The Moon in Aquarius

The Moon in Aquarius

The Moon in Aquarius shows the intellectual side to this eccentric person’s emotions. Lunar Aquarians are often described as ‘detached’ or ‘aloof’. You are deceptively perceptive; a silent observer. Instead of reacting in a visible way, you seem to let life wash over you like a stream does a stone.

The Moon in Aquarius Traits

You are friendly to all, and love stimulating conversations with new people. You can make a friend anywhere. The Moon in Aquarius finds love and fulfillment in partnerships with other highly intellectual individuals.

The Moon in your Sign can highlight your vulnerable side. Although you are not easily sidetracked, it is even harder for you to right yourself. You get frustrated with yourself easily. In times of extreme stress, you keep your cool.

Lunar Aquarians are not fans of discussing one’s personal matters in public. You try to be as rational as possible; you base decisions on logic, rather than emotion. Lunar Aquarians put their skills to work in relationships by staying open-minded and sensitive to your partner’s needs.

The Moon in Aquarius Women

A Woman with the Moon in Aquarius is not needy for attention. These women cherish alone time. They meditate and reflect on their actions and desires. Lunar Aquarian Women must be given space and time of their own, within a relationship, to maintain a healthy inner balance.

Lunar Aquarian women always find love and hold it in the highest regard. Your reserved demeanor confuses many, tricking them into thinking you are not a deeply emotional being. You are not possessive in relationships; you’re very turned off by people thinking you ‘belong’ to them.

The Moon will highlight your emotional needs, such as a safe space to be yourself around the other person. You are straight-forward and laid-back. You are a great communicator, once you decide to open up to someone. People always tell you how easy you are to talk to.

Anyone who ends up with a Lunar Aquarian Woman should seriously count their blessings. These women do not share the love for the glory or recognition in being loved back. They simply have an innate desire to love all; to love even the ‘unlovables’.

The Moon in Aquarius Women inspires them to informally adopt many children over the years. This is exemplified in teachers who keep extra snacks for kids who show up hungry. The Lunar Aquarian Woman is the Ultimate Hostess and ever-respectful guest.

The Moon in Aquarius Men

Men with the Moon in Aquarius are awed by strong women. The feminine energy of the moon only enhances this appreciation. Lunar Aquarian Men love big families, team sports, and community programs. These men like to work with others, filling the emotional needs to add to the greater good and build a brotherhood among men.

Lunar Aquarian Men are calm and rational. They are not often the most athletic types but are more tech-savvy. Men with the Moon in Aquarius are great with engineering, hands-on troubleshooting, and electronics. Smart and dexterous, Lunar Aquarians make amazing lovers.

Lunar Aquarian Men often know how to cook and keep their house clean. They are self-sufficient and independent. Most bachelors in this Sign are pretty good cooks, as well. All Aquarians love feeding others and making sure all their physical needs are met.

Men with the Moon in Aquarius do not enjoy being forced into traditional gender roles. Rebellious by nature, and with the feminine pull of the Moon, many of these men are more comfortable in roles usually given to women. These men make the best stay-at-home Dads and even male nannies.

These men should be celebrated. They, as most Aquarians, are visionaries. Their peers might view them as outsiders. These rebels don’t really mind, though.

The Moon and Aquarius in Love

The Moon in Aquarius shows the immense trust you put in others. You are fair in all your relationships. In romantic relationships, especially, you actively ignore temptations of jealousy and greed. You not only hate confrontation but genuinely enjoy making your loved ones happy.

Lunar Aquarians are loyal and loving partners and amazing friends. You are an open book, emotionally. You appreciate a partner who can reciprocate this same transparency. While calm and rational most of the time, Lunar Aquarians are more sensitive than most when a betrayal of their trust is involved.

The Moon in Aquarius, a Fixed Air sign, speaks to your stability in romantic relationships. You are dependable and compassionate. Friends value your unbiased opinions and advice on matters of the heart. In the search for love and fulfillment, be aware of the characteristics of your Moon Sign, and the Moon Sign of your love interest.

Your best prospects for love are Lunar Geminis, Lunar Libras, and fellow Lunar Aquarians. Lunar Geminis are emotional beings, and you both have gifts of compassionate communication. You will bond over your similarities and your differences only serve to flatter one another.

Lunar Libras are free-thinkers and will appreciate your need for quiet time and reflection. You are a great match intellectually. Your physical chemistry is insane. However, your relationship may become argumentative if Libra becomes too possessive for your taste.

Fellow Lunar Aquarians will stimulate you intellectually. They will turn you on. They will honor your commitments. Depending on your respective Star Signs, you and your partner might just be two halves of the same whole.

Your worst prospects for love are Lunar Scorpions and Lunar Virgos. Lunar Scorpio is critical and analytical, by nature. This constant scrutiny will drive you crazy. Even if you love this person very much, the Moon in Aquarius will not be fenced in.

Lunar Virgos are equally as demanding of their partners. The Virgo energy threatens your peace-loving existence, by constantly needing to rock the boat. Your deep emotional needs, Lunar Aquarian, are close to someone who can quiet the storm, rather than stir things up.

Dates for the Moon in Aquarius

Dates for the Moon in Aquarius (January 20th-February 18th) happen both while the Moon is in your Star Sign and at 4 other times during the year. The Moon will affect your childlike and emotional side all year long. Below are dates that show what the Moon will be up to during the time of Aquarius, but also various times of the year at which the Moon will affect Aquarius the most:

The Moon is Aquarius begins on January 20th, as the Last Quarter Moon, leftover from the day before. A New Moon appears on January 28th, followed by the First Quarter phase on February 4th. February 11th hosts the Full Moon. On February 18th, the Last Quarter Moon appears to usher out the time of Aquarius.

The Moon in Aquarius will show up 3 other times during your year: Your year starts off with a New Moon on January 28th. The next time the Moon is in Aquarius brings a Full Moon, on August 7th. November 26th will bring a First Quarter Moon in Aquarius.

The New Moon, on January 28th, celebrates the possibilities of the New Year. Take into account the lessons you learned last year. Use this time to reflect on replacing older bad habits with newer and healthier ones. Stop binge watching and start volunteering, and you will find fulfillment.

The Full Moon, on February 11th, reminds you that now is the time to emerge from your cocoon of meditation. Time for action. At this time, you should start making plans for the rest of the year, which will help you become more involved in serving your community. Many people are looking for your charismatic leadership in this part of their lives, so do not be afraid to step up.

Final Thoughts

You love to see how things work. You tinker, you fix, you invent, and you innovate. You are open to new ideas, and purposely non-judgmental.

A Question for You, Dear Aquarius:

If you could innovate one product currently on the market, what would you choose to change?

What do you think?

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