Aries: How to Attract Someone Who Actually Wants Intimacy

Aries: How to Attract Someone Who Actually Wants Intimacy


The funny thing about the Aries is that he or she looks at the world as a “me or them” situation, and you will have a hard time winning an argument with Aries.

It’s you against the world.

When it comes to relationships, you’re looking for somebody that would stand shoulder to shoulder with you in your struggle against everybody else.

Of course, this is a simplification, but it does get to a fundamental truth about the Aries personality.

It’s all about confrontation, taking a side, and running all the way to the goal line with it.

This is all well and good in certain aspects of your life. However, if you are looking for somebody that you can truly be intimate with on an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual level, you have to work on the signals you send out.

In other words, you have to work on how you attract people. You can attract all sorts of people just as a bottle of  vinegar or a pot of honey can attract certain organisms.

It all depends on the signals you send out.

Here are some tips for Aries people on how to attract someone who actually wants intimacy.

Be more sensitive

This is going to be very hard.


Aries people are often perceived as insensitive. You often have this reputation of “my way or the highway.”

The problem with this is that it tends to drive away the right people and attract the wrong people. It’s easy to attract takers and users. It’s hard to attract people who actually care for you.

By reaching deep down inside and allowing your sensitive side to shine through, you may have a higher chance of attracting the right people.

Sensitivity is not a sign of weakness. I know that may sound shocking, but it’s true.

Sensitivity can really be a form of strength because if you are able to step into the shoes of other people and feel their pain and their struggles, that’s a very powerful form of intuition.

You can use that to further your ambition and help people.

Most importantly, you can use that to attract people who really want to be intimate with you beyond the physical level.

Don’t be afraid to let your emotional side shine through.

Don’t get me wrong, Aries people don’t have a problem letting their emotional side shine through.

The problem is it’s a one-dimensional emotional side. You know what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about their need to dominate.

Well, that is just one part of the total human experience. Human beings are born weak, so we need to master our art of domination. Then we rise to our need for connection.

Then ultimately, truly developed human beings entertain their need for transcendence. We’re talking about spiritual fulfillment.

Unfortunately, most Aries people tend to get stuck in the dominant side.

This is the side of lovemaking, power, prestige, status—in other words, stuff that don’t really matter.

If you want to attract people who want to be intimate with you on levels that truly matter, you need to explore your other emotional sides. You need to explore your need to connect.

It’s okay to cry, to look weak, or to look like a fool as long as you are yourself and you are genuine.

Assume that real intimacy is possible

If you interview people who always fail in their projects, whether it be personal or professional, you will see a common pattern: Losers always assume that everything is impossible.

It’s like trying to step up to a baseball plate and assume that you will not hit the ball.

Guess what will happen? It shouldn’t be a mystery or a surprise. You are not going to hit that ball.

Why? You already assume that it’s impossible.

Unfortunately, most Aries assume that real intimacy is not possible.

They think that they can be intimate at a certain level, but they feel insecure after that. They feel that it takes too much work or sacrifice to get past that point.

If this is how you think, then real intimacy is simply not going to happen. It will be beyond your reach.

Why? You put it beyond reach. You made it happen. You sealed it off from all possibilities.

The good news is just as you can lock yourself out from that possibility, you can make that possibility happen again. It all begins in your assumptions.

Change your assumptions and you will change your expectations. Change your expectations and you will change your emotional triggers. Change your emotional triggers and you change your actions.

Change your actions and you will change your habits. Change your habits and you change your character. Change your character and you change your destiny.

I know this may seem long-winded, but this is the path of success and path of life. Assume and it all begins with the right assumptions.

Be clear about your need for intimacy

It’s okay to want intimacy. It’s not an admission of failure and weakness.

Unfortunately, too many Aries people, especially Aries guys, think that to admit that you want to be emotionally intimate with somebody is a form of failure.

I’m sorry to break this to you, but we are all born with the need for intimacy. We have this hole in our hearts that we’re born with and there is always that special person who can fill it.

It’s okay to realize that and admit the need for that. It’s not a form of weakness.

It’s not a signal that there is something wrong with you. Be clear about this and accept it, and you will make progress in attracting somebody who actually wants to be truly intimate with you.

 Set up more shared experiences

Have you ever noticed that your best friends become your best friends because you went through a certain shared experience?

Maybe it’s just a road trip in college or a particularly difficult project that worked.

Whatever it was, sharing that experience bonded you together.

If you want to attract somebody who actually wants intimacy, put yourself in these types of experiences and situations so you can share an experience with somebody.

This way, this can see past your hard shell and see the real you.

 Allow yourself to savor the moment

My best piece of advice is to basically just lose yourself in the moment.

Life is not a destination or this prize that you get after you finish everything on your checklist.

Instead, life is to be lived in the moment and lived second by second. It’s to be enjoyed and savored.

By allowing yourself to get off the treadmill, both physically and mentally, you can allow yourself to lose yourself in the moment.

This is the first step towards self-completion and a true sense of openness.

Once you reach that stage, then it’s easier for people to want to be intimate with you because they can see you as being worthy of that intimacy. I hope this is clear.

The problem with the Aries is that intimacy is not some sort of product that you buy at the store.

It’s not some sort of project that you need to complete a checklist to achieve. It has something to do with self-discovery. It is the fruit of self-awareness.

The key part here is to change your expectations, change your mindset, and allow yourself to be open.

Allow yourself to be worthy of being intimate with and capable of expressing intimacy.

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