Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Aquarius and Virgo can be described as chaos and order, either pitted against one another or brought into the kind of harmony that even the most esoteric eastern philosophies couldn’t help but admire.

Doing so won’t be an easy road however, thanks to incredible differences between these nonetheless highly intelligent star signs.

They say to be forewarned is to be forearmed, which is why it’s a good idea to get in depth when learning the secrets of these two striking souls.

Delve into this overview of Aquarius and Virgo compatibility – the definitive guide to making sense of the two philosophies these partners have, and how it affects life in love.

Aquarius and Virgo compatibility overview

To better understand Aquarius and Virgo compatibility, as well as the ways in which these two star signs interact, it’s vital to get an inside look at the symbolism and mythos behind both of these star signs.

Far from being esoteric legend, this symbolism often sheds light on the characteristics of these individuals, and goes some way to explaining why their perspectives often quietly clash.

In traditional astrology, Aquarius is represented by the water bearer. This is a brave character who sets out on foot to retrieve a hefty vase full of water that’ll nourish an entire community.

Virgo, on the other hand, is represented by a young maiden, sometimes holding a chaff of wheat – representing purity of thought and deed, and sometimes a naivete to life’s darker side.

Aquarius takes the symbolism of its sign to heart, often without realising it, and today is best known as the kind of person who bounces around his or her community brightening the day of everyone he or she meets.

More than this, they are great thinkers in abstracts and ideas, and they bring this wisdom and advanced knowledge to those they speak with much as the water bearer shared his or her water with all who came for it, whatever standing they had in the community.

Virgo is no stranger to intelligence his or herself, neither the often isolating quality it has when one is simply too smart for those around them to fully comprehend.

Unfortunately, the ideas of Aquarius are too pie in the sky for Virgo’s liking, so while Aquarius and Virgo respect the intellect clearly found in one another, Aquarius dispenses theirs with a jaunty irreverence that Virgo finds as silly fooling around.

Naturally, Aquarius can find Virgo a stubborn and stuffy individual in their own right, and the fact that both of these star signs are very emotionally reserved and take time to truly warm to those in their lives does much to muddy and complicate the potential of this relationship.

Quite often, Aquarius and Virgo will gloss over one another without meaning to when encountering one another in various social circles – there simply isn’t any spark of recognition of one another’s souls, so those of you playing matchmaker might have to coax things along if you’re hoping to see an Aquarius and Virgo romance bloom.

Just be patient if that’s the case, though – this could take a while!

Matches between the Aquarius woman and Virgo man

An Aquarius woman is often a bright and breezy individual, who enjoys travelling to far flung and often forgotten locations in search of broadening her horizons and furthering her quest for knowledge.

Her clothing, way of speaking and overall dry wit distinguish her well, and she’s a keen read of character who often has plenty of male friends and an overall talent for connecting with people from every walk of life.

Her endless longing for knowledge meshes well with the intellectual and logical approach of the Virgo man, and both star signs adopt a cool and head over heart approach to matters of love.

However, so locked into his order and method is he that the Aquarius woman could feel baffled, as though she has chanced upon a robot.

He structures his days precisely, and his surroundings likewise, while the Aquarius woman lives in the moment so intently she could likely emigrate to the other side of the world at the drop of a hat if the whim took her.

Such abject disarray horrifies the Virgo man, and yet if the two are becoming an item, he may well offer to help give her days some method behind the madness.

In the worst case scenario, he’ll take it upon himself to organise the affairs of the Aquarius woman for her – disaster!

Such intrusion into the very independence and uniqueness of thought that makes the Aquarius woman who she is cannot be tolerated, and she’ll bolt for the door as soon as she’s able.

Either way, the relationship can become stale and routine due to neither partner being conventionally romantically minded, as well as nursing plenty of their own individual interests independent of the couple space itself.

Drifting apart almost seems inevitable unless harmony can be reached – a difficult process.

The good points:

  • Shared wit and intelligence makes for mentally stimulating conversation, rich in ideas
  • The Aquarius woman can help the Virgo man loosen up as much as he helps her straighten out any messy areas of life
  • A lack of overly emotional behaviour in either partner minimises any wishy washy nonsense that’d make them both feel uncomfortable

The bad points:

  • Conflicting views on how to manage day to day life create tension and resentment
  • The Aquarius woman is bored by the routines and rules the Virgo man sets
  • The Virgo man can’t keep up with the Aquarius woman’s spontaneous antics

Matches between the Aquarius man and Virgo woman

There’s a tremendous sweetness and innocence to many Virgo women that makes them charming, even if they hate the idea of being seen in such a belittling and coddling light.

It means that Virgo women often draw admirers, many of whom appreciate their gentle ways, abundant kindness and the funny humour created through their pin sharp intellect.

It’s that humour and kindness that likely drew the attention of the Aquarius man, who is an altruist by his very nature, and certainly no stranger to laughter in all its forms.

Fun loving and carefree, he represents something to the Virgo woman that she is missing in herself, and she can sometimes become very captivated by the idea of his helping her identify and relate to it.

However, he can take his irreverence too far for her liking without even knowing when he’s stepping over the line.

Aquarius people of both genders exist to overturn conventions and bring into the collective conversation the big questions about what is really valued and worth fighting for in this life.

The idea of questioning the status quo and working outside the rules, much less rewriting them, is of no interest whatsoever to the Virgo woman.

The very idea of that kind of upheaval and discomfort to her meticulously planned routines and methodology is incredibly disconcerting – she bases every aspect of her quite tremendous productivity on the tried and true.

Long term, the Virgo woman trying to contain and keep tabs on her Aquarius boyfriend will become like trying to wrestle a hurricane into a basket.

While deep conversations and witty flirtation will always be welcome, the Aquarius man needs a kind of freedom of movement that the Virgo woman finds it tremendously tricky to give.

At least he isn’t clingy, she’ll reason – but would it kill him to show he cared sometimes too?

The good points:

  • Fast paced conversations full of jokes and ideas set a beautiful scene for this pairing
  • The Aquarius man’s love of adventure can bring the Virgo woman out of her shell
  • As a lover, the Aquarius man learns that tremendously flirty sensuality is beneath the cool exterior of his Virgo lady

The bad points:

  • The Aquarius man lives life fast and in the moment, baffling his Virgo lady
  • His ideas are all concepts and abstract ideals, while the Virgo woman deals in the substantial and concrete
  • His antics come across as wildly disorganised and reckless, setting the natural worrying tendencies of the Virgo into overdrive

Aquarius and Virgo friendship compatibility

Romantic emotions can be the most complex, all consuming and entirely uncomfortable that any human being can go through, pitting euphoric highs against the most crushing losses and lows.

What a tangle it all can be, Aquarius and Virgo agree in parallel – best not get involved unless it’s truly the best way forward.

Indeed, Aquarius partners often spend half their time acting like friends anyway, and Virgo souls are so cautious of being hurt that they may secretly keep their fullest hearts locked away even years into a relationship.

Little wonder is it, then, that Aquarius and Virgo friendships often play out far more smoothly than romances between this particular zodiac pairing.

Here, the elements that cause so much friction in love and romance can be turned into wonderful opportunities to not only show how the other side lives, but put the shared talents of Aquarius and Virgo to the greater good.

Aquarius is a star sign with the most admirable gift of seeing the bigger picture. While most of us are bogged down in thinking how one person affects another, or how our own actions are interpreted by one or two people of interest we are focusing on at that time, Aquarius is able to see the entire community from on high.

To Aquarius, it is the behaviour of groups of people that prove the most telling, not just through the more intricate little interactions between the individuals involved, but the effect this all has on the collective consciousness that shapes how communities, towns, cities and even nations react and interact.

What a grand vision to feed to the ever enquiring mind of Virgo, and what a superb way of helping that down to earth star sign rise above the mundane worries they sometimes lose themselves to.

For example, a Virgo student might worry about turning in a paper on time, whereas their Aquarius friend can show them how the entire faculty is faring, and how there are better things to think about.

Likewise, Aquarius has a fun-loving streak that Virgo often forgets to conjure within themselves. Virgo people often have difficult allowing themselves to relax, yet so calming and kind and altogether cheerful is the influence of their Aquarius friend, they can’t help but let their hair down.

Aquarius can learn much from their Virgo friend too though – a way to ground their lofty thoughts more closely to individual perspectives, for instance, or a hard-won respect for how organisation and discipline can help structure life’s more complex moments into far more manageable tasks.

Aquarius and Virgo marriage compatibility

Marriage is a lifelong bond, and as such, is the kind of tremendously overarching commitment that neither Aquarius and Virgo are keen to take lightly.

To best understand why, it’s important to get into how each of these star signs often perceives marriage, and what middle ground – if any – can be established in making it work.

Of course, hundreds of thousands of Virgo and Aquarius people are married today, but likely have faced these searching questions within themselves and one another in getting there.

First and foremost, neither star sign opens the heart easily, and even when they do, a loving relationship is not the same as a lifelong marriage.

Virgo people take a long time letting themselves get close to people and establish the bonds of trust, and their patience in this regard means they will take ages evaluating and analysing a potential partner before taking the plunge.

However, as part of that process they often come across as somewhat distant and cold – even the keen mind of Aquarius might feel like Virgo isn’t interested in them at all.

Virgo is prone to re-evaluation too, meaning that from time to time they’ll emotionally withdraw from the marriage, often without meaning to, to rethink if it still has the mileage in it left they need to safely commit.

Aquarius will find this kind of systematic shutdown of feelings very confusing, even hurtful, but can hardly be let off the hook for emotionally withholding themselves.

They likewise mean no harm by this – it’s simply that their thoughts, ideas and concerns are so much bigger than one person, job, marriage or project.

Virgo often suspects that Aquarius is barely participating in the relationship, and quite often Virgo is right – but isn’t for the reasons they suspect.

As uncomfortable as it may be, this marriage will rely on Aquarius and Virgo consciously making the effort to invest in their relationship and ensure they don’t drift apart.

Even if so, it’s vital to ensure that the love of order and routine Virgo needs is kept topped up, and likewise the spontaneous free-form days of fun, games and seeking wisdom that Aquarius wants is given freely, without fear of being trapped and contained.

Aquarius and Virgo: Common issues and problems

Aquarius and Virgo issues crop up not due to kindness and compassion, which both star signs have in tremendous abundance.

Rather, they come to loggerheads due to particular outlooks on life where both of their solutions hold weight and have ways of solving a given problem, but are drastically different in execution and the ideals behind them.

As one example, if an unexpected event occurs, each of these two star signs handles the new information that comes along with it differently.

Aquarius jumps in with both feet, seeking to experience the sensations and fresh perspectives offered by this unexpected new plot twist.

Meanwhile, Virgo immediately distances themselves to a safe space from which to comfortably and thoroughly analyse new and unexpected information, quite possibly locking down communications to prevent bias.

Aquarius would love to discuss the new ideas and inspiration this new event in their life has given them, yet will find Virgo impossible to reach.

The orderly way in which they tackle and break down this problem will entirely alienate Aquarius, who doesn’t understand why so many rules need to be in place.

All in all, the fact that both of these star signs are so head over heart in all of their dealings means that they often entirely overlook the very crucial emotional and romantic gestures needed to keep their relationship anything other than an alliance of convenience, in which both parties coolly discuss their respective days as individuals over dinner and then go to bed.

Aquarius will be bored and frustrated by the predictable rhythms of the Virgo way of existence, and likewise the Virgo individual will be infuriated that the house is often so messy, that Aquarius has turned up late once again to the date, or that dunner reservations have been cancelled last minute so the Aquarius can go drinking with friends on the basis of a text message conversation that happened only ten minutes ago.

Overcoming any and all of these issues is doable, but takes great effort and compromise – you are essentially asking to combine the principles of law and order with chaos and opportunity and form a cohesive whole.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

With all of this doom and gloom being thrown over Aquarius and Virgo matches, it’d be irresponsible to suggest outright that the relationship in question has no hope of success.

Everybody is an individual, and many other factors besides someone’s star sign come into play when planning the course of any relationship.

However, the hurdles to making an Aquarius and Virgo relationship go the distance absolutely have to be addressed – if indeed that is what is wanted.

In fact, as a short-term relationship or a flirty distraction from the drag of modern life, Aquarius and Virgo can find in one another a fair few reasons to engage in a fling or summer love that doesn’t risk their deeply hidden feelings being hurt.

In fact, the energy of sheer intelligence, compassion in the community, nurturing behaviour to one another and those around them, and altogether wonderful sharp humour this union is capable of producing is well worth being involved in, providing one goes into it with open eyes.

Aquarius needs the kind of freedom and capacity for behaving in the moment that Virgo is incredibly uncomfortable in seeing, let alone giving. In fact, the priorities the Aquarius individual holds will often seem shallow, meaningless or fly by night in the eyes of Virgo – and of course, that feeling is mutual, as Aquarius arches a sarcastic eyebrow at the stationery, spreadsheets and diaries upon diaries in Virgo’s immaculate workspace.

Virgo, deep down in their heart, prioritises romance far more than Aquarius, yet is loathe to show this to anyone.

Aquarius rarely makes romantic gestures, and if they do dispense of them quickly in an almost transactional manner.

They mean no harm in this, but are rather locked in a jostling mass of rapidly moving thoughts and feelings at any given time, and see distraction from that as something to be avoided.

Meanwhile, Virgo withholds love and emotion whenever he or she feels hurt, not realising that this also goes far in creating distance in the relationship.

A failure to reconcile these differences will damage the long term potential of an Aquarius and Virgo match long before it’s had the chance to even get off the ground.

A love of tradition and method shapes everything that Virgo does – complete contrasting opposites to the very ideals the deeply individualistic Aquarius stands for.

The pair can become so caught up in what they dislike in the other they they can fail to engage compassionately with the truth that no one outlook needs to overpower the other, and if intelligently brought into harmony, can create a power couple dynamic that uplifts all who come in contact with them.

Aquarius and Virgo compatibility score: 4/10

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