Jupiter in Aquarius

Jupiter in Aquarius

Jupiter in Aquarius Traits

Jupiter is the Ruling Planet of Generosity and Trust.  Aquarius is symbolized by the Water-Bearer.

Be aware of your feelings, which will run high due to your Water Sign.  Jupiter wants to instill Trust in you, as well as a Generosity of spirit that you can share with others.

People love you for your ability to find the spiritual and divine beauty in natural forms, including other people.

You may often be told that you are someone’s rock, their support system, their sensei on matters of the heart, mind, and soul.

While you may not feel worthy of these accolades, it is essential to accept this praise—as fulfilling these destined roles with bringing you both love and fulfillment, especially when aided by Jupiter in Aquarius.

Jupiter in Aquarius Women

Women with Jupiter in Aquarius are extremely open-minded and compassionate.  You show empathy and love to friends, family, and strangers, alike.

You are a humanitarian, and although you might seem a bit aloof to loved ones sometimes, you would do anything for anyone.

You have a huge heart, and you might get sucked into other people’s negativity while trying to help them.

Be aware of your emotional surroundings, because they can influence your Water nature more than some other signs can be manipulated.

You will find fulfillment, through hard work and Jupiter’s Generous urges to give back and volunteer.

You will find love when you find a partner who respects your spiritually-focused mindset, need for personal space and time, and your wanderlust.

You deserve happiness and intimacy, but fear commitments.  This is due to the fact that you know the other person usually wants more than you want to give.

This is natural and understandable, but you may also feel Jupiter’s Trusting influence persuading you to set your fears aside.

When you feel you have found a partner who accepts your nomadic qualities, but that also makes you feel at home around them, you will have found love and fulfillment.

Jupiter in Aquarius Men

Men with Jupiter in Aquarius are some of the most attractive and seemingly-unattainable guys imaginable.  He may be a loner; a rebel.

He may be on the road a lot—for work or following a favorite band.

You can have a great relationship with a Man with Jupiter in Aquarius, especially because of the Generosity and Trust Jupiter will bring into your intimate, although long-distance, relationship.

Men with Jupiter in Aquarius can broaden your horizons—he probably seems like an ‘old soul’.  He will teach you things about the world, about your body, and about lovemaking.

He will be a Generous teacher, and you will be a Trusting pupil, thanks to the influence Jupiter has on Aquarius.

Do not waste your time with this man—he is ready to learn, experiment, laugh, and grow with you on physical, mental, and emotional levels.

You can trust this man.  He will not break your heart.  Be aware that for you or him, a loss in Trust will be an eternal problem.

Jupiter and Aquarius in Love

Jupiter and Aquarius in Love both provide and demand reciprocal Trust, which will be increased, thanks to Jupiter’s influence.

There is no room for doubt when it comes to an Aquarius in love.  If you doubt their love or their doubt yours, your relationship cannot last.

You must be able to withstand long periods of faith and remaining faithful between seeing each other.

Your best prospects in Love are with a partner who respects your spiritual side and need for alone time.  You will love a fellow open-minded Pisces, as they will also want personal time and space of their own.

You might also enjoy the fair spirit and impartial mind of a Libra.  Libras do require fairness, so make sure that you are offering to compromise as much as they are expected to, within the parameters of a healthy relationship.

Your worst prospects in Love are with a partner who will be needy and wear your patience down.  A Cancer will want a lot of your time spent at home, with them.

A Scorpio seems too impulsive and territorial for your tastes. While they might make a great motivational friend, and Aries and Taurus are both liable to drive you up the wall with their closed minds and stubborn natures.

Dates for Jupiter in Aquarius

Jupiter entered Aquarius on January 21, 1997, and again on January 5, 2009—and lasted until January 17, 2009.

Because of the roughly 12-year period that Jupiter goes through the Zodiac, the next visit is not predicted until December 19, 2020; and Jupiter will go into Retrograde on July 28, 2021.

Two more visits are scheduled for Jupiter to enter Aquarius before the next Retrograde.  Jupiter will enter Aquarius on April 11, 2032, and on November 29, 2032.  Jupiter will go Retrograde, in Gemini, on September 12, 2033.

Retrogrades occurring this cycle are as follows:  On November 11, 2016, Jupiter goes Retrograde.

On February 6, 2017, Jupiter goes Stationary and then goes Stationary Direct on June 9, 2017.  Jupiter exits Retrograde on September 6, 2017.

7 Little Known Facts About Jupiter in Aquarius

When Jupiter enters into the house of Aquarius, what we then have is the power of this planet influencing you in a number of different ways that will certainly prove to be beneficial to your life.

However, you still need to be aware of various facts that surround this combination to then be aware of how it will all be able to have a positive influence on your life.

 1. It brings a sense of generosity to you.

First, Jupiter coming into Aquarius is going to push forward a sense of you needing to be rather generous with anything that you do in life.

This may not be a common attribute for you, but the power of Jupiter is such that you cannot ignore this desire no matter how hard you may try.

2. You can find spirituality in anything that you do.

People see that you are able to find a sense of spirituality in anything that you do whether it be in objects, nature, or people.

They see that there is a sense of calmness that surrounds you at this point, and people then with to emulate what you have as they see the way in which it has made such a difference in your approach to life.

3. People feel the urge to trust you.

Thanks to Jupiter in Aquarius, people will view you as being someone they can trust even with their deepest and darkest secrets.

This is something that you hold dear to your own self, and you do not wish to break that trust feeling simply because you do not want to encounter the sense of disappointment that would then follow.

4. You are very empathetic.

Women with this combination are going to display a real sense of empathy that goes above and beyond what would normally be perceived as being normal.

You feel the pain and worry of others deep inside of you, and you wish to help them through these points by simply making sure that people see you are there for them and understand their pain.

5. You may fear commitment.

There is the potential for you to suddenly feel as if commitment is something that should perhaps be avoided.

You are gripped by the feeling of uncertainty that can surround it all, and that worries you as you do not feel as if you are in control. However, those feelings will subside somewhat after Jupiter leaves the equation.

6. You may be an ‘old soul’.

For a man with this combination, then you could easily be seen as something of an old soul, and people love this about you.

It gives them a sense of you knowing what to do in life, and you are eager to show them the ropes.

7. You need to feel that there is no doubt with matters of love.

When it comes to matters of love, then you have to make sure that there is no crumb of doubt. If there is, then you will not be able to look beyond it.

Ultimately, Jupiter is a powerful influence when it enters into the house of Aquarius. However, you need to just be aware of what it can do so it does not cause as much of an interruption.

Final Thoughts

Jupiter in Aquarius brings Generosity and Trust to the table for you to work with.  These are no light topics—especially when it comes to finding love.

You are one Zodiac Signs of the most connected with the spiritual plane.  You will find fulfillment by looking into your beliefs further.

This is a great year for you to research a new lifestyle or religion you have been interested in.

With Jupiter in Aquarius, you are also at a prime time to let go of any unhealthy relationships in your life.  If someone is too needy, and causing you stress, then seek a way to reconcile your feelings amicably.

If someone is too distant, let them know you wish they were closer; and send them love and light, and move on as best as you can.

You will find love and fulfillment, along with an increase in the Generosity you show and receive, thanks to Jupiter visiting Aquarius.

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