Here is Why Aquarius Rising Is The Sign of Genius

Here is Why Aquarius Rising Is The Sign of Genius

If you thought your zodiac or sun sign is all you need to know yourself in great detail, think again.

The sun sign is just one of the many different parameters that must be considered when examining the personality of an individual in the astrological terms.

One of the most important ones, similar to the sun sign in its importance, is the Ascendant or the Rising Sign of an individual.

The Rising Sign refers to the sign that was above the horizon at the moment of your birth. You will need to know your exact birth time to accurately know your real Rising Sign though estimations are possible based on an approximate time to.

What the Rising Sign means in terms of astrology is that it will determine the way you choose to project yourself to the world as well as the path you will take to achieve your goals.

While the sun describes what you want, the moon actually describes what you need whereas it is the Ascendant that determines the course you will take to get there.

Aquarius Rising individuals are really imaginative individuals with a unique look. They tend to think in the future tense and are extremely noble-minded.

In fact, they are here to restore peace and humanity in a world that is otherwise full of chaos and hatred. They are all in for scientific progress and catalyze development in every field.

The Aquarius Ascendant greatly values its independence and freedom. They will never compromise with their individual freedom and do not conform with societal norms if they think these need a reform.

Often, these very individuals will be the ones who bring in the reform themselves.  They have an extremely well-developed personality and are gifted with a razor-sharp intellect.

They greatly value self-respect and bring out the best in everyone. These are really philosophers at heart and have a sharp memory. It is in their nature to help others and they are very generous about it.

Aquarius Rising Signs Are Mystics

The Aquarius ascendant is associated with sudden realizations and is characterized by an extremely sharp intellect which is often unseen in other signs.

The intellectual genius exhibited is a gift from nature along with their highly evolved sense of intuition.

They can see the whole situation from a broad perspective in a single moment rather than being stuck up with the finer details.

This also makes them decisive individuals who can make rational decisions based on their multi-dimensional understanding of the way the universe works.

They will, more often than not, act in a way so as to favor collective gain over personal benefits.

They are extremely compassionate and considerate souls that will never let their personal goals surpass the much higher values of humanity and compassion.

They are also optimists who hold a sense of hope and aspirations for the future. Not for themselves alone but for humanity as a whole.

They know the impact of their efforts and the fact that the right use of the principles of science and technology can help humanity evolve and progress in the right way.

The Aquarius Rising Individual’s View of Life

The Aquarius Rising is a mysterious sign indeed. Such individuals have the gift of being able to see the larger picture by taking a step back and looking at life from the broader perspective.

This also gives them an objective insight into the world and the way it functions. Often, we tend to get lost in the details and fail to see the big picture.

Those with the Aquarius Rising sign should particularly try to develop this trait and strive to see things from a different perspective. Believe in surprises coming your way with this approach!

If you feel you are surrounded by issues from all sides, as is often the case in your chaotic lives, where things happen all of a sudden, leaving us no time to introspect and think about them from a different angle, just take a step back and observe things objectively from the logical perspective with which you are blessed. You will find your issues dissolving in no time.

Aquarius Rising individuals have an excellent understanding of social and group dynamics and will often remain detached from situations, allowing them to see things in a multi-dimensional way which others might often fail to perceive.

This enables them to mix well with people, share ideas, and collaborate. They tend to understand the society well and will make friends with individuals of varying personality traits.

They get along well with everyone. No wonder Aquarius Rising is called the sign of the collective.

In fact, Aquarius Rising Signs can be often found working in large organizations that constitute a number of people all working towards a humanitarian goal.

These are great humanitarians at heart themselves, after all, born with a mission to change the world, helping to make it a better place.

Aquarius Rising signs make for amazing talents in the telecommunications, radio, and TV industries.

They are often drawn to scientific endeavors and might be interested in humanitarianism or politics as well.

Whatever field they choose, striving to improve the lives of people will always be their primary motive.

They are known to foster scientific innovation and pioneer advances in science, healthcare, and technology.

Aquarius Rising Signs Must Understand Their Emotions Well

An Ascendant in Aquarius makes one a very passionate and emotional being. It is important to cherish yourself and remember what makes you truly unique.

You are unmatched in your persona and will never be replicated. Honor yourself! Aquarius Rising Signs might get too rational at times.

They might relegate emotional attributes to the lesser beings and detach themselves completely from situations in order to avoid facing these emotional weaknesses.

However, remember that emotions make us humans and that it is okay to experience emotions surfacing within yourself. There’s no need to shoo them away!

You might not be comfortable with emotional extremes but it is important to value your spirit, emotions, and enthusiasm which is the source of your evolution.

It is easy to dismiss these as the cause of the embarrassing situations they might bring in but remember these very emotions and enthusiasms also make you unique.

Understand the true nature of the human emotion as well as the attributes that make a healthy society and community.

Aquarius Rising signs will find the greatest joys when they find the love that lies hidden beneath the emotional behaviors.

You are gifted with the ability to recognize this love and direct it towards collective benefit.

Try to see things from an emotional perspective and appreciate the emotions in yourself and in others.

It is in your nature to isolate yourself from the world from time to time but allowing emotion and passion to overflow can let you enjoy your human traits.

Aquarius Rising Signs Are Rebels Who Challenge The Orthodox

Aquarius Rising individuals uphold the ideals of justice, equality, and liberty for everyone. They are very socially active and are very idealistic.

Although the combination of idealism and practicality is rare, these individuals are the perfect embodiment of both these virtues.

They uphold their idealistic principles while also being very practical with the way these implement them in their day-to-day dealings with the others.

They might come off as rebellious individuals and are revolutionaries in every sense of the word. They are the ones who come up with groundbreaking ideas being aware of the limitless possibilities the future holds.

It is as if they are prophesized to make future probabilistic waves catalyze into real events in the present moment.

No wonder then that the society might subject them to its usual atrocities when it fails to pour and shape their personas in the usual, traditional molds that make the others.

They are perceived as the unorthodox ones who have to sing to their own tunes.

In fact, this doesn’t bother our Aquarius Rising who anyway considers herself an outcast who will never fit into the framework of the orthodox society.

A Day In The Life of The Aquarius Rising Sign

The Aquarius Rising sign has the planet Uranus as its chart ruler. This is the planet of innovation and progress which makes these highly innovative and humanitarian individuals.

It is important to empower your Uranus since the planet can have both a positive and negative effect on their charts.

Uranus is notorious for being a very unpredictable planet that can bring about all sorts of unexpected events in our lives.

Physically, such individuals are often tall and will have that particular form of asymmetry somewhere in their body language or in their physical bodies.

Consequently, they are often perceived as different from the rest of the world. They possess a fair complexion and are handsome individuals with a strong physique.

Such individuals have a large neck face. They will either sport a sober hairstyle or one that is extremely unusual!

These individuals are multi-faceted and are many different worlds rolled into one. They have unpredictable communication patterns and will often choose technology as a medium of communication.

They often tend to get inspired by social causes. They will often join groups or form these themselves— groups that will strive for community betterment and social issues.

Aquarius Rising individuals see a potential in everything they come across and know no borders at all. Everything is a challenge that can be successfully overcome.

They do not believe in stereotypes at all and will design their own purpose and path in life. Often, they die their hear in funny colors and wear clothes that challenge fashion trends.

You know what, they are just rebelling. They are showing their non-conformity to the societal trends.  Stability is a strict no-no.

If anything involves a degree of risk, it will naturally attract the Aquarius Rising. The greater the risk, the greater the attraction and temptation.

Eventually, what the Aquarius Rising establishes will become the new trend, the new norm. Sooner or later, the society will follow them.

These individuals like to taste the future and lead the way. They take life in a fun way and are not known to have a serious approach to life.

So strong-willed are these rebels that they will often feel better when they have sparked chaos!

While Aquarius Rising signs prefer to call themselves part of a larger whole— a part of the bigger machinery or group with several individuals.

While this collective approach can be highly fulfilling, these individuals are often too innocent to see through the selfish aims of certain groups that are dominated by a handful of individuals higher in the hierarchy.

If you consider yourself a part of a group, ensure that the group is instilled with harmony and that the decisions are all made as a collective effort rather than being the result of a centralized process.

They are completely against social discrimination and will strive to either join a group with a harmonious co-existence of non-discriminating individuals or create one themselves.

The Aquarius Rising Personality & Relationships

The Aquarius Rising individuals resemble Aquarians in more ways than one. In fact, the two will often compete towards the same goals when placed in a group.

The social butterflies that they are, they love to interact with people from all walks of life and will exchange ideas and thoughts.

They are really social reformers and will do anything it takes to change the society and remove its shortcomings.

These are deeply philosophical individuals who will reform just about everything. They are inventive and pioneer change. They are also highly sympathetic individuals.

They possess a strong sense of intuition, being intellectual geniuses, which gifts them with great ideas. If you are an Aquarius Rising sign, you will love to regulate your own life at your own terms.

In fact, not just your own life but of the others as well!  You are highly focused to pursue your goals and will not back off under any circumstances.

People will often be impressed with their talents— they will be very popular individuals. They focus a lot of attention on their families and relationships since they regard these as their vital support systems.

They will prefer partners who radiate a lot of self-confidence and passion. If you are an Aquarius Rising sign, you will prefer an educated and intelligent partner.

You will be very peace-loving and will cherish the same qualities in your partner too. While they are deeply social beings, they often seek solitude being fearful of maintaining long-lasting relationships.

In fact, maintaining relationships can be quite a challenge even though they greatly value and derive inspiration and support from them.

They will be very faithful and patient individuals who have a sophisticated nature. They love art, music, literature, and nature. Not to mention, they have an excellent memory!

If there is one defining quote for the Aquarius Rising, they love to learn, be it any field. Consequently, they are highly learned, curious individuals.

They will be particularly interested in all things radical and different: occult subjects interest them well.

They are anything but selfish: very friendly individuals who are always there for you. They will not be comfortable around people who tend to ignore details and make faults often.

My Final Thoughts

Aquarius Rising signs are exceptionally gifted individuals. They are born geniuses and will object to anything that does not conform with their beliefs and ideals.

They are social reformers and are humanitarians who wish to make the lives of people better everywhere. Science and technology are particular interests as are the arts, music, and literature.

If you are an Aquarius Rising individual, you will be firm with your decisions. You will always appear to be half-smiling and will have a great interest in scientific advancements.

You will be a natural leader who gets along well with just about everyone. It is in your nature to work well in large groups with a shared autonomy.

You challenge orthodox ideas and lead the way when it comes to transforming the society. In relationships, you tend to be very faithful and passionate and these are the very attributes you are looking for in an ideal partner.

Your partner will be someone who is curious and values his/her freedom. You believe in living and letting others live.

Aquarius Rising individuals are often stubborn and can isolate themselves from the world at times. Emotional outbursts are looked down upon even though you are really an emotional soul yourself.

You are gifted with the power of intuition and intellect which you tend to use well for the benefit of humanity. In fact, the world owes so much to this community of individuals!

You are strong-willed, focused, and determined. Your eyes sparkle with your indomitable spirit and vision.

Radical in your approach, you will leave no stone unturned to help humanity progress on the path of evolution and fulfillment.

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