hierophant also warns against gambling or too much spending. Nowadays, even holding your smartphone can end with you spending way too much money on apps, extra filters, extra lives, and monthly subscription renewals.

When you add them all up, that is still a big amount of money you can save for the rainy days. Think before you click that ‘buy’ button.

Avoid using your credit cards. Only pay with the cash you have on hand. Stay within budget, and start living within your means.

The Hierophant Tarot’s Meaning for the Future

The Hierophant in the future position is a powerful card. A strong and notable person in your life will help you figure out the meaning of life and your purpose of living and being.

Although that can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the goodness and the strength of this person in question.

The Hierophant symbolizes education, so always seek spiritual guidance and spiritual advice when you can. It’s also about tradition, so support solid organizations and organized principles.

The Hierophant and its Meaning for Health

The Hierophant is a major arcana card that is often linked to the idea of wisdom and following the more traditional values in life.

This clearly applies across every sector, so it does often mean that if you are drawing the card in your health sector, then the future is going to probably be quite rosy compared to other possibilities.

With your health, there is the understanding that this card is going to point you towards you using the conventional medicine route rather than placing your faith in anything that could be classed as being alternative.

Furthermore, it is also telling you that there’s a very real need to look at potentially bringing some kind of new health routine into your life including eating better or trying to work out on a more regular basis.

There is also a sense of seeking to strengthen your immune system, and the best approach is going to be taking supplements and vitamins.

This is all viewed as being quite sage advice for your health, but then it fits in with the traditional routes as there is nothing fancy or elaborate about it.

All of those points noted above are if you draw the card in the upright position, but things do change somewhat if you draw it in the reverse position within the health sector.

If this happens, then you can pretty much take everything that the upright position is telling you and turn it all on its head.

What this means is that it is pushing you towards the idea of trying alternative things in order to get better with this applying if you are ill at this moment in time.

Also, if you do have a health routine, then this card is telling you that it will be in your best interests to take that routine and do something a bit different with it.

Just sticking to how things were at that point is just going to get you absolutely nowhere.

There is a sense of stepping outside of your very own comfort zone, and that is going to make a huge difference to the way in which your health is going to improve.

In the reverse position, it is attempting to get you to think about alternative routes and to remind you that there are other options out there that could very well be worth exploring.

Overall, this card is a great one to draw in your health sector because at least it is not going to be predicting bad things are coming your way, and that is something to be grateful about.

It is also advisory, to a certain extent, with it delivering some useful tips and suggestions that you can then perhaps put into use.

The Hierophant is going to really help your health if you allow it to rather than spending too much time just thinking about it.

The aim is to get you to use a better routine and be sensible about your health which is why this card is viewed in such a positive light for your health.

My Final Thoughts on the Hierophant Tarot

With the Hierophant, it’s all about doing the right thing. In every situation, you must choose to do what is right for you and what is right for the community.

The only person who should know what’s right for you is yourself and no one else.

While doing the right thing can make you feel like an upstanding citizen, it can also be limiting. Don’t live your life passing up life-changing opportunities because you’re too fearful to step out of your comfort zone.

You must know that traditions are there not to be followed by rote but to keep the spirits and the faith alive.

It’s there to eradicate fear, and foster peace and harmony.You can find a way to honor tradition while still living your best life.

The Hierophant serves as a reminder that harmony can be achieved if there is a shared identity and a solid religious structure.

As much as possible, celebrate individuality and assert your uniqueness. But also bear in mind that harmony will not be achieved if everyone demands to dance to their own beat.

In the end, you must let the captain navigate the ship to get through the tumultuous waters, and know that you are not alone in the journey. Or would you rather break the rules and live your life on your own terms?

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