Aquarius and Sagittarius Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Aquarius and Sagittarius Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Aquarius and Sagittarius can make for a delicious combination when it comes to star sign compatibility.

These two keen individualists can make for some of the most fun dates in all of astrology, and due to their love of freedom and innate curiosity, there’s a great connection to be had here.

However, as with any aspect of the zodiac, there are always question marks to wrinkle out in Aquarius and Sagittarius matches.

Getting the right knowledge ahead of the time can save a lot of heartache, as well as making sure you’re able to sidestep any potential misunderstandings.

Settle in then, as we dive into the ins and outs of Aquarius and Sagittarius compatibility – the definitive guide to getting this match right.

Aquarius and Sagittarius compatibility overview

Aquarius and Sagittarius are, in many ways, two peas in the same pod. Positive, uplifting and always popular – yet still content to pursue their own agenda – both Aquarius and Sagittarius tend to be some of the most unique people you could hope to meet.

Naturally, when meeting one another, they’re sure to get along swimmingly too. Aquarius is represented in astrology by the symbol of the water bearer – an individual who, in ancient time, would single-handedly stride out into the desert or savannah to retrieve the water needed to provide for their community.

Likewise, Aquarius people, whether they are conscious of it or not, see themselves as those who walk where others will not to bring the nourishing waters of knowledge and ingenuity to the wider public.

This strikes a chord to say the least with Sagittarius, a star sign who loves seeking the truth and thinking over life’s great philosophical questions.

Sagittarius is represented in the night sky by the constellation of a centaur archer, showing a warrior spirit that’s protective, but also has a keen eye and a high-speed approach to life.

If Aquarius is rapid of thought, Sagittarius is rapid in deed and action, making the two signs a good blend of passion and logic.

Of course, the spontaneous ways of Sagittarius might not always mesh well with Aquarius, and similarly, where Sagittarius thinks with his or her heart, Aquarius is much more a creature of the mind.

In short, the pair may sometimes question one another’s motives, yet are both friendly and open-minded enough that any blowouts that emerge will soon fade.

Perhaps the greatest common ground the Aquarius and Sagittarius couple can tread is that of altruism and compassion.

Both of these big-hearted star signs hate to see the downtrodden suffer or their fellow souls go through hardship. For Sagittarius, it’s because it isn’t fun – and for Aquarius, it’s because it isn’t fair.

United, Aquarius and Sagittarius often become forces for change in their community, and a couple with broad and outlandish horizons in all aspects of life.

Both bore easily, but with one another, there’s always a new surprise in store.

Matches between the Aquarius woman and Sagittarius man

The Aquarius woman approaches life her own way, and certainly has no time or patience for people who tell her what to say, do or think.

Luckily, the Sagittarius man has much the same outlook – and yet luckily enough, neither of these two individualists ever think to boss one another around.

It’s a kind of effortless mutual respect that forms the basis for much of the chemistry that first bubbles up between an Aquarius woman and a Sagittarius man, yet to anyone observing, it’s more like a bond between buddies. This, again, works well in the favour of this pairing.

Both Aquarius and Sagittarius find heavy emotions like love and longing intensely draining – and in the Aquarius woman’s case, such intensity is also energy that’d be better spent formulating ideas and finding solutions.

Because of this, an Aquarius woman and Sagittarius man romance is deeply unlikely to be the traditional wining and dining sort – although it has been known.

Both of the souls involved here are very much their own people. The Aquarius woman has likely gone through a number of relationships in which she’s felt watched, or that her freedom has been impaired by men with a controlling influence.

She might even go into this relationship over-cautiously because of this – and be pleasantly surprised by how effortlessly the Sagittarius man goes with the flow.

In fact, he’ll be likewise grateful for the freedom given to him by the Aquarius woman, and thanks to their shared inventive side, dates are likely to be fun and playful.

In fact, the only thing to really worry about here is longevity – both star signs are very much in the moment people, and won’t think of where the relationship is going or how to invest in it to make it last.

Both will need to learn that making it last doesn’t mean making it boring!

The good points:

  • Mutual respect for individuality goes a long way to establishing trust
  • The Aquarius woman and Sagittarius man connect over helping others profoundly
  • The sense of humour in both parties makes this a sparky, fun way to flirt

The bad points:

  • While both partners love their downtime, even they surprise one another with how suddenly they demand it sometimes
  • Restlessness and being easily bored can cause drama when there needn’t be any
  • Her cool outlook might brush badly against his fiery motivation – she thinks him hotheaded, he thinks her too cold

Matches between the Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman

The Aquarius man spends a great deal of time in his head – not ruminating as such, but certainly dancing with ideas and concocting solutions not just to his own problems, but those of the people he cares about the most.

This gives him a kind of detached quality, offset against his often unusual dress sense and distinctive outlook on life as a whole.

The Sagittarius woman can be just the ticket in stirring him to his senses. Here is a lady who takes life by the horns not with a grim determination, but rather a cheerful lust for life that’s positively infectious.

The Aquarius man admires how the Sagittarius woman is able to laugh at even her most humiliating mishaps, and a camaraderie of sorts soon blossoms as he discovers her altruistic side.

Her sense of humour is just as naughty and off the cuff as his own too, and due to the sometimes brutal honesty of Sagittarius people, the Aquarius man – often confused by affairs of the heart – needn’t waste any time working out if she likes him or not.

Chances are she’ll merrily blurt it out before she even knows she feels it herself.

Offsetting that, she’ll never expect roses and grand gestures, freeing the Aquarius man to enjoy his own time as he sees fit.

She’ll expect likewise of course, but he will appreciate the lack of pressure, and both partners will constantly think up new and fun ideas for dates, outings and big gatherings with friends and family all around.

The Sagittarius woman will often mistake the emotional distance of her Aquarius man for grumpiness, but in truth he’s simply elsewhere with his thoughts.

Aquarius men especially have a tremendous aptitude in engaging the autopilot and coasting through life while their true attention is elsewhere.

The Sagittarius woman is one of the rare few wise to the game, but if she doesn’t realise why he does this, she could believe he’s losing interest in her, and up sticks herself while the getting is good. What a waste of a beautiful connection that could be!

The good points:

  • Witty, fun affection without the heavy stuff – perfect for both the Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman
  • Fast ideas and an open mind for new horizons – the sky’s the limit for the adventures to be had together
  • The Sagittarius woman is laid back, positive and doesn’t play games – perfect for the Aquarius man

The bad points:

  • The Sagittarius woman doesn’t understand the cool air of the Aquarius male – isn’t he ever excited like she is?
  • Both partners are so laid back that this relationship might never get deeper than casual
  • The Sagittarius woman can be so blunt, without meaning to, that even the super chilled out Aquarius man could get a dent in his male ego!

Aquarius and Sagittarius friendship compatibility

You’ll find that Aquarius and Sagittarius friendship potential is insanely high – these are cosmic playmates in the zodiac who simply can’t help but find one another.

Aquarius wants equality and opportunity for everyone to advance science and medicine and create wonderfully evocative works of art.

Sagittarius, meanwhile, wants everyone to enjoy travel and adventure, to embrace the unknown and unravel the truth beneath the greatest secrets and mysteries of life.

In addition to these common wavelengths however, both Aquarius and Sagittarius tend to adhere to their romantic connections almost as though they were slightly more intensive friendships, which means that even if you’ve romantic intentions, understanding the friendships between these star signs can help a great deal.

Some astrologers even say that Sagittarius has a hard time distinguishing friendship from love in certain circumstances, and in the case of meeting an Aquarius, it’s easy to see why this could become just such an occasion.

Aquarius people are a very good judge of character, and can instantly see that Sagittarius is on their wavelength.

The fact that Aquarius has such a good read of people can help Sagittarius in the long run too.

Sagittarius people are often intelligent, yet are so trusting and positive that some seek to take advantage of them and their kind natures.

Aquarius, blessed as these folks are with a kind of inner antennae, can sniff out if any deception is in play and smartly intercept before their Sagittarius is led astray.

Not that it always needs to be so heavy-handed, of course. These are two of the most innovative and spontaneous star signs in the zodiac, and very quickly can establish a rapport based on tales of drunken nights out and road trips across the country planned by their bootstraps.

There’s a kinship and profoundness to this alliance though.

Whether they’re face painting for kids at a charity fair, giving their weekends to join forces at the homeless shelter every two weeks, or working with animals to make sure they’re healthy and happy when their owners are at work or on holiday, Aquarius and Sagittarius friends invariably become a force for good in the world.

Better yet, their capacity to bounce philosophies and ideas back and forth means there’s often a spiritual kinship in play here too, although they’ll seldom get into zealotry and religious stuffiness in these pursuits. Far too heavy handed – and where would the fun be for dear sweet Sagittarius?

Aquarius and Sagittarius marriage compatibility

The only issue to begin with here is that Aquarius and Sagittarius are so free spirited to begin with that the very idea of marriage doesn’t mesh well with them at all.

In both cases, it is often a fear of constriction and a sudden lack of freedom – aspects of life that neither Aquarius or Sagittarius appreciate much.

The liberty to come and go as they please without judgement, question or containment is supremely important to Aquarius and Sagittarius souls.

Perhaps unfairly, it is Sagittarius who tends to be associated with this kind of character the most, not only giving them an unjust fly by night nature, but often overlooking the Aquarian need for freedom that therefore comes as a shock to those not expecting it.

However, marriage can certainly flourish for Aquarius and Sagittarius simply because their respect for their own freedom, and that of their partner, is so high.

This is the kind of couple who will vacation with other friends, or even travel solo, rather than always travel as a pair. Other couples won’t get it, but they’ll each love the idea of exploring new horizons and sharing stories with their partners and friends once home.

To the Aquarius individual, marriage is a pompous ceremony of outdated traditions and promises itching to be broken.

To a Sagittarius, it’s just a straight up cage waiting to close around them. Both of these outlooks, while respectable in their own way, need to be questioned and worked around for a marriage for any Aquarius or Sagittarius to work, and more so with one another.

What often results is a fun and low key ceremony and an extremely laid back relationship thereafter. If they’re lucky, the Aquarius and Sagittarius partners will become like best friends, adventuring as a team as much as under their own steam.

In bad cases, they’ll get bored and drift apart, failing to see that marriage can be a gift and believing they only did it to please the other – risking resentment long term.

Having such free thinkers commit to this kind of all or nothing lifestyle can be a challenge, but if the Aquarius and Sagittarius couple can come to the appreciation that their marriage is just that – their marriage, to enact and enjoy as they see fit – they can create unorthodox, unusual yet ultimately fulfilling long lives together where they play by the only rules that matter. Their own.

Aquarius and Sagittarius: Common issues and problems

While both Aquarius and Sagittarius are good natured, open minded and adopt a live and let live outlook for almost everyone they come across, it’d be irresponsible to suggest that the entire relationship between such a pairing would be constant smooth sailing.

If anything, individualistic souls like those born under the Aquarius and Sagittarius star signs would be alarmed if they were entirely similar, so even in such cases as these differences becoming uncomfortable, they have a quiet respect for these areas of friction nonetheless.

For one thing, both Aquarius and Sagittarius have a deep dislike of overblown drama in life. Such an outlook is likely the sort of thing we’d all like to see more of – yet so keen are they both to avoid it that they simply avoid it together, avoiding conflict with it and potentially losing the potential to grow by rationally discussing disagreements in full.

Sagittarius doesn’t like to acknowledge the less pleasant points in life, and finds that kind of drama draining.

Aquarius has a similar perspective, but from an intellectual standpoint. Unless it’s a pretty severe problem, both will be too chilled out to discuss what can quietly snowball behind the scenes if left unattended.

The Aquarius can also sometimes regard the Sagittarius irresponsible, thanks to a talent those fiery souls have for leaping long before they look.

Such spur of the moment activity can be exciting, but it can lead to a funny kind of absent mindedness.

Of course, Sagittarius thinks that Aquarius is even worse in this regard – head so full of ideas and equations that they leave dinner in the oven until it’s burnt to cinders, for instance.

Perhaps most dangerous of all, however, is the fact that both Aquarius and Sagittarius need a constant influx of newness, fresh ideas and unknown frontiers in order to feel appeased.

Even the most fulfilling of relationships can dwindle into a steady rhythm of over time – comforting and stable for most of us, but dreadful for Aquarius and Sagittarius if excitement is lacking.

By keeping humour high, minds open and remembering that being content is not the same as being bored, both signs can let their guard down fully and realise they don’t need to bolt for the door every time it seems like their feet are spending too long under the table.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

When the water bearer crosses paths with the archer of the zodiac, sparks will fly and tremendous potential is unlocked.

The relationship, or even the friendship, that blooms as a result of these two meeting has wonderful benefits that can’t help but spill over onto everyone surrounding them.

This makes an Aquarius and Sagittarius match so much more than a standard relationship, but also a connection that takes place on wavelengths so obscure to the rest of us that many of us will wonder if it’s even a real relationship at all.

In an ideal world of course, everyone would reserve judgement and live and let live, just as Aquarius and Sagittarius prefer it.

Yet they too can learn a lot by putting their own preconceptions about love being heavy and cloying aside, and embracing a freewheeling connection that makes the most of their strengths.

Both Aquarius and Sagittarius are hugely social creatures, and enjoy social circles so large that they ought not lose one another and the unity they share within it.

Theirs has the potential to light the spark of community spirit, tending to those less lucky than the rest of us, and mocking the monsters who have given in to greed and ego, trying to lord it over people.

The fear of losing oneself to a relationship is natural, and even healthy, but so keenly sharpened is both the Aquarian and Sagittarian need for freedom and periods of isolation that they can assume that being tied down will clip their wings whenever they want to take flight – and they’ll fight twice as hard to compensate.

Overcoming this fear, embracing their individuality and also remembering that the rules of engagement in their dalliances are theirs to define alone gives welcome breathing room – but care should still be taken in other areas.

Aquarius has a tendency to be a lone wolf without realising or intending to, and can shut Sagittarius out without meaning to.

Smiling Sagittarius, despite his or her smarts, likely doesn’t even know he or she is being shut out to bring it into question.

Distance will fester in these situations, especially if the Aquarius is intimidated by the hot emotional ways of Sagittarius.

Yet despite all this, this has one of the greatest opportunities for positive change of any zodiac match – for those involved, but also everyone around them as their kindness combines to wash over us all.

Aquarius and Sagittarius compatibility score – 7/10

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