Aquarius and Aries Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Aquarius and Aries Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Aquarius and Aries make for one of the most intriguing matches in the zodiac.

You might say that brains meet brawn when high-minded Aquarius interacts with the racy warrior spirit of Aries, but things are seldom so straightforward when it comes to astrology.

Aquarius comes from the element of air, and Aries from the element of fire – it’s clear to see how one feeds the other.

However, by taking a deeper look at the dynamics in play, you’ll come to see how a relationship can work between two spontaneous souls, one of whom uses a fast-moving mind, and the other of whom charges at life on gut feelings.

Take a look at this insight into Aquarius and Aries compatibility – the definitive guide to these star signs in love and friendship alike.

Aquarius and Aries compatibility overview

Science teaches us that flames are fed by oxygen, so having a fire sign like Aries in love with an air sign like Aquarius makes a lot of sense on many levels.

This is a high energy partnership, and Aquarius and Aries both enjoy seeing the lighter side of life.

Laughter, jokes, positivity and looking to the future all appeal to both the Aquarius and Aries individual alike, making for a great deal of common ground with which to get the ball rolling.

It’s likely such a couple would meet at a party or other high energy event, where the good times are flowing and the spirit of adventure is keenly felt.

Both Aries and Aquarius are born to break the status quo.

Where others look to toe the line, to stick with convention and to never even consciously question their surroundings, both enquiring Aquarius and feisty Aries arrive to ask why things have to be the way they are.

Yet while Aries succeeds in overturning tired conventions and tropes through blazing a trail all their own, Aquarius brings logic, ideas and creative brilliance to the masses, so as to encourage the discussions that will enable people to form their own ideas.

Aquarius is represented in traditional astrology by the water bearer – someone carrying something alone that is of great nourishing value to his or her community.

Aries, meanwhile, is represented by the ram – a plucky, hard-headed creature who nonetheless seeks to protect their flock.

United in this altruism by differing means, then, means that Aquarius and Aries have the potential to be a couple whose togetherness benefits those around them.

There are hurdles in themselves and one another to overcome in order to make this work, however – but we’ll get to those shortly.

Matches between the Aquarius woman and Aries man

The Aquarius woman has no time for gender conventions or traditional role models.

Whatever conventional fashion dictates is this season’s look can go elsewhere for someone to boss around as far as she’s concerned, too – she dresses how she chooses, often outlandishly without realising.

Aquarius people aren’t here to blend in with the crowd, because to do so robs them of the unique perspective they have, and with that, the capacity to find new ideas and bring them to the fore for discussion and implementation in society.

This makes her tremendously unique, fun to be around, brimming with humour and ideas, but also remarkably appealing to the Aries man.

He’s ruled by planet Mars in traditional astrology, the planet of war and warrior spirit. Indeed, he sees life as a battlefield, and the Aquarius woman as a delicious conquest.

Aries gets what he wants by burning red hot, showing off and racing ahead to be the first to the new frontiers of life.

Yet this rapid and direct approach could well put the Aquarius woman off – she’s used to a softly-softly approach, and doesn’t wear her heart anywhere near her sleeve, unlike the Aries man.

He’ll find it hard to relate to her unclear intentions, which aren’t done to spite him.

The Aquarius lady will need to warm to Aries in her own time, then, but when she does so, will find a wealth of warmth and compassion in him.

The Aries man will prove a passionate and protective lover, to such an extent that the Aquarius lady might need to rethink her inner boundaries and communicate those to him before he cheerily runs roughshod all over them,

However, the need to be an individual should be well met in the Aries man, allowing the Aquarius woman the chance to pursue her own friends, career, hobbies and other goals.

While intense, the Aries man is never cloying, and in fact has plenty of his own fiery independence to assert too.

The good points:

• Passionate Aries will never leave you longing for love or physical intimacy
• His confidence and motivation can’t help but be attractive
• His fast wit and tremendous love of fun means you’re never bored
• He knows what he wants and how to get it, giving you the space you need

The bad points:

• Subtlety is not his strong point – he’ll not so much court you as pounce
• He’s stubborn and will find it very difficult to admit when he’s at fault
• The Aries man is a ladies’ man, often flirting without intending to – be careful!
• Aries men put themselves first without thinking, which can feel selfish

Matches between the Aquarius man and Aries woman

The Aquarius man enjoys a mind of fleeting ideas and rapidly moving thoughts, many of which inspire him to pursue hobbies and interests that teach him how to make the lives of those close to him better.

He enjoys a calm life wherever possible, and one of good times with firm friends, which can make the arrival of the larger than life Aries woman quite the shock to the system.

This can often prove the startling shift he needs though, showing him the pleasures of life don’t always need to be so esoteric.

Aquarius males let their emotions mature slowly, often not letting feelings for people surface or even become conscious for far longer than they often realise.

The Aries woman, meanwhile, has her emotions right there on her expression for all to see. No secrets, no hidden agendas – it’s refreshing, but so alien to the Aquarius male modus operandi it almost seems scary.

Likewise, if the Aries female is interested in the Aquarius male, she’s not going to make any secrets about it.

It may well be the cool and sometimes aloof character of the Aquarius male that first enticed her in the first place – yet it also makes his feelings for her unfathomable, and that’s something she loses patience with fast.

In order to capture the heart of an Aries woman, the Aquarius will need to adopt a kind of directness he’d seldom otherwise employ.

There’s plenty to be said for the match once the relationship is secured though, with his rational mind tempering her talents for seething out into the world on a whim, sometimes stirring up trouble as she goes.

With the Aquarius man as the strategist and the Aries woman as the field agent of sorts, getting out into the world to get things done, the Aquarius and Aries dream team can prove a force to be reckoned with.

His detached outlook won’t always mesh with her zeal, but they’ll both give each other plenty of space, and the Aries woman will prove a sensual and physically pleasing lover.

The good points:

• She’s direct and forthright – no secrets or mind games here
• She’s a very physical and flirtatious person who won’t shy away from naughtiness
• Her passion and enthusiasm will mean she’s protective of her man’s ideas
• An Aquarius man and an Aries woman never run short of fun and good humour

The bad points:

• The Aries woman is impulsive, meaning the Aquarius man might need to play mediator
• She lacks the long-term view the Aquarius man has, and wants things immediately
• The Aries woman sees herself first in all things, needing a lot of attention
• Impulsive tempers can flare in her, which the Aquarius man will find uncomfortable

Aquarius and Aries friendship compatibility

Put the rational Aquarius individual in with the hot-headed and impetuous Aries person, and you may well be looking at the kind of friendship dynamic seen in classic fiction – think Spock and Kirk from Star Trek.

Reasoned, thoughtful Aquarius tries to temper the urge to run forth and conquer in brash, loveable Aries, creating friction but ultimately forming a team that has both the passion and the rationale to overcome any of life’s challenges.

Without deep and romantic emotional attachments, Aquarius and Aries friendships often work out remarkably well.

Both star signs have a keen way of attracting new experiences and ideas, and certainly the positive outlook and energy to get involved in such activities without shyness or hesitation.

Aquarius and Aries rapidly establish themselves as drinking buddies, gym fans that encourage each other to push harder, or confidants who guide one another though both good times and bad.

Together, they have an unstoppable appreciation for all that’s good in life – and while some might say they’ve got their heads in the sand about the bad things in life as a result, these two are having far too much fun to notice.

The Aquarius individual can bring a form of higher insight to the Aries person, giving them some of the great secrets of the universe that Aquarius people are so subconsciously plugged into.

Aries will lap up these new and solid strategies for forging ahead in life’s great battlefield and share their own tactics in kind, helping Aquarius folks live in the moment and not get so caught up in their heads.

The Aries need for independence and the Aquarius love of doing life their own way without interruption mean these can swiftly become the kinds of friends who go months without seeing one another, but fortunately come off no worse for doing so.

Instead, these reunions become intense, galvanising sessions of debate and uproarious laughter, as each brings what they’ve experienced and learned to the table to chew over and discuss together.

Truly, though they come from different walks of life, Aquarius and Aries have superb potential in forming a friendship able to withstand even the most intense of life’s challenges – and to do so smiling all the while.

Aquarius and Aries marriage compatibility

Seeing these flighty, fiery star signs settle down can seem an almost impossible task to many observers, but neither Aquarius or Aries care for that kind of idle gossip.

People can and will talk, and they’re quite content to do life their own way.

One thing that Aries learns fast about what to expect when dating an Aquarius is that the relationship is just one of the priorities these people have.

Aquarius is a star sign that favours equality between all people, but also all things – including their own priorities in life.

That means that the relationship is on equal footing with the Aquarius person’s goals, career, independence and friendship circle, and so it remains into marriage.

Passionate Aries, urgent to consummate their love often and with tremendous enthusiasm, can find this kind of detached dishing out of attention equally to each area of life as almost mechanical and uninvolved.

In truth, the Aquarius individual is wholly devoted to their spouse, but nonetheless has a perhaps unconscious disassociation with marriage.

The ceremony is steeped with traditions, they reason, and the end result could prove stifling and ultimately unfulfilling.

Unorthodox to the very end, the Aquarius will seem sometimes to barely participate in the marriage, or at worst seem to act as though they were unmarried altogether.

This doesn’t necessarily mean straying, but rather planning life as an individual without checking in with the Aries, who is far too incensed by such things to realise her or she is likely doing likewise without realising too.

Luckily, this spells plenty of independence for both partners, providing that doesn’t drive a wedge between the two or cause the infamously flirty eyes of Aries to wander.

That’s especially true if the wide social circle of Aquarius has left little time for lavishing attention on Aries – something they crave, and may source elsewhere if they find it lacking.

Both partners are easily bored, easily distracted and stubborn in the belief that it’s their way or the highway.

By avoiding these tensions though, and dealing with them rationally, Aquarius and Aries can find a nourishing marriage that goes the distance together.

It’s all about using their mutual love of newness and outlandish antics to make an exciting partnership that can change the world.

Aquarius and Aries: Common issues and problems

While Aquarius and Aries have plenty going from them, the flair for the dramatic seen in the Aries, coupled with a selfish streak they never mean any harm in having, can often rub peaceful, egalitarian Aquarius the wrong way.

Aquarius cannot stand the notion of bluster and making mountains out of molehills, yet with Aries, everything in life must be immediate, loud, proud and intense.

The very thought of that and the energy and emotional expenditure involved strikes laid back Aquarius as deeply exhausting and impractical.

While sensible time apart balanced with togetherness to form ideas and strategies together makes for a fun and winning combination, over the longer term, these differences in character ought to be taken into consideration in making an Aquarius and Aries relationship last.

One uncomfortable truth about both Aries and Aquarius is that these are highly sociable star signs who often hold great appeal to those of their preferred gender.

That, coupled with each having almost an addiction to the excitement of newness, could threaten eyes wandering when the relationship is enduring some tough times.

Aries is far more prone to jealousy and emotionally lashing out than Aquarius, but paradoxically also more likely to act in the moment in a way that’ll later inspire regret.

This paints a stark picture, but don’t be afraid. There’s so much going for the Aquarius and Aries match that the union is likely to be far from the standard, humdrum nights in watching TV in silence both Aries and Aquarius secretly fear it to become.

Commitment doesn’t mean a loss of self, neither becoming boring or losing sight of the vast horizon that Aquarius and Aries both so love.

At first, they might try to have their cake and eat it, Aries especially committing to the relationship while letting the gaze flit elsewhere at other potential mates, thinking themselves innocent in doing so.

Yet once these two learn that they can be in love and still be themselves, if only they respect a few ground rules, there’s every reason for the personalities of Aquarius and Aries to complement one another beautifully.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

Aquarius and Aries, according to their ancient symbols in astrology, have all the potential to get along they need.

The dependable ram is a protective animal, determined and resolute, and imbued by the warrior spirit of its ruling Mars.

Aquarius, meanwhile, is the noble water bearer, carrying that which nourishes and gives life to the masses.

The ruling planets of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus, which speak of self-discipline and connection to the wider consciousness of the human race respectively.

The difference between these lofty thoughts and the thrill of battle and competition seen in Aries are as night and day.

Yet these two-star signs share a positive and cheery outlook on life and an inexhaustible amount of energy to put their plans into action.

Both have thoughts that move fast, quick wits to get them out of (and into) trouble, and charming appearances that bless hem with wide and admiring social circles each.

The biggest obstacle to harmony in an Aquarius and Aries relationship, then, rests in the sense of detachment and emotional control seen in the individual blessed with the Aquarius star sign.

This can come off as cool and uninterested to the Aries individual, and while it adds to the thrill of their chase at first, in the longer term they can feel uneasy about it, as though the Aquarius partner just doesn’t care.

Add to this the fact that the Aquarius person often has a wealth of things to do and people to see, but only a finite amount of time to fit it all into, and the Aries partner can feel like being with them simply isn’t a priority.

Aries wants to feel appreciated and noticed, yet to constantly be telling them how important they are is, to the Aquarius, exhausting.

However, if these barriers are overcome, what is found here is one of the rare astrological matches between Aquarius and Aries – that is to say, where harmony and togetherness can find an even balance with alone time and pursuit of self-improvement.

If Aries can overcome the false idea that Aquarian attachment is a sign of Aquarian disinterest, what he or she will instead find is ample freedom to blaze the trail they so long to do.

In other, more stifling relationships, Aries often feels smothered and unable to do just this.

Likewise, Aquarius can confidently scatter his or her time among the self, the social circle, the career and the relationship, enjoying the equality and the opportunity to gather fresh ideas for life’s big journey.

When the pair converge again, as they often will, they’ll each be brimming with new stories and ideas from their individual adventures, and come out stronger for it in the long term.

This is a match requiring tolerance and patience, yet one that gives the kind of freedom seldom seen in conventional relationships, making it definitely worth putting in the work.

Aquarius and Aries compatibility score – 7/10

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