Aries: Six Fun Ways to Let Your Inner Child Come Out and Play

Aries: Six Fun Ways to Let Your Inner Child Come Out and Play


This advice actually applies to many signs of the horoscope. This is not just primarily an Aries thing.

While there are certain Aries nuances in the set of advice, it’s broad enough to apply to almost everybody.

The truth is if you want to live a full and satisfying life, you need to let your inner child come out.

I know that it’s very easy to think that you need to stay a responsible adult at all times but being too focused on that role can suck the fun out of life.

It’s very easy to look at life as a set of obligations and duties rather than an adventure.

That’s precisely how a child looks at life.

Have you even taken your child to go shopping at a new mall? Your child’s eyes would light up, and he or she would look forward to the experience.

Have you ever had the pleasure of having a child look forward to the year-end holidays? Whether it’s the New Year or Christmas, kids love the anticipation.

Sadly, when we become an adult, we lose a lot of that sense of anticipation. We let go of a lot of that sense of discovery.

Even if we are going to a completely new place, deep down, we’re not excited enough.

Why? We already expect that it would be a new place and we have certain expectations.

This goes against the natural child-like sense of wonder that we’re all born with.

Unfortunately, when we focus too much on being adults and being responsible, a lot of life’s vibrancy and color are bleached out.

Instead, we just see an endless series of grays. It persists until of course we die.

If you don’t want to go out like that, it’s a good idea to let your inner child come out to play from time to time.

If you’re an Aries man or woman, here are six fun ways to do exactly that.

Playfully bounce back what people say to you

This is a funny little trick that you probably learned when you were in kindergarten.

Somebody would ask you a question, and you would ask the same question back to that person. Of course, when kids do this, it can easily become annoying.

In fact, that is their goal. They simply bounce back what you say to them, so they can get under your skin. It makes them laugh.

Well, if you’re an adult, you can do the same thing but in a non-annoying way. You can basically bounce back people’s questions or statements, but you rephrase it.

You make it deeper so that it gets a deeper or a more complete answer.

This is playful because it challenges you to become more analytical. It also forces you to pay attention to what question the person is really asking.

In fact, this can be quite helpful in sharpening your communication skills.

You have to remember that one of the most valuable skills you will ever get to develop is your set of communication skills.

People communicate not just with the words coming out of their mouths but also by the actions and their emotional signals.

Even the words that they say may be quite inefficient.

So when you spend a lot of time playfully bouncing back what people say to you, you sharpen your communication skills.

You figure out alternative ways of asking questions. You also isolate more pointed and more helpful questions to ask.

Mirror people around you

If you visit a playground or a preschool, you would see this in action.

Kids would be doing something and then the kid in front of them would be doing the exact same thing. Basically, they’re just pretending they’re a mirror to the kid in front of them.

Again, this is meant to irritate and annoy, but it’s actually quite helpful once you become an adult.

Of course, you’re not going to mirror people based on their actions. Instead, you’re going to mirror people based on their gestures, facial expressions, and the words they say.

According to scientific studies, when people are around other people who are similar to them, they gain a sense of familiarity.

This is very critical if you are a sales person. You want your prospects to feel that you are familiar. Why?

They’re less skeptical, and they become less suspicious. This increases your likelihood of closing a sale.

Smile even if when you feel like frowning

Kids have a natural tendency to smile. Even though they are feeling sad, they just instinctively smile.

Smiling actually changes the world around you.

Why? When people see you smile, they can’t help but smile back.

Once you see them smile, you can’t help feel a little bit better, and then you smile back. It can lead to an upward spiral wherein by simply smiling, you begin to feel better.

This is one of the most therapeutic things you can do.

Look at your work projects in reverse

Kids are very hard to trick. A lot of people think that kids are easy to fool. A lot of adults think that kids are quite unsophisticated.

In fact, the opposite is true. There’s a reason why many magicians hate magic tricks for kids. Why?

Kids are very analytical because they do not assume anything.

In fact, they look at what’s happening in reverse. They look at the rabbit being popped out of the hat, and they focus on the rabbit first, and then they trace back to the process of pulling the rabbit out of the hat.

There’s a lot to be learned from this child-like behavior because if you look at your projects in reverse, you can actually become more productive.

At the very least, you become a more meaningful worker in your career. Why? You start with the objective.

You focus on the results that you want.

By being clear as to the end product, you are able to tighten the production process.

This can lead to savings in time and effort. This can boost your productivity.

All it takes is simply thinking like a child.

Take more breaks

Kids like to take naps. You should too.

I’m not saying you should nap at work. What I’m saying is that you should allow yourself to take breaks because when you are working on key projects, it’s very easy to burn out.

By taking a lot of breaks, you conserve your energy.

Most importantly, you focus your mental energy on certain areas. This leads to bigger, better, and more frequent breakthroughs.

Order different and exotic desserts

Reward yourself by stepping out of the routine you have set for yourself when it comes to meal selections.

Adults are often predictable as far as their meals are concerned.

When you’re a kid, you have this sense of wonder, and you’re always trying out different desserts. You can start to recover that sense of wonder by simply ordering different food.

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