Leo and Taurus Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Leo and Taurus Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Proud, strong, ambitious and playful, both Leo and Taurus have plenty to offer one another in a relationship.

Having said that, the choice opinions and sense of pride in each of these signs can create plenty of clashes too.

This pair prefer to do things their own way, and are likely to butt heads if compromises can’t be made.

Understanding these star signs more deeply can help you avoid that kind of hassle and heartache.

To that end, dive into this overview of Leo and Taurus compatibility – the definitive guide to seeing inside these prideful hearts and helping them click.

Leo and Taurus compatibility overview

Working hard, playing hard, and definitely loving hard, both Leo and Taurus are star signs who look to make the most of life.

They both love good food, memorable experiences in indulging in life’s little luxuries.

However, it’d be remiss indeed to suggest that Leo and Taurus are of like mind about everything.

And even if that were the case, the tempo and rhythm that Taurus and Leo each prefer to take life at is often very different.

Getting to the bottom of that is often a question of understanding the mythology and science behind why these people each are how they are.

For instance, even those not too versed in astrology will know that the very animals representing these star signs are definitely different.

Leo, for instance, is represented by the lion – and these people often embody that big cat’s way of being, in more ways than one.

Just like lions, Leo people are powerful and often a touch regal in how they move. They also protect those closest to them, indulge in long days in the sun, and pounce at what they want.

Of course, Taurus, represented by the bull, has no qualms chasing down what they want either.

A charging bull best represents these folks hurtling after their next conquest, but don’t disregard the more placid traits of the bull either.

Think long lazy days, a passive attitude to annoyances and a hearty love and respect of their preferred sex.

Taurus is more inclined to take their time and enjoy the moment than Leo. Although the latter is just as fond of downtime as Taurus is, Leo wants their action high tempo and exciting.

It’s got to come thick and fast too, one adventure after another – all too fast paced for Taurus.

In practice, this often makes Leo much more impetuous than Taurus as well. If something feels worth doing, Leo reasons, it’s worth doing now.

Taurus would rather take some time to chew the idea over, like a bull munching in the pasture, contemplating the ins and outs.

Taurus is an earth sign – every star sign has a ruling element, and in this case, earth is as rock steady as they get.

Taurus people move with the slow deliberation of moss slowly encompassing a rock as the seasons change. The journey is as important as the destination in their eyes.

Leo is a fire star sign though, an element much more about energy, the heat of the moment, raw passion and bright ideas.

More than just the warmth of the Leo personality, this inner fire also sparks up their imaginations, and means they’re always on the move.

If a relationship between Leo and Taurus is to blossom, there needs to be a point of connection between these two very different speeds of approach in life – otherwise, bickering will surely ensue.

Matches between the Leo woman and Taurus man

Self-confidence, even a touch of arrogance, flavours this pairing remarkably. Yet the bombastic ways of one will often clash with the more low key preferences of the other, and this will be a make or break time for the pair.

The Leo woman and Taurus man have in common a way of looking their best at all times. Rarely would either of these folks leave the house without taming the mane for Leo, or looking strong as an ox for Taurus.

The Leo woman is far more apt to make a big entrance than the Taurus man though. She prefers every detail of her outfit, looks and lifestyle to be noticed, and is in every sense a starlet of her social circle. She makes friends easily, and has plenty of them at all times.

Meanwhile, the Taurus man is just as convivial, but not too fussed about what others make of him. He knows you can’t please everyone, and couldn’t be anything but true to himself even if he tried.

He’s more content to please himself in any case, and is good at earning a decent wage to help that happen.

The Leo woman smells this tendency towards success in him, and likely purrs at his power as he acquires it.

The Taurus man isn’t afraid to roll his sleeves up and get the job done. In the Leo woman, he sees a glamorous kitten ready to lavish intimacy on him in return for what he can provide.

Early dates are likely to be fancy affairs as a result of this, with a touch of stardust or celebrity magic in some way.

The Taurus man is charming and well presented, always having the most fun ideas and able to show the Leo woman the most stylish, out of the way venues.

Both partners here see love as a long-term game too, although the Leo woman might be more hurried in putting a label on things than the slower paced, careful Taurus man.

Either way, as time goes on and the relationship settles, his attention turns to other passion projects.

And in doing that, a few problems begin. The Leo woman expects affection, attention and praise for all she does for the Taurus man, but he can often become less demonstrative over time.

To him the relationship is won and ought to settle into a steady rhythm – but the Leo woman wants romance.

Her constant need for appreciation could grow wearying, and the Taurus man will find he can never do enough to get himself off the hook.

Yet the Leo woman’s own impulsive side, especially when it comes to enjoying male attention, could spark fierce words too.

The good points:

  • The romantic ways of the Leo woman and Taurus man merge well with one another – both are showy in their dates and gestures
  • The Leo woman is a very physical paramour, which is sure to appeal to the legendary libido of Taurus
  • The Taurus man is ambitious and always pushing his career forward, keeping the Leo woman comfortable

The bad points:

  • The Taurus man has rigid opinions, and won’t change his mind on anything
  • The Leo woman wants everything right this instant, which the Taurus man can neither provide nor understand
  • The Taurus man has a possessive streak that might well disturb the free-spirited Leo woman

Matches between the Leo man and Taurus woman

The high flying Leo man meets the down to earth Taurus woman in this matchup, and there’s every possibility that sparks will fly.

While she won’t always understand why the Leo man constantly feels the need to prove himself, she appreciates his humour, warmth and self-confidence.

In fact, self-esteem is definitely something that the Leo man has in spades. His ego can be a bit on the eye-rolling side from time to time, but he means no harm by it.

It’s simply that, to him, all the world’s a stage, everyone is a player, and he’s the big hero in the middle of it all.

Contrasting him is the Taurus woman, an often astonishingly good looking woman with a raw and natural energy to her.

Practical and patient, kind yet not to be trifled with, the Taurus woman has an upbeat and often highly playful outlook on life.

As such, her early flirtations with the Taurus man are likely to revolve around good-natured teasing, and this will work well for her unless she accidentally tramples the legendarily high level of pride the Leo man has. He doesn’t take disrespect lying down.

He is, however, bundles of fun and always up for a chuckle, and this is likely what draws the Taurus woman to him the most.

Dates between the pair bounce from ballroom dance classes to riverside boat picnics to secret escapes to the coast, and things are always lively and fiery.

The Taurus woman provides solid grounding to her Leo man, and always provides him comfort and love when he comes home from whatever adventure he’s concocted for himself this time around.

Yet his ever-present ego is almost like another participant altogether in the relationship.

In short, the Leo man will always subconsciously regard himself as the most important person in the relationship, and that’s assuming he stops to consider how the Taurus woman fits into it at all.

If you’ll pardon the pun, the Taurus woman is someone who takes no bull.

She’ll tell the Leo man straight when she’s feeling disgruntled about things, but he’ll likely take it as an insult and slink off to lick his wounds rather than remedy anything.

He expects praise and acclaim, not harsh criticisms on what he’s not giving back.

Of course, the Taurus woman isn’t always a saint either. She has a way of being self-indulgent to excess, be it staying indoors binge watching streamed shows, or maxing out her credit card on takeout food and new outfits bought online.

The Leo man gets exasperated, but his impulsive ways are just as troublesome – be they spending too much on flashy gadgets to try and impress his friends with, or having his head turned by someone new whom he’s inclined to get a touch too close to.

The good point:

  • Confident and appealing, the Leo man has more charm than it’s possible to resist
  • The Taurus woman is tender and nurturing, and knows how to take care of her partner
  • Both star signs here have a romantic side that gives a sweetness to the relationship’s beginnings

The bad points:

  • The Leo man likes the ladies, and a relationship might not stop him keeping his eye out for someone new
  • The Taurus woman can be a little too slow and steady for the Leo man, who craves excitement
  • Both partners in this relationship are proud people, who don’t take critiques or being less than respected idly

Leo and Taurus friendship compatibility

A noble-minded wannabe hero and a laid-back, wisecracking lover of good food and fine wine. Is this the latest Hollywood mismatched buddy comedy, or the friendship between Leo and Taurus?

There’s a light-hearted sweetness between Taurus and Leo friendship, as both of these star signs regard life as something not to take altogether seriously.

However, that doesn’t prevent either Leo or Taurus friends from being go getters who want to make their mark on the world.

There’s a sense of impatience and a tremendous keenness to get things done inherent to Leo’s character. If a new job opportunity presents itself, the lion as good as pounces.

Likewise, if the Leo friend has a passion project to be done, like making art or music, they’ll dive right in.

Taurus prefer to research and prepare, but more than anything, just refuses to rush. The Taurus friend will believe that their Leo friend is trying to hurry things along rather a lot, whereas the Leo friends themselves just think Taurus is too stuck in their ways to want to change things up.

However, through friendship, this pair can find that both of their outlooks have room to coexist – and to teach things to one another.

Leo can learn to step back and take a more measured approach, and Taurus can learn how to strike while the iron is hot without fear.

Outings and parties are likely to be a big part of how Leo and Taurus friends get together. Nights out on the town, or spend heavy shopping trips that rinse clean every sale, are sure to be great ways for Leo and Taurus to spend time.

This is an indulgent duo, so they’re also perfect gym or spa buddies. Anything that lets Leo and Taurus relax and spend time together while also pampering themselves is sure to appeal.

Taurus people are often either gifted chefs or lively foodies too, so Leo better work up an appetite!

Leo and Taurus marriage compatibility

Marriage between Leo and Taurus is likely to be a treat – a way for these two highly indulgent individuals to throw the wedding party of the century.

It’s not all showing off, of course, because Leo and Taurus are both rather monogamous star signs in love. They prefer to mate for life too, finding the games people play in today’s hook-up culture rather tiresome.

So far, so good – but the tempo differences and inner philosophies we’ve been discussing between Leo and Taurus relationships can make some complications.

By and large, both of them are in it for the long haul – but it’s best to be aware of these matters.

Before delving into these issues though, also keep in mind that this could well turn out to be quite a good marriage match up for wealth.

Both Leo and Taurus are good at making money, and ambitious enough to push forward with intensity in their careers.

Leo likes to be praised for doing well, but might find that as the relationship settles in, Taurus is far less inclined to want to make a big deal of things.

Not only does that mean the compliments dry up, but the Taurus spouse may well just shrug when questioned on things like what colour the new carpet should be.

To Taurus, it’s a genuine lack of fuss – any option is good in their eyes. But to the Leo spouse, this passiveness just seems to be a lack of participation in the relationship.

Balancing out the passionate needs of one with the less dramatic tendencies of the other is the key to making this marriage go the distance.

Leo and Taurus: Common issues and problems

There’s a lot of self-confidence in these two-star signs, which creates many of the Leo and Taurus pros and cons you might expect.

Put simply, these two each have a strong and healthy sense of pride – but that can cause clashes from time to time.

Both Leo and Taurus are inclined to believe that their opinion on a given subject is the correct one – no questions asked!

This is as likely a scenario to play out for big life decisions, like what city to move to, to small little quibbles, like which actor played the role in that movie last night.

Just as neither the bull or the lion in the animal kingdom like to back down, both Leo and Taurus are stubborn to a fault over even the smallest details.

With someone as bullish as Taurus and as fiery as Leo in the mix, the duo can be argumentative and catty.

Of course, a wise Taurus can also simply refuse to engage with the Leo partner, and it’s likely they’ll just duck out of the argument as it arises.

Ironically, this often just makes Leo angrier, because they begin to feel ignored!

In fact, any time that Taurus isn’t giving Leo his or her undivided attention, it’s going to be seen as a problem.

Leo gets lonely and feels unloved, and Taurus feels like entirely pressurised to lavish affection on Leo at the expense of leading their own life.

Both star signs here have a tendency towards laziness that it’s important to get on top of. Leo tends to think that they deserve their rest and relaxation a little too much, and can end up like lions who sleep their day away without a care.

Taurus is even more self-indulgent though, and can be prone to overeating, lazing the day away doing nothing, or even snuggling to excess from time to time.

Leo loves the affection, but considers Taurus unmotivated.

Leo is a star sign that seems to never run out of energy – even his or her lazy days seem to be through desire rather than a need for rest and relaxation.

As such, these folks can’t understand that resting up after a big day is vital to Taurus and their well being.

Leo also has endless get up and go for setting out into the world and doing things, yet Taurus will often prove less than inclined.

Their stubbornness will make them all the more impossible to move, exasperating Leo, who loves to get out into the world to see and be seen.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

Leo and Taurus couples are a remarkable pairing, as much for their complication as their complementary energies.

Remember, no zodiac partnership is ever truly impossible if understanding and compromise are in play – although these two are hard headed enough that that might be a tall order!

Leo lives life in the fast lane, while Taurus is in no hurry to do anything other than saunter and dawdle.

Both of these partners are fun loving, but for Leo it’s the thrill of the chase, and for Taurus it’s the joy of the journey.

This means that both Leo and Taurus in love have lots to teach each other – the intensity of the hunt, versus the pleasures in the moment.

But the only way they’ll make the most of these gifts is by surrendering some of their ego each, and that’s a heavy cost in both their eyes.

Keep things like possessive jealousy from Taurus and attention seeking from Leo in mind, and learn to laugh together.

Leo and Taurus are playmates indeed if things are kept light and luscious – this is one match where pride comes before the fall.

Leo and Taurus compatibility score: 6/10

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