Mercury in Taurus

Mercury in Taurus

Mercury in Taurus enhances your talents and communication style. Taurus, the Bull, is the sign most closely associated with the 5 senses. Mercury enhances your ability to communicate with others, as well as with your own sensory experiences. When Mercury is in Taurus, you will have the best prospects for finding both love and fulfillment in your creative endeavors.

Mercury in Taurus Traits

Mercury in Taurus does not reveal your deepest and truest qualities but instead affects how you connect yourself to others. Some Bulls will want to share their penchant for interests such as visual arts, music, cooking, dance, and/or aromatherapy. You link up with other people best through tangible and tactile experiences. You are not materialistic, you simply appreciate Earthly pleasures and excitement.

Taurus is an Earth sign, so it makes sense that you usually feel stable and grounded. Mercury in Taurus will only accentuate your strengths. Remember that life is not a race. And, if it were, wouldn’t you bet on the tortoise, not the hare?

Mercury in Taurus Women

Mercury in the Taurus brings out a woman’s inner connoisseur. You have amazing senses. You live by them. Your taste buds are sharp, and you enjoy going out to a nice meal or formal date.

You are very discerning and almost as open to trying new things. You may already know what you like, but there are times when stepping out of your comfort zone will be more than worth it. Try a new wine with your favorite meal, or go on a tasting, on your next date.

With Mercury in Taurus, you will be ready for this. Prepare by keeping an open mind, talking to the servers at the restaurant, and taking your date’s preferences into consideration. Mercury in Taurus will have you riding a wave of emotions. Rather than throwing you off, let the wave move you to create.

You do not like to be rushed. You are not the most anal of the Zodiac signs, but you do benefit from an overly organized environment when creating. You like to work in a methodical manner, and probably clean up behind yourself, as you go. Just as you like clean approaches to problems, you also like a mostly-clean work station.

You are a poised communicator, and many envy this quality. People often tell you what a soothing voice you have, or how easy you are to talk to. You might find a great job in radio, or communications, or public service.

You have amazing taste, and often get compliments on your wardrobe, home décor, and general aesthetic. You may make money in a field that relates to beautifying one’s self and/or surroundings. You know how to put people at ease, create a comfortable space for a party, and how to set the appropriate tone for any get-together.

Mercury in Taurus Men

When Mercury is in Taurus, Bull men feel motivated to express themselves more clearly than ever. While these men might seem like they are not taking much in, you might be surprised to learn just how closely they were listening. These men are slow and steady in many aspects. They keep their cool, most of the time.

These guys are very good romantic partners and friends. They are great listeners. They are often extremely faithful when in love, and usually remember birthdays and anniversaries.

A man with Mercury in Taurus is stylish. He is not vain, but well-groomed and always put together. You could say these men are dapper. He is not too flashy or attention-seeking, but hard to miss in a well-cut suit or tailored pair of pants.

Like his female counterpart, a Taurus Man should not be rushed. While Mercury in Taurus is a great communicator, he likes to take time to prepare himself completely. These men are practical and pragmatic, usually frustrated by others who seem too emotional or abstract, in their thinking.

These men may seem stubborn, and they can be. However, this strength of conviction and spirit also enables them to be powerful in positions of authority— to learn, and teach, by example. This speaks to the methodical and organizational strengths of Mercury in Taurus.

Men with Mercury in Taurus have a high retention rate after learning-by-doing. They are very tactile people. Remember to find love and fulfillment with a Taurus man, you must appeal to all of his senses. So, stimulate his sight, smell, hearing, tastes, and his sense of touch!

Mercury and Taurus in Love

Mercury in Taurus brings a great time for communication. Taurus, especially under Mercury’s influence, will want to think about and discuss the long-term. You know how to ask for what you want, Taurus, and now is the best time to turn your natural charm up to 11. You will be happy you did.

Those with Mercury in Taurus are often described as committed, consistent, and patient with others. You are the type to work full-time, dedicate free time to a hobby you love, and sustain healthy and loving relationships, simultaneously. You can juggle a lot of passions, at once.

When you have alone time with your lover, turn up the romance. Remember to consider all 5 senses. Set up a romantic night with all the old stand-bys of seduction: mood lighting, good music, nice food and wine, some other sweets…and do not forget the power of touch! Offer your partner a massage to ease tensions and relax into a fun and romantic night together!

You, or your partner, with Mercury in Taurus would love a comfy throw blanket, some nice scented candles, or a favorite snack—these are easy ways to communicate love to this person. They are not all about getting gifts, but they enjoy being pampered by loved ones. This will show them that you care about them and want them to stay cozy and happy. Show them that you know their favorite drink or candy bar, and you can get far with this Bull.

Your best prospects for love are those that you find yourself physically attracted to—find the person that feels right, looks good, and brings peace to your Fiery spirit.Your worst prospects for love are with a partner who enables your stubbornness. Try to avoid attachments to a Pisces or Aquarius—they may not be as doting as you need a partner to be.

Dates for Mercury in Taurus

2017 Dates for Mercury in Taurus include the following: On March 31st, Mercury enters Taurus. April 9th will see Mercury in Retrograde. Mercury re-enters Taurus on May 16th. As always, when Mercury is Taurus, you have the best chances of communicating clearly, having the guts to do so, and the energy and gratitude to appreciate accomplishing your goals. Similarly, when Mercury in Retrograde is in Taurus, you should consider everything a little more carefully.

When Mercury is in Retrograde, take extra time to make big life decisions. Talk to a close friend or relative who may be able to listen and give sound advice. Remember, planning is key to finding fulfillment and love for you, Taurus. Stay grounded in your thoughts and keep your good intentions in mind, always.

Final Thoughts

Taurus, you are inherently strong and determined. When you decide, you are fixated like a Bull in the ring. You dig in and go after what you want. This is a very noble characteristic, but it can also lead down a dangerous path. Moderation, especially when Mercury in Retrograde is in Taurus, will help you stay balanced.

Keep in mind that with Mercury in Retrograde, you may feel more prone to outbursts, isolation, or other destructive behavior. Think of the bull-in-the-china-shop trope. Avoid falling into this trap by pointing your intense energy toward something positive.

You will find love and fulfillment in relationships, only when you can find peace in yourself. Look for happiness within, and try new a new hobby or sport. Many people with Mercury in Taurus enjoy brewery tours, making music, crafting, and antiquing. Your love of luxury and eclectic things gives you a keen eye—maybe you even make a little extra side money in one of these areas!

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