Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Make no mistake, the two most complicated characters around combine their dark arts in a Scorpio and Scorpio relationship.

These people love hard, deep and for keeps – but also expect nothing but the best, and will ruthlessly overcome any who oppose them.

It’s a fiery cocktail indeed – a relationship of depth and passion, but also jealousy and suspicion. Rise above the black magic by brushing up on your knowledge of Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility – the definitive guide to their secrets awaits you below.

Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility overview

Matches between two of the same star sign tend to be intense, but you can times that by ten when it comes to Scorpio and Scorpio in love.

As much as it sounds hyperbolic, astrologers agree that Scorpio is the most intense star sign in the zodiac, so imagine how they are when love is involved.

And imagine all the more how two such deep and passionate lovers can be. Indeed, this is a relationship that can prove all consuming and utterly absorbing to both parties involved.

Scorpio’s style is to whisk their lover away from the world to a deep dark realm of mysticism, after all.

But these two Scorpios in love could well whisk away one another and never return to the surface world for breath! Remember, one of the ruling planets of Scorpio is Pluto, a planet symbolised by death and the underworld. As macabre as that may sound, it plays into some fascinating mythology.

Legend has it that it was Hades, after all, who was so consumed by his love as to conceal his partner away in the netherworld to keep all to himself.

That passion and possessiveness is incredibly Scorpio by nature, and both lovers here will sink their claws into one another with glee.

Where many other star signs and personality types shy away from the notion of being possessive and of belonging to someone else, that spirit of taboo is deeply attractive to Scorpio lovers.

They are highly sensually charged people who love relishing in emotional depths few dare experience.

But of course, the highest highs often are matched by the lowest lows in any part of life. So it is here with Scorpio and Scorpio relationships.

The arguments between this pair will be knock down, drag out fights of the ugliest and most ruthless nature, seething and furious.

That’s partially because, before astronomers turned ever more advanced telescopes to the night sky and discovered Pluto, Scorpio was ruled by the planet Mars.

Many astrologers attest it still is today, and others take the stance that Scorpio is complex enough to be ruled by Mars and Pluto at the same time.

Either way, Mars is named for the god of war, and as such is a combative and decisive. This warrior spirit takes no prisoners, and likewise Scorpio lovers don’t hold back when tempers flare.

With two Scorpios involved, these rows will get rowdy to say the least.

But of course, the making up will be deep and passionate, and the Scorpio and Scorpio couple is one dedicated to one another thanks to the sign’s deep sense of loyalty.

Make no mistake, these are complicated people – just a glimpse at the symbols of this star sign tells us that.

Yes, that’s symbols in plural. Scorpio is most famously represented by the scorpion from which it takes its name, but the constellation has also been attributed to the cunning serpent, the noble eagle – even the mythological phoenix. Complicated people in love indeed – but not impossible to comprehend, as we shall see.

Matches between the Scorpio woman and Scorpio man

Even between two lovers of the exact same star sign, key differences in outlook and perspective from one gender to the next means there are hidden depths to discover in this analysis – beginning with the perspective of the Scorpio woman.

She’s a powerful and confident sort, often highly charming yet remarkably mysterious.

She can weave a conversation in such way that she learns everything about the other individual while disclosing next to nothing about herself, and she often does this without even realising.

She’s drawn to the mysterious herself though, and finds it in abundance in the deep and enigmatic Scorpio man – who’s likewise drawn to her own mystique.

A subtle dance between this pair is likely to ensue, coasting on undercurrents only they seem able to sense.

It will be a very private yet somewhat intensive courtship, riddled with hidden truths and entrusted secrets.

There’ll be plenty of sharp humour and playfulness too though – indeed, the comical side of Scorpio folks is rarely appreciated or given credit in astrology.

The deep sensitivity of both the Scorpio man and Scorpio woman is given mutual appreciation here, although both partners may also find that they instinctively hold back their vulnerable sides here too.

In fact, the Scorpio woman expects her man to be resolute and strong, no matter what.

Yet in dating the Scorpio man, she has chosen someone just like her – strong, but with a deeper and more sensitive side too that’s very easily caught the wrong way.

Therefore, she might find the valiant ways of the Scorpio man lacking from time to time, and waste no time voicing her opinions on that.

That said, as soon as she even suspects another woman is looking at her man, she’ll get fiercely protective of him.

And of course, despite the loyalty of the Scorpio man, just him speaking to other women pushes her buttons in all the wrong ways.

He’ll be just as possessive and jealous in the company she keeps too though – both partners need to be sure their imaginations don’t run away with them.

However, if the triggering feelings both the Scorpio woman and Scorpio man often feel can be overcome, this relationship has all the ingredients to last.

Passionate and romantic lovers who mate for life each, these two will find plenty inspiring in one another.

There’s a sense of fate or destiny in this match up that can often feel intoxicating, and the duo will find it very difficult to keep their feet on the ground. Love for these people is all consuming, to be enjoyed to the very last drop.

The good points:

  • Two power players who get what they want in life team up to take the world by storm
  • The Scorpio woman will bend over backwards to do all she can to please the Scorpio man, and vice versa
  • The Scorpio man is proud and protective, but recognises that the Scorpio woman has plenty of power of her own, and will not coddle her

The bad points:

  • Jealousy and accusations are easily conjured up by both the Scorpio woman and Scorpio man, creating tension where there ought not be any
  • The couple can create such a bubble around one another of obsession and desire that they lost sight of themselves as individuals
  • Scorpio people of either gender tend to have pretty sharp tongues, but also lots of pride – they could well waste time on cutting remarks and getting offended by one another

Matches between the Scorpio man and Scorpio woman

The Scorpio man is an individual to whom all of life’s changes affect him very deeply. Yet despite this, he’s trained himself from a young age to have a neutral, even cool natural facial expression that rarely lets his inner feelings show.

After all, his emotions are so often a means of controlling him, and this is a man who never wants to let himself be controlled.

While Scorpio men don’t often regard themselves as natural born leaders, life tends to foist that position on them regardless.

The Scorpio man is the only member of the zodiac capable of matching the Scorpio woman for sheer intuitive potential.

Even if he doesn’t believe in psychic connections or the paranormal, he nonetheless trusts his own gut instincts far more than logic or analysis.

His mind is a finely tuned machine nonetheless though, and altogether he has a tremendous talent for getting to the bottom of things.

He’s not easily deceived, and when he is, he precisely cuts to the chase when he want to assert who’s really in control here.

Those power plays are intoxicating to the Scorpio woman, and she’ll waste no time in expressing her desire to the Scorpio man once the time is right.

It’s likely that both of these partners will hide their feelings from one another before the relationship proper can begin though.

That concealing of feelings might not pan out altogether well though – after all, the insight of one can effortlessly decode the mysteries of the other, right?

Not so much. Like two spies in love from opposite sides of the war, Scorpio and Scorpio dating is all feints, counter-intelligence and intrigue.

While the relationship is more than equipped to last though, this pair should be careful to ensure that their feelings are always honestly expressed.

The extremely emotive Scorpio man, especially, is so used to concealing his true intentions from the world that he forgets he can open up to his partner.

Honesty is the glue that will bind this relationship together, but won’t always be easy. Likewise, the tremendous capacity for jealousy and even a sense of ownership over the Scorpio woman is something that won’t always go down well.

The good points:

  • The Scorpio woman finds all the loyalty, attentiveness and compassion she needs in her Scorpio man
  • The Scorpio man finds endless mystery and intrigue in the Scorpio woman, but also that she brings up plenty for him to learn about himself
  • The two partners are loyal and romantic to each other, and are devoted to making the relationship work for the long term at any cost

The bad points:

  • The Scorpio woman has a suspicious mind from time to time, putting the Scorpio man on the spot in explaining himself
  • The Scorpio man has a possessive streak to say the least, and it could come across as controlling and overbearing
  • Both partners can be cagey about their vulnerabilities and refuse to let one another in – old spiritual wounds run deep, as do habits die hard

Scorpio and Scorpio friendship compatibility

Although Scorpio and Scorpio lovers have deep, intense emotions that bind them for life, the more platonic side of that intensity creates remarkable depth in the bond between Scorpio and Scorpio friends too.

Scorpio people are loyal by their nature, and also deeply in tune with the ways in which emotions can overcome people from all walks of life.

As a consequence, if there’s one friend whom Scorpio can count on to be there for them in hard times, it’s a fellow Scorpio friend.

Scorpio and Scorpio friends are, in part, united by their common interests. Activities that have a nature of the unseen or mysterious, or that involve puzzles or overcoming obstacles, make a good way for these two to connect.

Of course, humour and comedy are keen points of interest in Scorpio and Scorpio friendships too.

These two will have a penchant for black comedy, sure, but also a surprisingly silly side they can coax out of one another, getting beyond the cool, calm, collected exterior they each project.

As life goes along, events and circumstances can crop up that keep Scorpio and Scorpio from seeing one another as often as they like.

Scorpio people prefer knowing where they stand with people, often seeing those who check out on them for extended periods as too flaky to trust.

Yet in the case of Scorpio and Scorpio friends, the trust between them runs so deep that they always know that their companionship is good for the long haul.

They can go months, perhaps years without seeing each other – then pick right up where they left off.

Scorpio and Scorpio marriage compatibility

As their intensity and emotional depth probably makes clear, Scorpio lovers play for keeps, and they certainly play to win.

Yet there’s a sweetness behind that incredible intensity, and that comes to the fore in their romantic ways – marriage included.

In fact, Scorpio people spend much of their lives waiting for The One – and when they’re convinced they’ve found their Scorpio soulmate, talk of marriage will be quick to enter play.

In fact, it’ll be on the table earlier than many a relationship would like – but not to passionate Scorpio.

The Scorpio marriage exists as one in which both powerful people involved treat one another as equals.

Because of their deep, searching ways, they each know one another’s strengths and weaknesses inherently, and go through their lives together as a true blue team.

Scorpio spouses mate for life – they devote themselves entirely to their partners. Talk of cheating, fears of infidelity, concerns that someone is flirting too much – these will all crop up from time to time.

Yet as time will tell, all such fears are completely unfounded. It never entirely sinks in, thanks to deep-seated anxieties in each Scorpio spouse, just how much they really are there for one another forever – but they’ll have no qualms in proving it to one another.

In fact, this is one marriage in which passion is very unlikely to ever be left wanting. While other relationships naturally cool down over time into a steady companionship, Scorpio and Scorpio marriage is intense from start to finish.

That finish is unlikely to come until the very end of their lives too, although Scorpio can be so fixated on the end goal that they don’t fix the issues that crop up in the interim.

A long marriage isn’t always a happy one, after all, but this is at least one more likely to be than not.

Scorpio and Scorpio: Common issues and problems

Matching two of the same star sign in love might indeed mean twice the advantages, but it also can mean twice the problems can arise.

It also doubles the pronounced, overwhelming emotions that Scorpio people tend to have, making this relationship have a bit of a firecracker quality.

This is especially true if the pair want different things. For instance, imagine that one Scorpio partner has got the chance to get a job that means moving to a new city – and that their partner disagrees.

The Scorpio partner who wants to stay put may well plan and scheme, even without meaning to, how to shape the course of events so they get their way.

While Scorpio and Scorpio lovers are supportive of one another, they also tend to be control freaks.

And of course, you can imagine the blow out once the Scorpio partner who needed that move for their career finds out they got duped.

The takeaway here is that Scorpio and Scorpio love works best if the duo are pulling in the same direction, rather than trying to coerce things one way or another.

Indeed, these two make dreadful adversaries to one another, and if one Scorpio angers the other, all the love and compassion in the world won’t stop them lashing out as hurtfully as possible.

This short sharp shock tactic is a hard-wired Scorpio defence mechanism that’s difficult to control.

And of course, we’d be remiss in not discussing Scorpio pride. While not as overblown as that of Leo or the ego of Aries, Scorpio people are instead proud in the sense of hating to ask for help. This is even true with the most loving and supportive partner imaginable.

This can have dire results. For instance, a Scorpio partner undergoing a health scare or worried about their long term health might entirely hide their struggle from their lover.

Not only do they miss out on loving support through that, but also potentially life-saving care in some cases.

All for the sake of pride, no less – and on a less serious but still hurtful level, any such areas of weakness that one Scorpio keeps from the other feels remarkably hurtful and misleading to the other. Openness, honesty and vulnerability are tough traits that both partners need to take on to win.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

To astrologers, there’s something absolutely magical about the idea of two of the same star sign getting together. It’s not always as rare as people might think, but no less fascinating for it.

This is especially true of star signs like Scorpio, for whom still waters run deep indeed.

In fact, Scorpio is ruled by the water element in astrology – something that sometimes surprises those first learning about the zodiac.

Every star sign is ruled by one of the four elements, and of those, fire is sometimes mistakenly said to be Scorpio’s element.

And why not? Fire signs are passionate, proud and certainly not afraid to chase ambition – all things Scorpio people excel at.

Yet Scorpio is a water sign, and that element rules the unseen, unspoken, psychic and intuitive – as well as healing and emotion.

Indeed, it’s here the true nature of Scorpio folks shows best, in their capacity for kindness and compassion.

The rough and ready persona they’ve developed is all a coping mechanism they’ve built up to stop a world of pain and disappointments from wounding them too deeply.

So private are these people that it’s possible that only another Scorpio partner can ever truly understand the Scorpio soul.

Yet so anxious are these folks about being hurt, often without realising, that they’ve set up inner mechanisms and traps so complex they fall into them themselves.

Lashing out, getting jealous over nothing or insisting on controlling the ebbs and flow of the relationship makes each Scorpio partner as tense and unhappy as the other.

Together, they both need to learn to trust, to let their guard down and enjoy life as it comes – together, forever.

Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility score: 7/10

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