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Scorpio Lucky Numbers

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scorpio lucky numbers

What are the Scorpio Lucky Numbers? If you are a Scorpio sign and you could do with a little boost in the luck stakes in the months ahead read this special report carefully. In it I reveal my predictions for the lucky numbers for Scorpio and their meaning for the year ahead.

Just like with any other Scorpio, you have a very strong willpower. You, almost exclusively amongst the other horoscope signs, know the fact that you can pretty much shape your own reality based on your attitude.

If you realize this then pat yourself on the back.

Most people don’t realize this. Maybe they know it but they try to pretend otherwise. The truth is we are more in control than we care to admit. This is why many Scorpios tend to be very positive. You can’t help but be positive when you realize that you have a lot more control over your life than people give you credit for. Does this ring true for you Scorpio?

With control, comes a sense of peace and a sense of calm. You are able to focus your willpower to certain areas of your life and this can only be a good thing. Of course, like any other Scorpio, there is always a tendency to get quite political, especially when it comes to Scorpio and their career prospects.

Your ability to make things happen, both in your mind and reality, can sometimes tip over in to being manipulative and overly political. This should not be a mystery. Still, you need to be aware of your tendency to become political because it can impact the power of your lucky numbers.

Regardless, Scorpios are one of the most courageous signs of the horoscope. There is no lying with you. People can see you coming a mile away. You either love a person or you hate that person or that person doesn’t matter to you. That’s how clear you are. That’s how focused you are. These are not negative things. These are actually the basis of your personal strength.

You realize deep down that you make your own luck. Also, you realize that your outer reality is a reflection of your inner reality. The choices you make in terms of the thoughts you choose to think and the emotions you choose to entertain impact how you respond to the outer world.

This response, you realize, impacts your success and level of happiness. With that in mind, here are the lucky numbers for Scorpio:

Scorpio Lucky Number 7

7 is the perfect number in Judean Christian Tradition. 7 represents the number of days in the Jewish calendar. It represents the number of completion. In the Scorpio’s world, lucky number 7 represents a new start for old friendships. Your luck depends on how well you get along with other people that are in your life.

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While in previous years, you may have had better luck when you went at it alone or when you exerted your personal will on a problem.

This, of course, means reaching out and allying yourself with the right partners. Not any partner will do.

That person must bring something to the table. You bring focus, willpower, and courage to the table. That person must bring other resources that complement your assets. This is what makes great relationships and partnerships with others. If you can find this type of person the future looks strong for Scorpio and Love.

There are partnerships. Everybody must carry their own weight. Be aware and be careful of working with parasites. These are people that seem like they have everything together and seem like they have something to offer.

However, once you get an alliance with them, it becomes immediately apparent that it will be you that will be doing all the work and carrying all the weight. Get rid of such alliances. Focus instead on consolidation.

If you already have loose alliance with other people, zero in on the strongest members of those loose alliances and build deeper partnerships with them. Your Scorpio lucky number 7 applies to everything having to do with work, politics, business, and certain school or academic relationships.

Scorpio Lucky Number 6

Usually when people think of lucky numbers, they usually think of what they can get. They usually think of fortune dropping a big bag of money, or a great job, or some sort of an important position, or something of value on their laps.

Well, there is also another definition to “luck”. The other definition is when there is a disaster and you, for a wide variety of reasons, are the only one that is able to stand out amid the disaster.

In other words, it’s not a good thing when an earthquake happens, but it’s a great thing when you are the only one who has your head together and can rally everybody to produce something good.

Scorpio Lucky Number 6 highlights that something unexpected will happen in a particular group or organization you are a member of. There will be something that will either make people run away, lose confidence, or otherwise become very disappointed.

Play your cards right at this time Scorpio. You don’t want to step on other people’s toes. You don’t want to tear people down so you can pull yourself up. That works on certain years,

You just wait for the house of cards to fall down so you can whip out the cards up your sleeves and coordinate with everybody else to build a new house of cards such is the true power of Scorpio Lucky Number 6.

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Scorpio Lucky Number 5 and a test of your personality

The lucky number 5 in tarot is the number of Man. More specifically, it’s the number of digits in one hand. You have 5 fingers in your hand. It’s all about manual effort. It’s all about rolling up your sleeves and putting in the work.

In connection with the lucky number 6 described above, Scorpio lucky number 5 will factor quite a bit as there will be a lot of situations where you have to roll up your sleeves or at least, put a step forward and put in the work to make things happen.

You will be tested. People will doubt if you have the will to slice through a problem. The main thing people like about you, in terms of leadership, is the fact that you have willpower when everybody is too busy negotiating.

You know full well that there is a time for negotiation and there is the time for action. You know the dividing line, most people don’t. This is one of the most positive traits of the Scorpio personality. You will be put in a situation where a disaster just happened and people seem to be lost as to which way to go and how to go forward.

By rolling up your sleeves and risking several mistakes that can actually destroy you, you can claw your way forward. Keep in mind, there may be certain confrontations that will really test your will.

A lot of these confrontations can come from people you least expect.

It is easy to expect resistance from people who don’t like us or we don’t like. It’s another matter entirely when the challenge comes from somebody that you thought had your back.

Scorpio Lucky Number 9: Your Attitude Determines Your Outcome

Scorpio Lucky Number 9 is the number of luck and for Scorpio, luck will again turn on your abilities to create situations where you will become lucky.

Most people think that luck is some sort of random situation and random mix of events that produce something good. It may look that way, but there’s actually more design and more coordination behind the scenes than you want to admit or you are capable of seeing.

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The truth is, most people create their own luck. Most people are actually living out their lives because of the hidden operation of cost and effect.

Hindus would call this “karma”. Christians would call this “sowing and reaping”.

Regardless of what you call it, something that you did in the past will create an effect in the present or in the future. That’s been right 10,000 years before, it’s happening right now, and it will be right again in the future. That’s the law of cause and effect.

If you want to rise in the organization that you work for, you have to remember this: your attitude is the biggest cost that you can control. If you can control your attitude in the proper way, you can pretty much call the shots as to the effect of your attitude. That’s the significance for lucky number 9 is for Scorpio.

Your amazing willpower will start bearing fruit. However, you have to be very clear and very patient as to the effect that you are aiming for. Moreover, you have to factor in other personalities, other political alliances, and unforeseen circumstances that may affect the actual shape of the thing that you are hoping for.

AstroStar has a good summary of the lucky numbers and days for those born under Scorpio that you might find useful or just a bit of fun. Just remember Scorpio – Stay strong and look for the arrival of Scorpio Lucky Number 9 in the last two months of the year.

My Final Thoughts on the Scorpio and Luck

When it comes to Scorpio, there really is no such thing as a dumb luck. Scorpio knows fully well that luck can be manufactured.

Scorpio knows fully well that luck really is a re-statement or another way of saying “cause and effect.” This is the gift many Scorpios have. They have the willpower. They have the positive outlook and they have the courage needed to rework their world.

With that said, Scorpios do have a negative side. They tend to be overly passionate. They tend to react to things too emotionally and take all things very personally. Many times Scorpios spend an enormous amount of energy trying to settle a score and past injury that they should have just forgiven.

If you are able to overcome your negative Scorpio aspects, can be a breakthrough year for you. Use the Scorpio lucky numbers 7, 6, 5, and 9, and their meanings to make sure that you force luck into your life.

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