The Star Tarot Card and its Meaning

The Star Tarot Card and its Meaning


The Star tarot card is the seventeenth card in the deck and is closely associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius. It symbolizes hope, renewal, inspiration, spirituality, and serenity.

It also symbolizes healing, abundance, generosity, and humility, just like the card of Judgment and the Empress.

The Star is depicted as a naked woman kneeling by the edge of a pool. She has one foot in the water and the other on the ground, symbolizing practicality, common sense, and intuition.

She holds two water jugs, and she is pouring water onto the pool and on the grass.

The water poured on the grass trickles in five rivulets, which represents the five senses. Behind the woman shines a big, bright yellow star, with seven smaller stars surrounding it, which symbolize the chakras.

All the stars are eight-pointed, the number eight symbolizing strength. In the background, a bird sits on a tree, where it roosts on the tree of the mind.

In a tarot reading, the Star represents renewed trust and self-esteem. You will suddenly become aware of all your success.

You will realize that you are respected by many. You will achieve a goal that will bring you genuine happiness and quite a reputation.

The Star will be especially encouraging if you have just come from a difficult period, or a strong opposition, or a major setback. It’s a sign that you will regain what you lost if you will just have faith in yourself.

The Star’s presence also signifies a period of reprieve and renewal, just like the Fool. It can be a spiritual renewal, or a physical renewal, even both.

It also represents a generous spirit and an open heart. It can mean physical recovery from an illness or an injury, as well.

The Star is an important card that is symbolic of personal transformation. When the Star appears in a Tarot reading, it means that you are open to change, growth, and new ideas.

You are finally appreciating the person you really are, and you’re ready to embark on a deeper spiritual journey.

You are headed to a better and more loving phase in your life. Your ability to let go of the past is what brought you to this place now and what will bring you to your future.

The Star Tarot and Love

The Star often appears in times of emotional trouble. You don’t know which way to go. You feel overwhelmed. You are terrified at the thought of making a decision.

The Star is asking you what your heart is really telling you. If you keep still and silent, which answer resonates the most?

Yes, it can be quite a challenge, because the trick to getting the answer is to really listen. And we all know how difficult it is to shut everything off and really listen.

You will have the answers that you seek if you listen to yourself and to your partner.

Listen to what others have to say about your relationship, because sometimes you need an objective view to help you with decision making.

Listen to what your partner is not telling you. Look for telltale signs. Listen to your instincts, but do not listen to your fear.

The Star is also connected to hope. To your man, you are the guiding light, his true north, and the source of his joy and happiness.

For him, he can achieve anything with you by his side, and if challenges come up in your relationship, you will be the anchor that will keep the relationship from being swept away.

The Star also indicates a wonderful time to start a new romance because the light is above you.

You have never been more ready to embrace love and be changed by love. It symbolizes new beginnings and second chances.

The Star Tarot and Money

If the Star shows up in finance and money matters, it can signify that you are getting close to learning a new secret in investment, or you’re finally learning your way around money.

It can reveal exciting money-making opportunities, or extra income. It can also indicate some kind of unexpected windfall. It’s a generally positive omen.

The Star Tarot’s Meaning for the Future

In the future position, The Star wants you to know to keep the hope alive. When you have the chance, shut off everything that causes you undue stress.

Don’t spend unnecessary energy worrying about solutions to your problems.

Being stressed robs you of clarity of thought and lightness of heart, and you might miss the answer to your question if you let the all the distractions take over.

Restore your physical and spiritual health. Keep yourself inspired. Take risks.

Fall in love. Share your blessings. Forgive yourself for past mistakes and other people for their transgressions. Bask in your success, but always keep your feet on the ground.

Is the Star Tarot a Sign of Bad Luck?

When determining as to whether or not the Star Tarot represents bad luck, then it all depends on the way in which the card is drawn.

This is key as it does change the interpretation and can also completely alter the decisions that you then start to make in your life.

So, in order to assess as to whether or not this sign shows bad luck, we need to examine both sides independently.

The Upright Star

The Upright Star is viewed as representing a bright future and moving onto better things in life. It has a sense of optimism and insight into your situations that will then allow you to make better decisions that will certainly work out for you.

In this instance, it can be a rather powerful card, and there is no doubt that it does indeed represent good luck.

The Star Reversed

If you draw the Star Reversed, then everything changes, and this is the side of the card that does indeed represent bad luck.

It also comes with a sense of being disappointed, and that things are just not going to work out for you in the way that you had hoped.

It can also indicate a certain sense of you being stubborn and that this is working against you.

Also, you feel unfulfilled and rather pessimistic about the future. In other words, there is a significant feeling of doom and gloom surrounding everything.

However, the Star Reversed does not have to always indicate that things will go against you rather that it may prove to be slightly harder than you had previously anticipated.

Overall, the Star is viewed as being a card that does indeed seek to predict the future.

However, it does not offer any insight into a major positive change in your life, and nor does it indicate that there will be any sudden alterations.

Instead, it is more to do with the concept of hope, but then hope is something that comes with a sense of uncertainty.

The over-powering sense is that there will be some help coming your way if you are lucky enough to draw this card.

The Star is also looked upon as being one of the more loved cards even though there is that element of being unsure as to how things are then going to proceed at various times.

That is why an accurate reading by someone familiar with the whole concept is going to be important in order to then provide you with a more detailed explanation.

If you do indeed draw the Star, then it should mean that your future is going to be bright, but to be prepared for it to take a long time before things improve.

Care has to be taken with your decisions or you could come unstuck in some way, and that has to be avoided.

So, while there are some bad luck elements to the card, it is not the main factor attributed to the Star.

A level head and patience on your part should then help to negate any negative energies that may be potentially coming your way.

My Final Thoughts on the Star Tarot

The Star is one of the most loved cards in the tarot deck because of what it symbolizes. It evokes feelings of peace, happiness, harmony, hope, and possibility.

But you must also remember that all these good things can only be made manifest tomorrow. Right now, you have to go through a process of healing and a period of enlightenment.

It is a possibility that you will meet the man who will change your status from miss to missus and give you the life that you have always wanted.

It is a possibility that you will get the job out of 100 applicants. It is a possibility that your efforts at being a YouTube sensation will be rewarded.

It is a possibility that all your wishes will be granted. Because like a ship in the night, you will reach your destination, with the Star guiding your way.

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