Aquarius: Nine Tips to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence for Stronger Relationships

Aquarius: Nine Tips to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence for Stronger Relationships


According to many psychologists and behavioral scientists, emotional intelligence is more important than IQ.

For the longest time, people would only measure intelligence based on a person’s ability to understand and apply new information.

Increasingly, scientists are changing the definition of intelligence.

Most people are social animals. Most of our world involves society.

In this world, a huge part of your success turns on how well you get along with other people.

Of course, getting along with other people means being able to read their emotional signals. This is the foundation of increasing your ability to interact with them better.

This can strengthen relationships. This can open doors of opportunities.

A high emotional intelligence leads to greater success overall.

If you want to strengthen your relationship, here are nine tips for increasing the Aquarius man or woman’s emotional intelligence.

Tip 1: Look People in the Eye More Often

You may be busy. You may be thinking of something else. You may be caught up into something.

Regardless of what you’re doing, make sure to look in people’s eyes when you’re talking to them.

The more you look into people’s eyes, the clearer your message becomes.

Moreover, you give yourself the opportunity to understand whatever they’re saying more accurately.

Tip 2: “Speak” More With Your Eyes

Many Aquarius people think that as long as they say something verbally, then they’re communicating. This is just part of the picture.

You have to understand that interpersonal communications involve using all aspects of your being.

You speak with your posture. You speak with your hands or your gestures. You speak with your facial expressions.

Among the different parts of your body and aspects of your being that you use to speak, your eyes are the most powerful.

Make it a point to speak with your eyes.

It’s very easy for people to misunderstand Aquarius people. Why?

They often communicate in a deadpan style.

When you speak with your eyes more often, people get the context of what you’re saying.

You become a more effective communicator. This leads to stronger relationships.

Tip 3: Use Your Whole Face When Communicating

You might be communicating with your eyes and you might be saying the right things.

However, your partner might still misunderstand you. You might still end up sending the wrong signals. Why?

You didn’t use your whole face.

Your face is there for a reason. It’s not just there for looking good.

It’s a key component of your communication tools.

When you use your whole face when you’re communicating, the person you’re talking to gets context.

The person you’re getting to gets emotional depth. In fact, this opens up greater opportunities for a deeper level of communication. This person might get that you fully understand them.

Tip 4: Don’t Rush Too Quickly When Reading Other People

Aquarius people tend to live in their own worlds. They really do.

They have this emotional idealism that tends to poison a lot of their relationships.

One of the most common ways this plays out is when they read other people.

Somebody might say something, but you rush to judgment. You quickly develop an emotional sense of urgency based on what they said.

Unfortunately, nine times out of ten, you assume the worst. Nine times out of ten, you totally misread what they said.

To avoid any unnecessary drama, don’t rush too quickly when reading other people.

Give them time to fully flesh out what they’re trying to say.

Tip 5: Hold Off on Reading Too Much into People’s Expressions

The ironic thing about the Aquarius is that you don’t use your whole face when you communicate.

Yet, you hold people to a higher standard. You have a lower standard for yourself, but you have a higher standard for other people.

This is especially true when it comes to people’s expressions.

Maybe people are just too excited. Maybe something happened and they have a certain facial expression at a certain time.

Hold off on reading too much into those facial expressions.

You might be surprised as to what they really mean. Don’t rush to judgment.

Tip 6: When in Doubt, Ask People to Repeat What They Said

As an Aquarius, it’s very easy for you to think that you got people emotionally figured out.

It’s easy for you to feel confident that you know how to decode the emotional signals people are sending. Nine times out of ten, you’re completely clueless.

Never hesitate to ask other people to repeat what they said.

Maybe you misread them. Maybe you didn’t get the whole context. Maybe something was missing.

Regardless, when you ask people to repeat what they said, you give yourself an opportunity for deeper understanding in your relationships.

Tip 7: Always Try to Put Yourself in the Other Person’s Shoes

Empathy is the bedrock of any real relationship.

In fact, if you have a tough time empathizing with other people, it’s very hard to stay in a relationship.

Sure, you may be a very attractive person, and getting into a relationship is easier for you. However, people won’t stay in a relationship with you if you can’t empathize.

If you want your relationship to get stronger with time, always try to put yourself in the other person’s place.

Why do they feel the way they do? What are the set of circumstances that enable them to make certain conclusions?

Tip 8: Remember That Context Means As Much As Content

Put in simpler terms, this tip says that how you say something is just as important as what you have to say.

You have to pay attention to the context of what your partner is saying.

Otherwise, it’s easy for you to blow things out of proportion. Otherwise, it’s very easy for you to walk away with the wrong conclusion.

If you do that enough times, your relationship will suffer.

Tip 9: Always Be Mindful of Your Tone of Voice

As I have mentioned earlier, there are many components of effective communication.

We communicate with our posture, facial expressions, and gestures. We also communicate with our tone of voice.

Be mindful of this.

If you turn a blind eye to the tone of voice you use, you might end up sending emotional signals that are very different from the signals you want to send.

This can lead to all sorts of misunderstanding and confusion in your relationships. This can eventually weaken your relationships.



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