Seven Must-Know Tips If You are Dating an Aquarius

Seven Must-Know Tips If You are Dating an Aquarius


If you are dating an Aquarius, congratulations!  You are dating one of the most emotionally idealistic signs of the horoscope.

Is this a positive thing?  Absolutely!

Aquarius people have high emotional ideals.  Since they have such high ideals for their relationships, they often bring a lot to the table.

They have much to offer as far as emotional fulfillment is concerned.  They have fixed standards as to how to love others because they have fixed standards as to how to be loved.

With that said, it is very easy to misunderstand an Aquarius.  It is very easy to misread the signals that they are sending.

You have to remember that any kind of interpersonal relationship involves a call and response dynamic.  You send out signals and you receive signals.  These signals make up the reality of your emotional communication system.

This also forms the bedrock of your relationship.  If there is something wrong with that call and response system, your relationship either turns into something you do not want it to turn into or it flat out disappoints you.

Here are seven must-know tips if you are dating an Aquarius.  They are all based upon the fact that they are emotional idealists.

They Have an Emotional Ideal You Cannot Match

The first thing that you need to know is that your Aquarius partner has an emotional ideal.  Nine times out of ten, you cannot match this ideal.

You just have to move on from this point.  You just have to accept it.

Most importantly, you have to call them out on it.  The more you call them out, the more they are dragged back to reality.

This way, they do not expect you to become perfect.  They do not expect you to meet some sort of impossible ideal.

Does this mean that you are in the free and clear as far as emotional development is concerned?  Does this mean that you have absolutely no responsibility to grow up in your relationship?

It is absolutely not.  What this takes from the table are impossible standards and that’s it.

You need to be the Realist in Your Relationship

Since you are dealing with an emotional idealist, somebody has to wear the pants of the realist in the relationship, and that person would be you.  Be clear about this.

Most importantly, tell your Aquarius partner about this.

The more they realize that you know about and understand how they think, the easier it is for your relationship.

It is going to be greatly more difficult to misunderstand each other, so it is going to be much more difficult to misread each other’s signals.

They Cannot Be Changed

I know that you do not want to hear this, but that is the reality.  They cannot really be changed.  That is how the Aquarius mindset is set up.

They are emotional idealists, and that is who they are.

However, this does not mean that they cannot mature.  Just because they tend to look at emotional issues in black and white does not necessarily mean that they cannot temper their views with time.

The older they get, the better they become. 

Wrap your mind around this and do not try to change them, at the very least, work with them as they mature.

They Can Be Helped to Mature and Become Polished

This is really a reiteration of the previous point.  Even though Aquarius cannot be changed, you can work with them to become more mature.

There is really no such thing as a bad horoscope sign.  In the same vein, there is truly no such thing as an impossibly good horoscope sign either.

We are all saints and sinners.  We are all imperfect.

As a result, we have to deal with certain features of our personalities that are hardwired.

The saving grace is that we can choose to polish different aspects of our personality, so we can become better lovers, better workers, better parents, and better people overall. 

This is the best you can expect, so you can help your Aquarius partner become more polished.

They Tend to Compare Their Relationships

For many people, this is the deal killer with Aquarius relationships.

You might be thinking you can handle the emotional idealism, and you can handle having to be the realist in your relationship.

You might even be able to live with the fact that your Aquarius partner really cannot be fundamentally changed.

Unfortunately, you might have a tough time with their tendency to compare their relationships.

Unless you are the first person your Aquarius partner got into a relationship with, comparisons are going to be a part of your emotional life.

You just have to deal with it.  They tend to do this.

As much as you would like to call them out on it and tell them not to do it, this is how their emotional wiring is set up.

They tend to compare their relationships.  They subconsciously always ask why not this relationship has certain features that I had from my previous relationship or the relationship before that.

I know this is unfair because every relationship should be looked at based on its own merit.  It should be appreciated or judged based on its own particular issues at that particular time.

You just have to understand that this is how the Aquarius mind works and you either have to accept it or walk away from it.  How do you walk away from it?

Just do not have a relationship with an Aquarius because this is going to happen.  If this does happen, consider yourself warned.

You really do not have a right to feel disappointed because you know that this is how they do things.

Emotional Authenticity is Extremely Important to Them

Aquarius people are very big on emotional authenticity.  This means that it is okay for you to be open with your emotions.

In fact, they feel suspicious when you are too cool for school.

When they see a cool exterior and you rarely get your feathers ruffled, they become skeptical. 

It is okay to let your hair down, emotionally speaking, around them.

Emotional Intensity is Extremely Important to Them

Just as you should be more forthcoming and honest with your emotions around Aquarius people, they also want you to be intense.

In their minds, emotions have to be intense. 

It is not always true because there are different ways of showing emotions.  Some people are very measured regarding how they express their emotions.

If you have a tendency to go overboard as far as emotional displays are concerned, then this is good news.

However, if you try to always keep cool and calm, this might cause some friction down the road. 

Be aware that this is how they think.


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