Saturn in Taurus

Saturn in Taurus

Saturn in Taurus Traits

Saturn is the Ruling Planet of Structure and the Limits of Reality.  Taurus is symbolized by the Bull.  So, just imagine a raging 2-ton animal with horns that could gore you, and expecting it to understand rationale, reason, and Saturn’s Rules of Limitations of Reality.  It is literally like a Bull in a mental China shop.

You are an Earth Sign, and you stand your ground and defend your territory, as the Bull.  You are known for being stubborn, yet dependable.  Your opinions are usually pretty Fixed, however, you are very passionate and enjoy a good debate.  You are like a Bull in the ring, especially when the Rules of Taurus are battling your inner Taurus drive and determination.

Saturn in Taurus Women

Women with Saturn in Taurus are seductive and make amazing lovers and mothers.  You are very territorial, but only out of love and wanting to protect the ones you care most about.  You can become overly worried about materialistic ideals, as well—but again, this is more the provider and mother-bear instinct of a Woman with Saturn in Taurus.

Be aware that people who love you do not find you essential to their lives because of your material goods or financial security.  These are amazing gifts to be able to provide for your family, however, they see you as a loving and patient protector.  You will find love and fulfillment in your family duties, as well as holding your own in a romantic relationship—especially when Saturn is in Taurus to keep you from losing sight of your goals.

Women with Saturn in Taurus will be total alpha females.  Much like a Leo, this woman will make her presence known in any room she enters.  Some men fear you, some men admire you, but a man who appreciates strong women will want to take you straight to bed.  You have the ability to drive men wild with your commanding beauty and strong personality.

Saturn in Taurus Men

Men with Saturn in Taurus are organized and disciplined, much like soldiers.  These men can ‘take a licking and keep on ticking’.  Because security—in all forms—is so vital to a Taurus’s mental well-being, a Man with Saturn in Taurus keeps his strength up, just in case he is needed.  A Man with Taurus in Saturn will do anything in his power to protect his loved one from threats.

Show gratitude and appreciation for this man’s commitment to keeping you safe and secure.  Whether you relate to or hate the damsel-in-distress trope, who isn’t thankful when someone saves your ass.  Show your Taurus man a lot of affection, and be aware that a betrayal of his trust will most likely cause permanent damage—so honesty is the best policy when dealing with a Man who has Saturn in Taurus.

This man has and admires a strong work ethic.  He may also like to work out, or even be a prepper.  These men have eclectic tastes and opinions—and these opinions are not easily swayed.  People may laugh at reading the word ‘prepper’, but a Man with Saturn in Taurus would likely have the most organized and well-stocked shelter/bunker out of everyone around.

Saturn and Taurus in Love

In Love, Saturn will urge Taurus to be practical.  Thinking logically is not necessarily the Bull’s strong point, particularly when emotions are running high in an intimate relationship.  Be aware that you may be tempted to charge and gore your lover when you are at your temper’s limit.

In these scenarios, it will benefit you to breathe calmly, meditate for a few minutes alone.  You can then graciously rejoin the conversation, once you can respect Saturn’s call for acknowledgment of Rules and Limitations of Reality in love.  You will find fulfillment when you are structured and organized. Once you find fulfillment, you will be able to appreciate love in your life.

Your best prospects in Love are with a partner who respects and encourages your gain from using Saturn’s direction in your Sign.   When Saturn is in Taurus, it is the best time to find and find love with your partner.  Your best match is most likely found in an idealistic and ambitious Virgo.

Your worst prospects in Love are with a partner who will not understand your need to sometimes fight for what you believe in.  Water Signs may not understand your need to confront problems head-on, to your own detriment.  Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio might all tend to want to find the fluid path-of-least-resistance around a problem in your relationship.  Your styles of approaching relationships will be so different, that you may have great experience in bed but only argue for the rest of your time together.

Dates for Saturn in Taurus

Saturn entered Taurus on June 9, 1998, and then on February 28, 1999.  October 15, 2000, saw Saturn enter Taurus, in Retrograde.  The next projected visit for Saturn in Taurus is on April 12, 2028.

Be aware of the Retrograde cycle of Saturn this year:  Saturn will go Retrograde on March 27, 2017.   Then, Saturn will become Stationary on April 9.  By May 3, Saturn will be Stationary Direct.  Saturn will leave Retrograde on May 20, 2017.

Final Thoughts

This is the year you will find fulfillment in yourself and your personal growth, by beginning to choose your battles more wisely.  Luckily for you, this will be rewarded by Saturn in your Sign, encouraging you to keep playing by the Rules of love and acknowledging the Limitations of Reality on your fantasy relationship goals.

Being realistic and practical doesn’t sound as attractive as a tropical beach, but it will restore more energy into your romantic relationships than any vacation ever could.  Your partner will be thankful when you are happy—because you can be really miserable when you are feeling out of sync with Saturn’s wishes for you.  This feeling will be especially noticeable when Saturn is in Retrograde—and most significantly when Saturn is in Taurus.

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