Aries Woman Personality and Characteristics

Aries Woman Personality and Characteristics

Aries woman personality

Many people have asked me to write a follow up piece to my personality profile of the Aries Male with a special report that looks specifically at the key traits and characteristics of the Aries woman.

If you are an Aries woman this special report will help you understand the positive and negative traits of your personality. Once you understand these characteristics you will be able to adjust your approach to life and ensure that you achieve maximum happiness and fulfilment in the months ahead.

3 Characteristics and Traits of Aries Women

In my experience there are three key characteristics and traits that are common to almost all Aries women. No matter what walk of life you come from as a woman born under Aries you will find that you share these key traits with any other Aries woman you meet –

Aries Women are Independent

Unlike other female personality types (such as Virgo women profiles) Aries women personalities are strongly independent. You value your independence above all other aspects of your life and it is a sign to others that you are a strong and independent woman. This is an extremely positive trait of almost all Aries women. The rise of Mars in Aries will strengthen your sense of independence even more and you will feel like you can take on any challenges that come your way.

Aries Women can be Stubborn

Another common trait of Aries women is the stubbornness that seems to dominate the Aries personality. As a sign of the Ram, Aries men and women are generally very stubborn individuals. When it comes to changing your mind about something you will often be the last person in the room to make the change. Once an Aries woman has something fixed in her mind there is often little anyone can do to change this. This is one of the key Aries woman traits.

My advice to Aries women is to be a little more open minded. Listening to others and being receptive to their thoughts and opinions doesn’t make you weak. Quite the opposite in fact – being able to change and adapt to new circumstances is a very positive trait and one which Aries women would do well to embrace.

If Aries women are looking for love and romance then becoming open minded is essential for the year ahead.

Keep reading to discover one of the best traits of the Aries woman..

Aries Women are Survivors

In all my years studying the Aries Zodiac Sign one common Aries character trait has emerged across all the personality profiles I have completed. Aries women personality types are great survivors. Life seems to be particularly hard when it comes to presenting challenging times to the Aries woman.

Financial problems and even romantic problems (especially when it comes to the Aries woman Love life), tend to dominate the Aries woman, more perhaps than any other sign of the Zodiac.

However it has been my experience that the Aries woman personality has developed to cope with these challenges in life and developed key characteristics that make the Aries woman a true survivor. Women born under Aries have a great deal of grit and determination these traits help them survive even the most challenging of times.

If you are an Aries woman have you had to deal with challenges? How have you coped?

I love to hear feedback on my reports so if you have faced challenging times in the last year or if you have questions just leave a comment at the end of this report and I will do my best to answer your questions.

Negative Traits and Characteristics of the Aries Woman

When people ask me what the negative traits and characteristics of the Aries woman are this is the list of negative traits that I describe –

  • Aries women can be argumentative. Even when everything seems to be fine and going to plan the Aries female can find something to cause an argument about. This is incredibly irritating and something that all Aries women need to work hard on. Sometimes silence really is golden!
  • Female Aries signs can come across as being aggressive. Other people can mistake the Aries woman as being overly aggressive. This is unfortunate and often quite unfair for the Aries woman to be judged in such a way.
  • The Aries woman can seem to be sarcastic to others. Sometimes an Aries woman’s sense of humour will be a little too sharp for others around her and she will be viewed as being “bitch” or sarcastic. Aries women should try to tone down the more extreme side of their personalities. Think before you speak is my advice to all Aries women!
  • Aries women are impulsive and naturally impatient.This is no bad thing when it comes to getting things done, after all what is the point of talking about doing something instead of just doing it! This is an admirable trait in my opinion but to other star signs (such as Gemini and Libra) the inner driver of the Aries woman to get things done quickly will come across as being impulsive and too impatient.

Now that we have discussed the negative traits of the Aries woman find out what the most positive traits of the Aries woman are on the next page…

Positive Characteristics of the Aries Woman

There are many positive Aries character traits. The Aries female is a strong leader and in situations which need a great deal of courage or determination it is hard to think of another person you would want to help you fight your battles.

Here are my top 3 positive traits of the Aries woman personality –

  • Aries women are loyal to a fault. No matter what happens to you or around you in life, you can count on an Aries woman to stand by you. She makes a great friend in times of need and will stick with you through good times and bad. This loyalty is rewarded by the good luck that most Aries signs are blessed with. (See my report on Aries Lucky Numbers)
  • Aries woman always look for the good. When things seem hopeless or a cause is lost you can count on the Aries woman to look on the bright side and bring light to the darkness. It is the natural character of the Aries woman to want to cheer people up and help lighten the mood in times of crisis.
  • Strong leaders. The negative trait of the Aries woman’s personality which some people will see as aggression is also one of the key positive traits of the Aries female profile. Aries women make for great leaders and they will naturally rise to the top to become leaders in the workplace. Just remember that being a leader and being aggressive are two very different things and what should be a positive trait for Aries women can also very quickly become a negative trait too!

Aries Women Personalities and Compatibility

Such a strong set of traits and characteristics means that not everyone is going to like the Aries woman personality type, and often Aries compatibility can be a difficult issue.

That’s ok, after all if we try and please everyone we actually end up pleasing no one.aries woman

When it comes to other signs of the Zodiac which are a good match in terms of compatibility for an Aries relationship, love and romance I believe that the only star sign which really handle the Aries woman is Leo.

Like the Aries woman personality type, Leo signs are strong and independent too. Very often they will refuse to give in and share many of the stubborn aspects of the Aries woman’s traits. While most people think this would make Aries and Leo a match made in hell it is actually the exact opposite.

In my experience Leo is the only sign of the Zodiac who is strong enough to stand up to the Aries woman. Other signs just seem to get overwhelmed by the Aries woman and crumble under the pressure of trying to keep up with her.

Leo men on the other hand are equally as independent as Aries women and will actually challenge the Aries to change her ways. Other signs when matched with Aries (such as the match between the Aries woman and Scorpio man) will become intimidated and look for an escape route out of a relationship with an Aries woman.

You can read my full report on the Aries woman and Leo man compatibility here.

Continue on to the next page where I reveal my final (and biggest tip) for all Aries woman… 

My Tip for Aries Women Personality Types

To conclude this special personality profile I want to speak directly to my female Aries readers. Let me give you this final piece of advice that is specific to you as an Aries woman –

Learn to relax

Life as a woman born under Aries is hectic, I understand that I really do. However if I could give all Aries women one piece of advice it would be to take a step back and relax a little. Your personality means that you are always rushing from one thing to the next without ever really taking any time out to enjoy life. You must take more time to relax Aries.

Not only will this help you feel happier it will also help calm some of the more extreme traits and characteristics of the Aries women’s personality such as aggression and sarcasm.

34 replies on “Aries Woman Personality and Characteristics”

I am well read regarding aries traits, however your article is to the point and DEAD ON. Thanks for your effort!

Jodie Harwood-johnson said on

Im an aries woman. Your right on about us my boyfriend is a libra and ive never felt this kinda happiness before. I try so hard for him …he does the same for me. He keeps me calm and i give the push he needs at times i was born 4/7/75 my boyfriend was born 10/5/75 thanku for sharing

shveta thakur said on

How is compatibility between Aries grl and Taurus male??

I am an Aries woman and I definitly think this article is spot on. I am 26 and I have found that I am having difficulties keeping a relationship going. Is it the bold or intimidating personality???? Are we just too much to handle! I also am a natural redhead and that doesn’t help either!!! How do I tone down my personality without changing who I am as a person?

I was married to a leo man for 20 years. Divorced now but have since learned the only man strong enough for an aries lady IS a leo. We where seen as the perfect couple. Everybody looked up to us. Disillusioned a few.
Loved my scorpio boyfriend with a Capricorn mars but even he was too intimidated. I seem to attract Libra men but they are looking for a fairy tale princess.
I am 47 years old now. To all you young aries ladies out there…..with maturity comes wisdom……you will be fierce.

So I’m seeing 2 women and they are both Aries and this is right on the money! I’m a Scorpio, so it’s been a fiery relationship Thank you!

Donni DiLorenzo said on

If I relaxed nothing would get done.

sweetlorraine72. said on

Hello, I’m a 49 (this Friday) year old Aries female and your information about the financial and romantic challenges are spot on. I haven’t been a real serious relationship since my 20’s and every man I’ve met since then doesn’t seem to want anything serious with me! I am fiercely independent and I happen to look very young. I guess those traits can be intimidating and these guys just don’t really know what to do with me. It can get lonely sometimes but I’ve learned to just keep doing my own thing and forge ahead because I still feel like I’m 16 and I have a long life in front of me. Being that independent woman means I don’t like being micro managed so I have to work for myself. Money has never come easy to me but I never say die. I’m optimistic that even at my age, there is still something out there for me and I will keep striving to obtain it. I can’t say that I’m always happy and cheerful because these challenges do take their toll on me, but I just can’t sit here and do nothing about it. So I just keep on going…Determined Ram.

This whole script on Aries was very true…I have been single 3 years it seemed every man I met was easily intimidated by men but I really didn’t understand why..But I do now I’m very independent beautiful an come with a lot..But my Leo man I kep saying where is my knight an shining armour . I met a Leo who drives me crazy sexually emotionally an we compliment each other it’s like we demand attention when we are out he is my king . I’m very aggressive an dominant Aries but I’m so submissive to my Leo out of all the signs he was what I needed love u LEO

Jess Flannagan said on

Most things you say are very much true but the one thing I find different with me and this may just be the way I was raised im not sure but I clash with all Leo men they cant Handel my directness and tend to shut me out which doesn’t bother me as I see them as weak men anyway but in saying that I have found that I get along great with most Aries females we are so much alike and really enjoy each others company but not long term as we tend to talk to much about what should be right and how we know it all lol. Iv had my fear share of partners in my life and none of them handled my arrogant view and alot have been all types of signs until I meet my partner he is a Gemini and even though he is hard work himself he has put up with all my fury lol as have I with his we have been together 10 years and I really liked how you said Aries should be open minded as in the last 5 years he has taught me that and it really has helped our relationship to be where it is today hes my best friend my hole world and I couldn’t imagine him not in my life although there are times when we both have to go to the other room so the ram doesn’t destroy the twins lol 90% of our time we just love been together even after all these years id rather be at home with him then be out with my friends or even if I was to be offered a once in a life time trip by my self in utter bliss and pampering I wouldn’t take it id rather sit at home and chill with him. Iv also taught him alot over the years as geminis are very arrogant and basicly full of shit hahaha but once they know they cant fool you they are the most loyal caring people and even with all my constant demands hes the only one who’s ever really put up with every thing my personality has throwen at him. Thumbs up to a open minded aries and a arrogant Gemini cuz when they have the love anything’s possible.
Hope my feed back helps you.
New zealand

Lisa Peach Lehman said on

I’m a very recent cancer (leukemia) survivor. I was diagnosed only 4 months ( Sept 29,2013 my diagnosis) after my fiancé (we spent 14 yrs together) lost his 6 month battle with stage 4 kidney cancer. I am now – cancer free. I’m such a fighter. I even managed to recently fall in love with a fellow widower and am forging on to create a new life. I’m 42. God bless❤️

I am 19 and a COMPLETE Aries. I am dating a Scorpio right now and everything is going great, but I could tell the first time he saw me in a bad mood most definitely scared/intimidated him. How do I keep from intimidating him?

i was born april 9th but as i started learning astrology and more about it, there is a natal chart that i had done for me when i was at astrology school yrs ago. i was born at 7:44amcst and i have taurus/gemini on the first house of my birth chart. i love good company, lots of laughter and peace in my living quarters. i have neptuneR in my 6th house in scorpio which makes me feel as if i will never meet the man of my dreams because there is no such person alive. i love watching action/adventure movies, seeing handsome guys in movies, laughing and i love music, singing & playing music. i have a strong love for Jesus Christ but i will not b a dormat for anyone, anymore. i am tired of being judged wrongly by people because of my race and i am tired of prejudiced people. right now i live in winona, mn, a small college town and i will never live in another small town again. There is too many lies, gossips and drug addicts. i would like to have sober people around me and i pray for God’s best in my future. Love with a partner does not exist in my life at this time but i give my love to my friends & neighbors that really care about me and want the best for me. My significant other is my stuffed, plush Tiger, Teddy….he makes me happy.

Rosie Garcia Saephanh said on

I’m a Aries woman and be married to a monkey man for 16 years…We are now separate. And I’m falling in love with a Capricorn man. Is he a better match?

mjloveforever said on

Nice article!

I think i’m a poster child for Aries female! Super HIGH energy, independent, fiesty, friendly, warm, fun, action-oriented, like no waiting, plan properly and then DO IT! slowness is my kryptonite. Lord don’t make me wait in line!!! And yes, I’m stubborn, egocentric, argumentative and naively positive and trusting. But it does not mean I don’t want to be loved.

I’m arguing a lot? Just tell me to shut it. Or give me a big hug. Like you would a barking puppy :)

I’ve been in and out of relationships surprisingly with a lot of other fire signs who I do not get along with (Sagittarius I’m looking at you). I’m scared to try Leos. I hope for a gentle Scorpio or balanced Libra. Confident and assertive men, not aggressive ones like a Leo.

All I want is LOTS of attention and love. Why is that so hard to find??

niahaa junction said on

Hey imelda. Just read your article. Well im arise women born in 23 March you described arise women perfect.

niahaa junction said on

Hey well I wann to say as being arise how deal with challenges well. I always try to see positive side of things. I don’t know but I have belive whic seems never ending. I dont stay in my past cause I feel to get better future one cant stay in past. Yes I know I have strong personally. But I cant stay depressed for longer period I have to bounce back in life. For me my self respect is very important. Thats it thank you dear. Take care stay blessed as always.

Desiree Clendenen said on

I loved your article…totally me, but I must say, I’ve mellowed out over the years. April 18th, moon and venus in pisces, rising Sag. I just turned 41, my first husband was Cancer and just married a Capricorn, December 27. Who I find to be the strongest match for me. I attract Cancers and Scorpios…and now Cappy’s :) My Cappy is loving, loyal, hard working, compassionate, witty, smart, etc… and I find that we have similar traits just different ways of showing our feelings. I’ve learned to listen and be more patient. Not run out and spend money when I’m having a bad week, and not tell everyone what I think of them just because it’s the truth .:) I truly believe that Aries women want a strong man that they can build a home and future, but also someone that they can respect, something I would think most would look for in a partner. I do believe that we do have a bit of luck, and every boyfriend or husband that I’ve been with always did well financially while we were together, and then seemed to fall apart after. I’m glad that you mentioned loyal, because Aries can be the most loyal friends, companions, etc. and I think that we surprise people when we do show up because most people think that we’re selfish and only concerned with or own needs and wants. Which is totally not true, I just don’t like to waste my time or other peoples time so I may come off as aloof, but it’s really because that person has either hurt me or I don’t see a future so I don’t want to invest the time and energy. There’s nothing wrong with being picking about the company that you keep. I wish that I saw more about Aries females and Capricorn males, another sign that gets a bad rap. :)

Desiree Xoxo

Samalid Marie Maldonado said on

Im an aries (3.25.88). Im strong, independent and just plainly positive always smiling. I have never had a serious relationship and I know its because I am scared of relationships. I also feel that im coming on too strong or giving the wrong signals. I find myself most attractive to a male libra, however timing is never right. How is the compatibility between an aries woman and libra male? I also dont want to be scared to be vulnerable and show my sensitive side to a potential mate, what can I do?

How’s compatability with aries and Capricorn cause I feel like I found someone who pushes Me in a good way..just asking cause don’t want another failed relationship?

my man is a Cancer (but almost a Leo) and he can handle me perfectly. I listen and respect him and I am one crazy ass Aries.

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