Aquarius: Want to Fall in Love? Do These Three Things

Aquarius: Want to Fall in Love? Do These Three Things


When it comes to love, there are two types of people.

There are people who can allow themselves to fall in love, and there are people who won’t give themselves permission to fall in love.

Make no mistake about it. There is nothing magical about love.

Love is really an imposition of will.

You can will yourself into love. You can make love happen by the force of your personal will.

If this isn’t the case, then if your ideal soul mate dies, you’re out of luck. You will never fall in love with another person ever again.

But the reality is that this happens all the time.

You see couples in their teens who seem to be meant for each other and they seem to be ideal for each other.

One of them goes away or one of them dies. Guess what happens next.

That’s right.

The partner who gets left behind eventually finds somebody they can love with all their heart.

Love is an imposition of will.

There is no such thing as the ideal love that can only happen once in a particular type of situation and with a particular type of person.

That is the ideal love that you read about in romance novels.

That’s not the practical and real love that we deal with in reality.

Unfortunately, the typical Aquarius missed the memo on this fact.

Many Aquarius people subscribe to the romantic idea that there is this one person who is right for them. They believe that love only happens once.

And if everything is lined up properly, love happens.

Well, it’s easy to see why Aquarius people often find themselves in relationships that are never really satisfying. They always hold out for that ideal love partner.

They always hold out for that ideal romantic situation that would make them feel complete.

If you’re an Aquarius and you see yourself doing this, you have to realize that the only person that you’re harming is yourself.

By believing this, you’re not making it easier for real love to happen in your life.

In fact, you’re doing the opposite.

You’re preventing yourself from falling in love. You’re not giving yourself permission to fall in love because you believe these ideals.

You need to let that go.

Here are three things you need to do to fall in love.

You have to remember that love is all around you. Love can happen at any time.

You can fall in love with all sorts of people. You can fall in love in all sorts of situations.

There are all sorts of circumstances that can work together to produce love in your life.

Unfortunately, it’s your mindset that gets in the way of you falling in love. Do these three things to get past that mindset.

Take People as They Are

When you take people as they are, you no longer put that imaginary measuring stick against them. You’re not measuring them against an ideal they cannot live up to.

You’re not sizing up romantic opportunities in your life based on an ideal that doesn’t exist.

Instead, you take people as they are.

You realize that people are not perfect. You realize that we are all sinners and saints. We are all combinations of good and bad things.

When you do this, you are no longer reading into people.

This increases the likelihood of you appreciating people based on their own terms. A person is worth loving based on his/her own terms.

It’s not something you impose on that person. It’s not a standard that you somehow read into that person.

Once you’re able to make this leap in mindset, you are opening yourself up to love.

You go a long way in giving yourself permission to love others.

Enjoy the Moment

When you enjoy the moment, you as an Aquarius realize that love can happen anytime.

When you enjoy the moment and you lose yourself in the moment, you begin to realize that love is really situational. It’s a product of circumstances.

Ultimately, it’s a product of your will.

You fall in love because you chose to fall in love. It really is that simple.

It all begins with the decision to enjoy the moment.

This is probably one of the best things you could do for yourself.

If you simply allow yourself to enjoy the moment, you no longer have to deal with the heavy pressure and burden of constantly judging and sifting the situation around you.

Instead, you just take people as they are and you take things as they are. A heavy load has been lifted off your mind.

In fact, this load is so heavy that it’s keeping your heart from fully opening up.

When you simply allow yourself to lose yourself in the moment and enjoy the circumstances surrounding you, you’d be surprised as to how open your mind is to the possibility of love.

You’d be surprised as to how well you can pick up the best in all people. You’d be surprised as to how much love you can find in your heart for other people.

It all begins with enjoying the moment. The best part is that this is all a choice.

Understand That Love Is Situational

I don’t want to sound like a broken record. This is probably the third time I’ve said it, but let me say it again.

Love is situational.

There is no magic formula for love. It’s not like Romeo and Juliet where there is just one ideal person for each person on this planet.

If you think that way, then guess what. Your ideal lover probably died a long time ago. Alternatively, your ideal lover or compatible partner probably is married already.

The practical reality of romantic attraction is that it is situational.

There are certain situations where your mind and your heart are more open to romantic attractions.

If you accept this, then you would be more open to it.

If you believe this, then you would put yourself in a position where you are more than able to identify opportunities for a romantic attraction.

This is how it works out.

It all begins with your mindset. It all begins with how you choose to view love.

It’s one thing to intellectually frame love a certain way. You have to go further than that.

You have to fully let go on an emotional level.

Once you let go of those harmful emotional ideals, you’d be surprised as to how much love is possible in your life.

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