Attract and Seduce the Aquarius Man – 7 Essential Steps

Attract and Seduce the Aquarius Man – 7 Essential Steps

How to Make an Aquarius Man Fall in Love

He’s got a one of a kind look, a timeless view of life and his own way of doing things. His wits move as fast as his mind, and you might find him hard to pin down.

Yet with a few insights into his star sign and psyche, you’ve got everything you need in your secret plan for how to make an Aquarius man fall in love.

With these seven foolproof tips, you’re sure to have the know-how in getting under his skin, being on his mind and – most importantly – winning the heart of an Aquarius man.

1. See him as an individual

The Aquarius man is someone who’s a humanitarian at heart, and he’d like nothing better than for everyone to get along peacefully, put down the weapons of war and put our minds together solving the great questions of art, science, and philosophy.

It may seem like grand, searching stuff, but make no mistake – your Aquarius man is connected to the collective consciousness of the world at large, and even if he doesn’t know it, he wants it to be a friendly world for all.

However, as if to contrast that, he’s as individual as they come himself! You’ve likely never known a man to dress, speak or see the world quite as he does. He’s also drawn to those who stand out or are different in some way.

With that in mind, you can feel safe in putting your own individual quirks and characteristics out on display just as much as he does so naturally.

Recognise what makes him unique, talk about it, share his philosophies and his perspectives without ridicule, and you’re well on your way.

Of course, a hearty debate about these same big issues, and his individual approach to them, is a great way to make an Aquarius man love you too. Talking of which…!

2. How to make an Aquarius man chase you – wits!

The mind of your Aquarius man moves fast, juggling concepts and ideas so rapidly that even he himself can come off as distant and distracted.

He’s so lost in the mental realm sometimes that it’s no wonder his conversations often go off on weird tangents in which he forgets what he was trying to say in the first place.

A lot of people get annoyed at Aquarius folks for this, but it really isn’t their fault. Truth be told, they’re contending internally with ideas so big, and so fun to chase around, that they just can’t help but pursue them.

It’s why conversations with your Aquarius man seem to change topics so fast. Capture the heart of an Aquarius man by putting your best foot forward in the wits department.

Fast talking, perspectives he didn’t think of, quick humour and basically just showing that you’re no slouch in the smarts department will all work to catch him.

In matters of the heart, an Aquarius man wants a mental sparring partner as much as he wants someone who stands by his side.

Challenge him when you think he’s wrong about something with logic, reason and compassion – but also enthuse about his great ideas, of which he’ll have plenty.

3. Attract and seduce the Aquarius man with a cool approach

Astrologers often agree that, of all the star signs, Aquarius tends to be the one for whom love proves the most tricky to handle.

That isn’t to say that when you win the heart of an Aquarius man, things will be sour. Quite the opposite!

Instead, although he’s loathe to admit it, it’s because logic and incisive thinking don’t really break down love and romance the way an Aquarius man can comfortably analyse.

Matters of the heart confuse and bewitch him, and if you’re wondering how you know if an Aquarius guy likes you, this is a big clue in and of itself.

As you’re probably well aware, guys don’t like admitting when they don’t know how to deal with a situation.

This makes love and romance a little more scary to an Aquarius man than he wants to admit. He might want to hide as soon as he realises he has feelings for you.

Play the dating game cool, and let the ball fall in his court more often than not. Express your interest, to avoid that confusion we talked about, but absolutely don’t smother him.

This man has a detached air about him, and at times it can even seem like he’s just not interested.

Don’t lose heart though. Take your time in putting the feelers out, and let him come to his own conclusions.

When wondering how to tell if an Aquarius man loves you, remember that he’ll be more than expressive once he’s given time and space to conclude he is by himself.

4. Signs an Aquarius man is falling in love with you – his friends = your friends

For an Aquarius man, friendship is part and parcel of a life well lived. You’ll likely find that, even if he’s not a people person as such, your Aquarius gent has a huge range of friends from all corners of life.

If you’re meeting them one after another, or off on outings where it’s you and him but also a huge collection of other people, this is a good sign.

You can, of course, seduce an Aquarius man a little swifter by your own initiative if you hint you’d love to get to know his social circle as well as him.

This also has the advantage of taking the pressure off the Aquarius man himself.

Like we’ve discussed, he finds love altogether a bit messy and hard to quantify, so he’ll appreciate letting a wider group of people carry the process.

Likewise, he’ll be watching how you fit in with his friendship circle, and he’ll be moving towards you more and more if you mesh well with his chums.

You may prefer more intimate dates, just the two of you – and in terms of what to expect dating an Aquarius man, you’ll get that too.

But if you can balance your need for one on one time with quality time among his larger crowd, you’ll be that much more special to him in his eyes – and heart.

Power couples who seem to get on with everyone often come bundled with an Aquarius man front and centre.

5. Win the Aquarius man’s heart with your own bravery and ambition

Life at a standstill, feeling slow and predictable, is a terrifying thought for an Aquarius of either gender.

Even if he’s not as outwardly ambitious as a Leo or an Aries man, your Aquarius man will want to have a measured feeling of progress in his life.

Likewise, an Aquarius man appreciates not only when you’ve got plenty of your own life progress to report – projects, career, travel plans, whatever – but also loves those who open doors for him to move his ideas forward.

Containing an Aquarius, trying to pin down his fast-moving thoughts, or in any way making him feel stagnant and frustrated will make him extremely on edge.

He’ll withdraw, becoming moody and sullen – and you could find it difficult to even get two words out of your normally smiley, chatty Aquarius man in times like that.

Give him freedom, drive, motivation and opportunity to broaden his horizons. The Aquarius man will love you all the more for it, and will whisk you along for the ride.

6. Inspire the Aquarius man with your altruistic side

Mean spirited people who get in the way of progress or who are unkind to their fellow human beings really grate against everything the Aquarius man stands for.

Even if he isn’t the kind to actively campaign for any given good cause, he firmly believes in humankind bettering itself.

While you won’t be expected to be an activist or the like, anything you can demonstrate to the Aquarius man that shows you’re kind, thoughtful and keen to see people do better for themselves is guaranteed to catch his attention – and his affection.

If you can engage his mind while you do it, even better. Say for example you have a script for a speech you’re due to give at work for a presentation.

Ask if you can run it by him, and say it’s because you want it to inspire people.

It’s a great way of seeing if an Aquarius guy likes you, and he’ll likely thrive on giving his view. His mind will click in sync with yours, and he’ll give you one heck of a pep talk if you’re nervous too.

This is just one example, but basically any opportunity you have to show to your Aquarius man your intention to brighten even one person’s day is a good thing.

7. Keep an Aquarius man interested – stay mysterious

Out of all of the zodiac, your Aquarius man is one of the most curious, investigative and incisive around.

While it’s not the same intuition the likes of a Pisces or Scorpio man exhibits, an Aquarius of any gender often navigates life with hunches and gut feelings.

He’s drawn to the mysterious, and he puts in every part of his fantastic mind into unravelling the puzzles put before him. That includes you.

As with anything, a puzzle that’s been completely solved isn’t quite as enticing to an Aquarius man as one with a few tantalising pieces missing.

This is a great way not just to capture an Aquarius man’s heart, but keep it intrigued by you longer term.

Of course, it’s best not to willfully misdirect your Aquarius man, nor purposefully refuse to tell him information when he asks for it. If anything, that’ll alienate him all the more.

But instead, focus on the parts of your individual life he can’t touch, and watch as he becomes curious about how those work and why it makes you tick.

Even something as simple as why you like watching a certain show or listen to a certain band is a fine question for an Aquarius man to tangle with.

The element of mystery is sure to appeal to your Aquarius man, keeping him chasing you. The feeling of allure it’ll give you isn’t such a bad thing either!

In short – flirting with an Aquarius man happens with the mind

Your looks and your usual flirting style are all well and good, but because his brain is so fast and so vast in the ideas it throws around, the ways to make an Aquarius man love you often have to appeal to his mental faculties.

If you can prove puzzling, yet alluring, you’ve already won half the battle in dating an Aquarius man.

Remember, this is a man with a truly global consciousness. Anything you can offer him that captivates him culturally, intellectually or with kindness to your fellow human beings is a big win.

Huge turn-offs to Aquarius men are rudeness, being closed minded and prejudiced, judging him for how he looks, thinks or acts, or limiting what he can do or how he can do it.

Personal freedom, and freedom of the wider world, all appeal to him – and can be part of seducing him too.

Befriend those around him, become part of his extended family, and you’ll find that Aquarius boyfriend traits will more than reward you.

He may never be the sweeping romantic found in the pages of a slushy love story, but he’ll be a loyal, trusted and deeply intelligent individual who’ll see you as his better half, and treat you as you deserve.

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