What Are The Luckiest Numbers For Gemini For The Year 2021?

 Charismatic, incredibly gracious, and graceful, Gemini people seem like they don’t need any further good fortune smiling down upon them – but don’t be fooled.

Like the old persona masks of Greco-Roman theatre, sometimes the Gemini spirit is an individual who is struggling more than he or she lets on.

The outer appearance isn’t always what the Gemini individual always feels.

In fact, because this star sign is more one of the mind than of the heart, sometimes Gemini people themselves don’t quite know how they feel about things, and this can cause many of the more famous quirks of this star sign-changing their minds about things, canceling or making plans at the last minute, and so on.

Letting a little luck smile down on graceful and intelligent Gemini can really help this star sign to make the most of life in lots of ways – in love, in their careers, and in their pursuit of health and self-fulfillment.

Lucky numbers, and understanding which numbers are lucky for Gemini people, can really help you to hone the focus of fortune on you or your Gemini loved one in ways that go beyond just lucky Gemini colors and lucky Gemini symbols. 

Let’s explore some of those numbers here.

Gemini Lucky Number 5

Gemini is a star sign represented by the twins, and so often is associated with the number 2 – but in fact, one of the most prominent of the lucky numbers for Gemini is number 5.

Gemini people born on 5th June, Gemini people born in a year ending in a 5 – like 2005 or 2015 – all tend to be a little luckier than their contemporaries.

However, Gemini people born in late May often have lucky lifestyles, too, as May is the 5th month in our calendar.

Gemini people who find ways to embrace the number 5 – be it in their address, in the money they carry around, or even the dates they set themselves to make their biggest steps in career or love-life – often find that events always seem to fall just so to help them along in life.

In spiritual terms, 5 is a number that symbolizes unity, harmony between multiple people, happy marriages, and success in romance.

Gemini people often find love and deep emotions tricky to clarify with their sharp minds – the number 5 can help light the path to logic here.

Similarly, though, the harmony promised by 5 in the life of the Gemini soul is advantageous because it helps them draw the facets of their personality together.

Many believe the Gemini soul is many individuals combined into a whole, and if they always disagree with one another, life can be tough for these folks.

Lucky Number 32

Before we dive into why 32 is a lucky number for Gemini people, it’s best we take a look at the obvious mathematical reason why good fortune smiles down on this number for these souls.

Put simply, 3 plus 2 is 5, which, as discussed above, is a remarkably lucky number for Gemini people that can help to bring often disparate parts of themselves into focused harmony.

The number 32, as a lucky Gemini number, has a similar effect but is often felt more subtly. This is in part because of how the number 5 is simply more often encountered in day-to-day life than the number 32.

However, this under-the-radar effect actually helps Gemini people to keep their all-important mental agility and concentration honed on the things that matter to them the most day today.

The Gemini brain moves quickly and decodes things fast – often too busy to look for moments of synchronicity offered by lucky numbers and symbols.

The number 32 is often keenly felt, in terms of lucky influence, during a Gemini individual’s 32nd year of life.

This is often a good year for these people, and anything that goes wrong for a Gemini aged 32 is often something that had to topple over so something even more fantastic can take its place.

Lucky Number 23

If you see a pattern here, you’re not alone – lucky numbers for Gemini people often circle that first number 5 we talked about.

Just as 32, as just discussed, can be added up to make 5 if you take the numbers one by one, the same can be said of the lucky Gemini number 23.

However, misinterpreting the number 23 as just another reinterpretation of the lucky energies of number 5 or number 32 would be a touch remiss.

The good luck brought by number 23 to Gemini people is often most intensely felt when they’re aged 23 or were born on 23rd June, yes – but that’s not the whole story.

23 is a number of unity. It indicates the discovery of new horizons.

The reason this invites so much good fortune for the Gemini individual is that these folks love that which is new and yet to be explored – the mundane and the humdrum is far too tedious, long term, for these folks.

Attuning to the energies of number 23 for Gemini people aligns them with opportunities that are exciting and inspiring and sure to occupy their minds as much as lead them towards success and prosperity.

Lucky Number 50

Once again, the influence of number 5 can be keenly felt here, but the big five-oh is a lucky number for Gemini people and then some.

In fact, at the time of a Gemini individual’s 50th birthday, there’s often a huge life event that seems to almost indicate that life itself is celebrating half a century of life as much as the Gemini individual themselves.

The number 50 is often seen and encountered in the world, in figures and statistics, in address and hotel rooms, and unexpected financial windfalls.

In fact, many Gemini people with whom I’ve worked overtime have remarked that unexpected money their way often is a figure of $50 or ending in $50 in some way!

Financial abundance is only half the story here, though – the number 50 is a number that we also take to mean halfway there or one half.

As such, Gemini people who are ready to meet their other half often find that connecting spiritually, or even mentally, to the number 50 can help them to smooth the course of true love.

While these folks loathe to admit it, it’s no secret among professional astrologers that Gemini people find love and romance a touch confusing from time to time, and the heaviness of the emotions and commitments involved often feel quite scary.

Working with the energies of number 50 can help to ease these fears and ensure that people who enter the romantic realm of the Gemini person are only those who are trustworthy and able to assure these fast-moving folks of their much-appreciated freedom.

Is 14 really a lucky number?

Once again, the lucky Gemini numbers let some mathematics do the talking here – anyone can see that 1 and 4 make 5, after all.

However, 14 is also two times 7, a number commonly held across the world as a lucky number. Slot machines that show all sevens offer huge payouts to the bold, and many people superstitiously surround themselves with the number 7, irrespective of star sign, to align with its fortuitous energies.

But Gemini is the star sign of the twins – of two souls, and therefore in the case of lucky number 14, two sevens to make that happen.

We could hardly expect one twin of this soul to have all the lucky, after all!

As always, birthdays and house numbers can be lucky when they include 14 in some way, but this is far from the only way in which number 14 can shine good luck down on Gemini people.


Numbers to avoid

There are plenty of lucky numbers for Gemini, but also ones that are wise to avoid for the most harmonious life and the maximum opportunity to embrace good fortune for these folks.

There are numbers that Gemini ought to avoid in order to make the most of good luck, and shirk the bad are sometimes surprising.

For example, 3 is often cited as a number that just doesn’t mesh well with Gemini energy.

That may well come down to the innate duality in Gemini people.

Two is a company, but three’s a crowd, as they say – this number inspires ideas of extra hassle Gemini people, in the pursuit of intellectual brilliance and streamlined ways of approaching life, can do without.

Another number Gemini people often find unlucky to be around is 34 – sure, it adds up to make 7, but that’s not doing Gemini any favors in this instance.

It’s a number with an element of imbalance and disharmony about it, which flies in the face of the clean, intelligent, and aesthetically appealing way Gemini folks like to have their lives run.

What to do when you come across lucky number 41

Once again, 41 is a number that, if taking its individual numbers into account, adds up to 5 as a sum.

However, there’s a reason why this Gemini number deserves special extra attention, even alongside all the other considerations we’ve made today.

That’s in part because, put simply, the number 41 doesn’t crop up altogether often in day-to-day life, which only makes it more remarkable when it does indeed appear as, say, your hotel door number or a number on a winning lotto ticket.

In other words, this is a number using its own scarcity to get the attention of Gemini people for whom it’s trying to work, as if to say, yes! You’re on the right path!

The number 41 is often seen as reassuring to Gemini people – a way in which these folks can see that the direction they’re taking in life is one that is correct and leading to the most fortunate outcome, even if the road seems hard right now.

Unfortunately, some Gemini people – more sensitive than they often appear – become very sullen and discouraged when they’ve given their all to a job, a relationship, or a healthcare regime, and it all seems to be falling apart.

The energies of number 41, and its presence in places or spaces on that journey, are there to comfort you to stay the course and hang in there just a little longer.

My Final Thoughts

Fascinating and multifaceted Gemini people often enjoy fascinating and multifaceted lifestyles full of surprises, plot twists, and unexpected new opportunities.

They think fast, move gracefully, and always land on their feet.

Gemini folks are gifted communicators but are also closely aligned with the number 5 and, as we have seen, several variants of it here.

That’s partly tied to the number of the birth month of some Gemini people, but more closely also tied to the themes of connectedness and fulfillment that all Gemini fools represent deep down.

By inspiring such effective communication, Gemini souls often bring each of us closer together as a global community – a wonderful but often high-pressure soul journey indeed.

Yet by looking to these lucky numbers for support and direction, Gemini will always find the best way forward.

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