Aries and Sagittarius Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Aries and Sagittarius Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

When Aries and Sagittarius get together, the world becomes a playground, and adventure is the order of the day.

These two-star signs have lots of key things in common that make them fast friends and luscious lovers, backed by boundless energy that means their lives just never stand still.

But of course, astrology teaches us that it’s often not as simple and straightforward as all that – even if these two fiery star signs prefer a simple, straightforward approach to life.

To really make the most of this relationship, and guard against any issues that might crop up within it, you need a crash course on Aries and Sagittarius compatibility – the definitive guide to just that can be found right here.

Aries and Sagittarius compatibility overview

Aries and Sagittarius compatibility works in many ways thanks to the fact that, in traditional astrology, both of these star signs are ruled by the same element.

That element is fire, brisk and burning, infused with energy and used both to heal and to harm.

Fire is dangerous and can kill, but likewise has been at the heart of uplifting humankind up from the prehistoric age through the industrial revolution and beyond.

In astrology, fire signs feel intensely, move fast through all they encounter in life, have bright outlooks and warm personalities, but most of all bristle with a seemingly endless energy.

So it is with both Aries and Sagittarius, who upon meeting feel delighted in recognising these traits in one another.

The symbolic animal of Aries and of Sagittarius also does much to explain why it is these two zodiac signs go together like such peas in a pod.

Aries is symbolised by the ram, a brave and daring animal who barges anyone opposing him with his horns, whatever their size versus his.

Sagittarius is represented by the horse or by a mythical centaur archer, being fast moving and direct, but also a lover of freedom and exploring the unknown.

The camaraderie that Aries and Sagittarius inevitably stir up in one another can surely, in part, thank this ancient symbolism for its truth today.

Aries and Sagittarius tend to hit the ground running in whatever they each do in life, and it’s little surprise to see the same is true in getting off to a flying start with one another.

Friendship almost instantaneously seems to blossom between these two, and in certain cases you’ll find that Aries and Sagittarius could begin an evening in which they’re introduced each other as perfect strangers, yet end it as though they were lifelong allies.

Similarly, even those Aries and Sagittarius individuals who have no truck with romantic love stories will feel that, when they first meet each other, there’s the spark of love at first sight.

Aries and Sagittarius like lives that move fast, and when it comes to affection, prefer to fire from the hip and waste no time on mind games and dancing around one another.

Aries and Sagittarius have similar outlooks on finding life’s great horizons, acting in the moment and letting nothing stand in the way of a jolly good time.

Fun lovers, wayfarers and tricksters to the end, there’s no corner of the world they can’t touch thanks to Sagittarius’s wanderlust and the formidable courage of Aries.

Matches between the Aries woman and Sagittarius man

This match is a meeting of minds that has all the makings of greatness, providing it’s kept light-hearted and exciting.

Both the Aries woman and Sagittarius man in a relationship are easily stifled by things standing still, so it’s important to find a common goal to work towards or a way that means the relationship is always moving forwards.

They’ll certainly not be able to avoid one another once their paths cross.

The Aries woman brims with confidence and self-assurance, embodying a keen individualistic spirit that is drawn to a like-minded approach.

This she finds in the Sagittarius man, who likes to hold as few ties as possible, favours a simple and self-sufficient existence, and has the remarkable talent for laughing at his own misfortunes in life rather than being dragged under into depression and despair.

He finds excitement and a call to action in the Aries woman, who similarly sees his levity, sense of humour and tales of travel very inspiring.

Both partners are direct in how they communicate, so trying to keep their feelings from one another is an exercise in futility.

Dates will almost seem to be competitions as they dare one another to push the envelope or step outside the norm, then revel in the fact they’re each more than happy to do so to prove themselves to one another.

Where most couples are content with candlelit dinners or coffee dates, the Aries woman and Sagittarius man busy themselves with dance classes, bowling nights and even things like spontaneous road trips.

Over time, the flames of passion that these two so readily spark up, in the beginning, will need attention to maintain.

Both the Aries woman and the Sagittarius man get bored easily, but would do well to remember that a steady relationship doesn’t have to be a tedious thing.

The Aries woman has a fierce temper too, and lashes out when she’s hurt – and, owing to the Sagittarius man’s way of blurting out his opinions without any filter, that could happen a little more often than either partner would like.

Of the couple can learn to laugh at these moments, and keep the chuckles coming in all other areas of life, there’s no reason not to have this pair see things through in the long term.

The good points:

  • Fast to get going and honest throughout – all very appealing to the Aries woman and Sagittarius man
  • The Aries woman offers spontaneity, fresh horizons and unpredictability – all things the Sagittarius man likes
  • The Sagittarius man has a terrific sense of humour and an effortless sense of fun, all very appealing to the Aries woman

The bad points:

  • Both the Aries woman and the Sagittarius man have an eye for good-looking people, and might take one another jealous if this spills over into the relationship
  • Both partners can make sudden demands for alone time that throw the other for a loop
  • The Aries woman has emotions that run hot, which can overwhelm the Sagittarius man – he doesn’t understand why things need to be so serious and heavy

Matches between the Aries man and Sagittarius woman

The fire and energy that flows between the Aries man and Sagittarius woman creates a fantastically exciting and fresh dynamic for the both to explore – and as daring souls each, explore it they definitely will.

There’s no stopping this duo once they get together, but making it last will be the real test of faith.

The Aries man is an unstoppable force, letting nothing sand between him and the goals he sets himself.

He acts in the moment with unerring confidence, responding to new information with a remarkable flexibility that lets him navigate unexpected outcomes while still keeping his eyes on the prize.

He’s a playful sort too, and certainly flirtatious – yet he can’t help but notice something special about the Sagittarius woman.

She’s often a quirky sort, with a pretty individualistic perspective on life she babbles cheerfully to anyone she comes across.

She lives in the moment, just like the Aries man, although she prefers fun and jokes to ambition and competition in her case.

Either way, once the Aries man and Sagittarius woman find one another, the good times roll pretty effortlessly.

His physical side can be pretty heavy-handed if he’s not careful, and the skittish Sagittarius woman might find that kind of hot and heavy talk overwhelming from time to time.

Tenser times are defused with pranks and laughter though, and as long as the ego of the Aries man isn’t bruised by the tendency of the Sagittarius woman to speak before she thinks, flare-ups of the temper ought to be few and far between.

In terms of making the relationship last, the brutal honesty bandied about between the Aries man and Sagittarius woman is all well and good – but their mutual love of living in the moment has to be balanced against the potential to upset the partnership altogether.

Leaving one another just because things get a bit slow and the grass is looking greener elsewhere is a risk put forth by both partners, and both need to be massively honest with themselves when those urges arise.

There’s no use throwing the baby out with the bathwater just for whatever catches they eye, and there’s a tremendous amount of wonder to be enjoyed in this relationship that could be missed out if impulses overcome loyalty and common sense.

The good points:

  • Lots of common ground and an appetite for adventure make this a match for heroes in the making
  • The Sagittarius woman has a fantastic sense of humour, capturing the Aries man more than the average eye candy he goes for
  • No fuss, no drama – both partners are straightforward with one another, and appreciate they both put truth at the forefront of communication

The bad points:

  • The Aries man has endless bravado, and that macho man approach could give the Sagittarius woman the giggles at his expense
  • Both star signs are easily bored and easily drawn in by the exciting and new – be careful!
  • The Sagittarius woman has wanderlust and the Aries man is fiercely independent, yet they might go off and have alone time without realising they are hurting the other if poorly handled

Aries and Sagittarius friendship compatibility

There’s simply no stopping bombastic star signs like Aries and Sagittarius once they get together, and that’s compounded all the more by the fun-loving streak and overall approachable demeanour found in each of these individuals.

As an aside, Sagittarius is a star sign who often mixes feelings of friendship and love into an inner whole.

To them, it’s all about the spark of connection and the fun of companionship – why does it need a label?

As such, Sagittarius people tend to make and keep friends easily, as long as those friends don’t put a dampener on their freewheeling ways.

Similarly, the Aries person is one imbued with a great deal of charm, and a quick wit that can handle anything a conversation throws at him.

That friendliness, coupled with that of Sagittarius, means that this duo wastes no time in putting the world to rights through their comradeship as only they know how.

In fact, turning their pursuits towards the more altruistic is often very appealing for Aries and Sagittarius friends.

Aries is a daredevil with a heart of gold, ruled by the planet Mars – a warrior spirit who wants to be the protagonist and hero of anything he or she gets involved in.

Meanwhile, Sagittarius derives an enormous amount of pleasure and personal satisfaction from making other people happy, and believes that life is to be savoured, enjoyed and lived to its fullest.

Put the two together, and it’s no wonder that Aries and Sagittarius friendships are often found at the heart of great community art projects, creative endeavours and charity drives.

These are always lively and spirited affairs, with the flaming passion both star signs possess flavouring everything they do together.

In more personal pursuits, Aries and Sagittarius friends are often party animals, staying out until sunrise on the weekends and letting the moment steal them away into dance, music and revelry.

They can stir up some mischief in times like these, but are far too sweet and charming together for anyone to get too angry at if they do – plus they often move a little too fast to get caught anyway!

These friends are distinct individuals however, and never let their combined hijinks compromise their own very distinctive identities.

In fact, they can each go for months, maybe years, never having time to see one another – but as soon as they reunite, seem to pick up exactly where they left off without any problem.

Aries and Sagittarius marriage compatibility

The question of Aries and Sagittarius marriage compatibility is a tricky one, often varying by individual, but largely coming down to a primal fear both of these star signs have about being too contained.

Being prevented from the most full and complete freedom to come and go as they please, answering to nobody, is incredibly important to Aries and Sagittarius alike.

As such, this couple could well be together long into old age quite contentedly, never even bringing the question of marriage to the table.

After all, marriage is quite a traditional ceremony and societal structure – and both Sagittarius and Aries tend to buck the trend as far as traditions and conventions are concerned.

Nonetheless, marriage between these two is certainly possible, and more often than not can work out extremely well.

Both souls can inject some fun and silliness into an otherwise somewhat serious ceremony, and the idea of a big party involved all their friends and family certainly has a lot of appeal too.

As the marriage finds its feet, there could be a few growing pains. For one thing, neither Aries or Sagittarius is likely to let a silly little thing like marriage prevent the from eyeing up good-looking people elsewhere, even if they never act on it.

Aries, in particular, is likely to blaze up some sparks of jealousy at all this, not realising the hypocrisy they might be showing in doing so.

By and large, though, there’s simply too much good-natured goodwill between the Aries and Sagittarius pair to let trivial things upset them, and any blowouts are rapidly put to bed thanks to how quickly these two move on from things in life.

In fact, some more gossipy onlookers might worry the married couple in question is simply burying issues or sweeping under the rug rather than dealing with them.

Aries and Sagittarius won’t fret about this kind of thing though, and will approach long-term marriage as the chance to be playmates as much as husband and wife.

This uplifting outlook makes them sought out and respected by those around them, and they’re likely to travel widely as part of their lives together, even well into their twilight years.

This is an energetic, explorative marriage that’ll likely fly in the face of a few conventions, but also promise one of the few true mixes of companionship and freedom that both Aries and Sagittarius people need to truly feel content.

Aries and Sagittarius: Common issues and problems

While the vast majority of a relationship between Aries and Sagittarius people will go smoothly, there are a few concerns to keep in mind too.

No couple can ever claim to be truly free from niggles here and there – and a few of the ones between these two-star signs could interfere with an otherwise beautiful bond if left to snowball.

One of the big pros and cons of Aries and Sagittarius is the notion of the Aries ego.

In short, Aries often doesn’t realise that they tend to make their lives entirely about themselves, and often take actions in their own self interest without considering how those impact other people.

Easygoing Sagittarius doesn’t have an issue with this as such, but can certainly feel left out in the cold if it feels like the relationship is all about Aries and what they want and need.

Having said that, Sagittarius is such an agent of purest personal freedom that it sometimes feels like they’re holding something back from the relationship, even subconsciously – and Aries can sense that.

However, the domineering side to Aries is itself something else to watch out for.

Not everything needs to be seen, owned and controlled by Aries, and Sagittarius will certainly balk at the idea and shrink away if this side of their Aries partner becomes too pronounced.

Adding to that though, Sagittarius can sometimes give off the impression of running from their problems rather than facing them, especially if negative emotions are involved.

Aries confronts everything head on, whatever the cost, and doesn’t have much respect for the Sagittarius individual’s approach.

There’s a learning curve here for both individuals in finding the true middle ground that works for everyone.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

Independently minded star signs often get irritated by the great game of love, feeling that in order to enter into a truly settled relationship, they’re going to have to sacrifice some piece of themselves.

In fact, it’s often why many such spirits don’t really bother, dancing fro one new face to the next for most of their lives.

Yet when bold and racy Aries meets liberated and likeminded Sagittarius, the opportunity exists to create a good harmony of steady relationship dynamics and unlimited personal freedom – providing the feelings involved are managed correctly.

A long term relationship can open far more doors than it closes if done well, and in one another, Aries and Sagittarius can be fascinated in learning that.

Both of these fiery star signs have a philosophical side that others overlook too, and will be invigorated in finding that in one another.

With Aries, the natural leader, and Sagittarius, the natural pioneer, this relationship can be transformative to career paths and communities, but also give both partners the chance to live life their way, with a spring in their step and a smile on their faces.

Blessed with boundless energy each, Aries and Sagittarius will likely remain active and sprightly long into old age, and will more often than not continue to travel the world as often as their wallets allow.

If their shared love of impulsive activity can be put into a productive, loving direction, there’s no limit to what this couple can do together.

Aries and Sagittarius compatibility score: 8/10

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