The High Priestess Tarot Card and its Meaning

The High Priestess Tarot Card and its Meaning


The High Priestess, sitting on her seat, looks fierce and formidable, as she should be. She is known by other names, such as Artemis, Persephone, the Corn Maiden, and the Isis, all known for their strength and wisdom.

Like the King of Swords, she holds great power and knowledge that are clearly evident in her posture.

The scroll that she clutches in her hands symbolizes esoteric knowledge of which she alone can decide to whom and how it will be expressed.

There’s no arguing and no questioning. Her knowledge is her power.

Behind the High Priestess a tapestry hangs, keeping ordinary bystanders away, allowing only the initiated inside. The pomegranates symbolize duty, and the blue robe knowledge.

The crown of Isis represents the Triple Goddess, and the solar cross that she wears upon her breast represents the balance between males and females.

You will also notice that on the High Priestess’ lap, there is a Torah that seems to be half hidden and half exposed. This symbolizes higher knowledge.

Her feet rest on top of the moon, signifying her power over pure intuition.  She knows all the goings on both in nature and the spiritual plane.

She is the protector of the unconscious and the only one who has the power to access the realms.

The High Priestess represents spiritual enlightenment, deep understanding of the universe, inner illumination, and infinite wisdom.

It would be impossible to learn all the secrets and mysteries that she holds, but the High Priestess continues to guide each of us to discover the true power of our minds.

The High Priestess Tarot and Love

When it comes to love, the High Priestess tarot advises that you possess more knowledge than you think, or you are listening more to what your brain is telling you instead of what your heart is feeling.

The High Priestess can also be a person in your life who has the answers to the questions that have been playing around in your mind lately, and all you need to do is ask.

In return, you must seek a deeper level of reflection so that you will be able to understand and accept the answers, whether they were something you have been expecting or not.

It can also be a person who has a great and valuable lesson to teach you, and you have to be prepared when you embark on this exciting journey.

It can be the kind of love that will awaken your body and soul, one that you have never experienced before.

It can be the love that you have always been looking for. So move in love and happiness, but more so in wisdom and understanding.

The High Priestess Tarot and Money

If the High Priestess turns up in your spread regarding financial matters, you are considering the state of your financial affairs and asking very important questions about your financial future.

Money a bit tight lately? Not sure whether you can pay next month’s rent? This may be a similar case to the Five of Pentacles.

The answers will remain unclear for now, but the High Priestess will provide you with the foresight needed to make tough and important decisions. They can take many forms.

It can be a colleague who can give assistance with paperwork and other administrative matters. It can be a friend who has more experience with the same business setup.

It can be free information that you find on the internet.

Whatever it is, the High Priestess will not leave you high and dry. Instead, she will take away the unwanted elements strewn along your path so that you can move forward to the future you have always envisioned.

The High Priestess Tarot’s Meaning for the Future

With regard to the future, the High Priestess means balance, like the Two of Wands, and enlightenment. It represents the real understanding of what you want and what you need in life.

Now is the best time to start following your instincts and going with your gut. No one else knows what’s best for you but yourself.

If you don’t fully trust what your instincts are telling you, you can seek counsel from your family or your most trusted friends, but don’t let what they tell you cloud your judgment and your emotions.

The High Priestess warns of a future conflict that can be avoided. If tension is brewing between you and a co-worker, don’t let it simmer until it all blows up.

Settle differences like adults. Rise above petty jealousies and insecurities, because the High Priestess knows.

The High Priestess always knows. If something doesn’t make you a better and wiser person, you are better off without it.

The Priestess reveals that your life is changing. Mysteries are becoming clearer, and you are beginning to understand that things should not be taken for granted.

In line with this, your intuitive powers are growing, inspiring you to unleash the creative side you never realized you had.

Is the High Priestess a Sign of Bad Luck?

The High Priestess is a major arcana card which, when drawn in the upright position, is certainly not going to be indicative of bad luck heading your way.

In actual fact, should you draw it in this position, then you may very well have some exciting and interesting things to look forward to.

The reason for this is simply because the card is connected to the idea of common sense along with the desire to go ahead and improve on your knowledge in life.

What she is telling you when drawn in this way is that this may very well be your time to go ahead and trust what your instincts are trying to tell you and to have more faith in your own self.

She also tells you to go ahead and pay close attention to the various signs that are appearing all around you because you are probably missing out on a few important pointers.

This applies across the different spheres of your life where the universe is trying to tell you what it is that you need to do in order to make progress.

However, if you fail to listen to things, then there is every possibility that you will feel as if things are indeed working against you.

If you draw the High Priestess in reverse, then it is still not often regarded as being a sign of bad luck. In fact, it is more in line with acting as a stronger warning for you over and above anything else.

With this position, the card is trying to tell you that you are simply not seeing the signs and advice that is surrounding you.

There can be a sense of you spending too much time listening to others or seeking their opinions instead of trusting your own individual instincts.

You have wisdom and advice around you, but there is a lack of your ability to concentrate on the things that are really the most important of all.

There may also be a sense of frustration or a feeling of being isolated in life or at your place of work.

You could be of the opinion that you are somewhat lacking when it comes to your spiritual side of things, and all of that is going to contribute to an overall feeling of depression and generally being fed up of life.

So, the High Priestess is not specifically a sign of bad luck but rather she should be viewed as being a card that is trying to help and advise you on how to get on the correct path in life.

It is not simply a case of you encountering bad luck if you do not take heed of what is being said to you but then she is also not truly a card that is connected to good luck either.

Overall, if you do draw the High Priestess in either position, then do not be afraid of it as it should be fun looking forward to receiving some sage advice.

My Final Thoughts on the High Priestess Tarot

The High Priestess wants you to listen to your inner voice before making any decision, however small or life changing that is. She is the guide to all that is dark and light.

So take stock of your life and see which areas seem to be out of balance, or need more wisdom and discernment. Knowing how to make things right will not come to you overnight, though.

It will depend solely on intuition, so you have to do better at listening to you inner voice. When you are in touch with your inner voice, you are also in touch with your subconscious.

I challenge you to go deeper and look beyond the surface. Just imagine the expanse of your potential. Can you even comprehend how limitless the possibilities are?

The High Priestess wants you to know that it’s okay to wait and let things unfold in their natural course.

You don’t always have to do everything right here, right now. Sometimes, you just need to allow a certain kind of stillness to settle and let the desire blossom in time.

Are you listening to your inner voice? Are you connected to your higher power? What are your deepest secrets that nobody else knows?

How do you think you can best understand life and its purpose?

What do you think?

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