AQUARIUS: Feeling Overwhelmed? Know How To Do Better

AQUARIUS: Feeling Overwhelmed? Know How To Do Better


If you’re an Aquarius person and you’re feeling overwhelmed, a lot of the times that pressure is self-imposed. That’s right.

You are being too hard on yourself.

In many cases you could simply let things go. In many cases you could simply choose to move on. But you don’t.

You subscribe to certain standards or you insist on doing things a certain way.

The end result is all too predictable — you wind up putting too much pressure on yourself.

You can do a lot better than what you’re doing now by simply learning how to let go. Of course, this is easier said than done.

Most people who have this problem tend to do it unconsciously.

There’s a reason why people develop this habit. Habits aren’t formed by accident; habits form because there is some sort of payoff.

By understanding this payoff mechanism, you can break bad habits and adopt better habits.

Just as you can learn habits that hold you down and keep you from living life to its fullest potential, you can learn habits that can help you feel better about yourself and about everything else.

Here are some simple tips to help you feel better in any kind of situation. You might want to turn some of these tips into habits.

Get Rid of Impossible Emotional Standards That Just Weigh You Down

Aquarius people are often emotional idealists.

You have certain ideas regarding how people should respond to you and how you should respond people.

While some of these are good and can actually help you, a lot of them actually can hurt you down the road. In many cases they hurt you right off the bat.

You have to remember that if you impose standards, make sure that they are workable standards.

At the very least, make sure they are rooted in reality. Unfortunately, a lot of your emotional standards are based on really impossible ideas of perfectionism.

This is fine if you just keep them as standards.

Unfortunately, most Aquarius people actually try to apply these standards to their relationships and to how they do things.

Not surprisingly, they end up putting too much pressure on themselves and they end up frustrated and anxious when they don’t need to be.

You might want to loosen up your standards or get rid of them do it if they are harmful to you.

Learn To Appreciate Every Moment on Its Own Terms

There’s a lot to be said about living life on a moment-to-moment basis.

This has nothing to do with being a hippie, or being some sort of hermit, or being some sort of guru.

Regardless of where you are, you can become happier by simply just feeling appreciative of every passing moment.

You have to remember that every moment, there are many things going right. In fact, there are more things going right than there are things going wrong.

Focus on this. Allow yourself to feel happy and appreciative that this is the case.

Learn To ZERO In on A Moment

When you learn to zero in on a moment, you essentially turn off your mind and focus only on one thought or on one stream of perception.

This is probably one of the most effective ways anybody can deal with stress.

Stress is defined as many different stimuli creating all sorts of conflicting signals in your mind.

Your mind gets overworked and all of a sudden you are emotionally over-engaged. You worry all the time, you are fearful, and it really eats up a lot of your energy.

You can set aside almost all of that by simply learning to zero in on a moment.

When you do this, you focus your mind on one set of stimuli at a time. This goes a long way in relieving stress.

This also helps you become a better thinker. Your analytical skills get sharpened because you only focus on one mental task at a time.

Find Your Inner Calm

There are many ways to do this. One of the most common is simple visualization.

You simply close your eyes and think of a very peaceful place.

It’s not enough to come up with all sorts of peaceful images, though. You also have to learn how to call these images to mind and call the right emotional triggers that they bring to the table.

If you’re able to do that, you would be able to take control of your emotions regardless of where you are and at any time.

This is one of the most powerful skills that you can develop. However, it doesn’t happen overnight.

In many cases, when you’re just starting, it’s very easy to get distracted; it’s very easy to fall asleep.

The best way is to take baby steps. The more you try to practice inner calm, the better you get at it.

Eventually, you will reach a tipping point where you will be able to find inner calm a lot more frequently.

If you stick to this practice, you can find inner calm pretty much at any time and under any situation.

If you want to be a more effective person and you want to improve your relationships, learn how to find your inner calm. The sooner you do this, the happier you will be.

Let’s face it, life can be very stressful. There are many sources of tension in our daily lives.

By simply learning the practice of finding your inner calm, you will be able to respond to all the stresses in a measured way.

You’ll be able to respond proactively, which produces better results than by simply reacting to life.

As Long As You’re Clear with Your Emotions, It’s Okay To Feel Overwhelmed

If all the tips in the preceding sections fail, you can focus on this one practical tip.

There are many situations where you really cannot get out from under all the stress that you’re feeling. There are many situations where you are simply overwhelmed.

Fair enough. If this is the case, then focus on emotional clarity instead.

This way you can at least walk away with one key tangible benefit.

Part of the reason why Aquarius people are often overwhelmed is that they don’t know what emotions they are feeling.

All they know is that they are feeling overwhelmed. All they know is that they are drowning under the sea of emotions.

Do yourself a favor and learn how to recognize the different emotions washing over you. There’s no need to fight against them.

There’s no need to try to contain them. Just focus on quite clearly identifying them.

Eventually, once the emotional storm clears up, you can then do some heavy lifting as to how to resolve these emotions.

You can then think of ways on how to respond to such an emotional surge in a more effective way in the future.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s okay to feel that way as long as you are clear as to which emotions are getting the best of you.

Aim for clarity, aim for a sense of order.

This is the first step in achieving better control over your emotions.


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