Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius brings the more visible and vocal of the Water-Barer to the party. Your Sign is a Fixed Air Sign, meaning that you are a thinker, and a hard one to sway.

Your symbol, the Water-Bearer is masculine, yet your Ruling Planet, Saturn, is neutral in gender. Uranus is a co-Ruling Planet, which adds to your progressive nature of thinking.

Venus in Aquarius Traits

Venus, the Planet of Love and attachments, allows you to be most aware of how you are treating your heart and the heart of your loved ones.

Your Aquarian nature usually sees humanity as a whole, which can sometimes leave those closest to you feeling a bit unimportant.

Take the time Venus is in Aquarius as your time to celebrate those who are most meaningful to you, and you will find love and fulfillment.

You may feel misunderstood by many, which you try not to take personally. Because of your very broad perspective on life, you tend to treat people without bias or prejudice.

You show love to all you encounter—even making efforts to be civil with your rivals.

You may not appear to be the most polished professional, but when you take a task to hand, you complete it better than anyone else could even attempt to.

Venus in Aquarius Women

Women with Venus in Aquarius are amazingly charismatic and outgoing communicators.

You love speaking with others in your life, speaking on large topics, and posing questions that search for truth and balance in all things.

You are not a wallflower, but rather like to be social and aware of the needs of those around you. You are generous and adept at visualizing long-term goals and love to help others.

You have a huge heart for others, Aquarius, as your Sign is the master of friendships and universal sharing.

You may tend to date friends, or at the very least want to become friends with a person before you can decide if they would make a good partner or not.

This careful consideration can seem cold, calculating, and/or detached at times. This is both a strength and weakness.

You seek universal truth and balance, so although you are a passionate rebel on the world-scale, on the relationship-scale you strive to be fair and partial, as well.

You are stimulated by someone’s mind, as much as their body, and you would benefit from finding a partner who understands your convictions and shares your hopes for the future.

Venus in Aquarius Men

Men with Venus in Aquarius are loyal, once committed. Likewise, if you break this Fixed Air Sign’s heart, he will be done with you for good.

He might seem a bit moodier than other Signs, but he is reliable and does not let personal emotions detract from his efforts towards the greater good.

Because he is Ruled by Saturn and Uranus, he demonstrates a very attractive work ethic, and also a passionate and progressive way of thinking.

This man may not be the most handsome man in the room, but you find him the hottest because of his mind. He can intoxicate you with his words and questions.

You are spellbound by his intellect and intrigue in learning about other people, a higher power, and how the universe works.

Even though you may be tempted to ask for more attention, do not cling to this man. He will be turned off by a partner who does not respect his need for space, alone time, and room to grow as an individual.

This man cannot be tamed or controlled, nor should anyone try to do so. He needs a smart, quick-witted partner, who is willing to take risks, ask tough questions, and enjoy healthy debates, without feeling threatened.

Venus and Aquarius in Love

Your best prospects for love are with a partner who allows you to have a freedom to be social, to want isolation, to put others first, and to question.

To find love and fulfillment, you would benefit from first finding a partner who supports how you search for those things.

Your worst prospects in love are with a partner who is too fixed in their own thinking to help stimulate the growth you desire.

A Taurus may be so stubborn that you are left frustrated. Your Airy and rebellious nature will not benefit from being around a similarly stubborn Virgo, who may be too demanding of perfection for you.

A Cancer will try to nurture you but may stifle your creativity. This person likes to be comfortable, whereas you almost like to be uncomfortable—because you never want to settle for less than your potential.

They might mean well, but this person could hold you back from social interactions and new ideas that are actually essential to your individual happiness.

Dates for Venus in Aquarius

Venus entered Aquarius on December 7, 2016. In 2017, Venus will just miss the New Year’s deadline for a visit. Venus will enter Aquarius again on January 17, in 2018.

7 Little-Known Facts About Venus in Aquarius

At the point of Venus entering into Aquarius, it will often be the case that the impact it has on your life cannot be ignored any longer.

That being said, understanding different facts that surround this combination does make it easier for you to become aware of how it can influence your life and know what to be looking out for.

1. You become aware of matters of the heart.

As Venus comes into Aquarius, you are going to also become more aware of matters of the heart.

This can apply when you are looking at how others are treating you as well as the other way around, and you need to then take stock of what is happening in your life and if there are any changes that need to be made.

2. Celebrate having meaningful people in your life.

There is also a need for you to celebrate having meaningful people in your life and to make sure that they know how much they are loved and cared about.

You cannot just ignore them or believe that they will be there all of the time as that is not the case, but there can be so much happiness by just having the correct people around you.

3. You may feel a stronger sense of being misunderstood.

There can be a chance of you feeling as if you are being misunderstood in your life, and that is not going to be a positive feeling for you.

However, you just want to have the opportunity to tell people how you really feel and you have the very real confidence to do just that.

4. You are charismatic and wonderful at communicating.

As a woman with Venus in Aquarius, there is also a real sense of you being rather charismatic and a good communicator.

That means people are drawn to you, and you then know what to say at the most opportune moment, which is certainly not a negative trait for you to have in life.

5. You need to be sociable.

As Venus moves into the equation, you feel that you just cannot stand on the sidelines or blend into the background.

Instead, you have to be rather sociable with what you are doing in life and even though you might not want to be the life and soul of the party, there is a clear need for people to be aware that you exist in the first place.

6. The man is very loyal.

If the man is committed to something, then you will find that Venus has the power to make them exceptionally loyal at all times.

This applies no matter what temptation may be put in front of them as they have the ability to ignore it and stay focused.

7. They are passionate and have a good work ethic.

Finally, these individuals are also very passionate about things and they have a strong work ethic alongside everything else.

They take action on things that they care about and you will be able to rely on them as much as possible.

Venus in this sense is going to be a wonderful, strong tool that is going to enhance the normal power of Aquarius.

Allow it to happen because there is no doubt that your life will be better for it in the end.

Final Thoughts

You are a giver, with a lot of heart and a lot of intellect. People may think of you as a dreamer, with your Airy mind in the clouds.

However, you can be pragmatic and practical. You can also be romantic and focused, especially when Venus is in Aquarius.

You are unique and rebellious, intuitive and inquisitive, higher-minded and very worldly (and beautifully other-worldly!), in your perspective.

You are not a judgmental person, so you are hurt by those who try to label you too quickly. You find love and fulfillment by adding to your social circle, school, and/or community.

Do not forget to nurture you one-on-one relationships with loved ones, especially your significant other.

With Venus in Aquarius, you will instinctively know what your partner needs, and you will accommodate their needs in a beautifully personal way.

You will find love and fulfillment if you can apply the attitude all year that you—the attitude you discover with Venus in Aquarius.

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