Cancer: Seven Things to Consider Before Ending Your Relationship

Cancer: Seven Things to Consider Before Ending Your Relationship


Nobody likes to talk about ending relationships. Everybody would like to believe that their relationship is the right one for them.

Everybody would like to hope that their relationship would last all their life.

Everybody can agree that our relationships should be beneficial for us. However, we shouldn’t be blind to reality either.

There are just certain relationships that are not meant to work out. There are just certain people you are not meant to be with for the rest of your life.

Breakups are an unfortunate reality, especially when it comes to matters of love with a Cancer.

Just as you can fall in love with somebody, there is always the possibility that you would fall out of love with somebody. It happens all the time.

To make it hurt less, you have to have the right strategy. You have to have the right motivations, and you have to have the right mindset.

So far, this advice can apply to all houses of the horoscope. However, for Cancers, things take a different turn.

Cancers are very emotional.

Don’t let their tough exteriors fool you. They really can be overly sensitive. They can really take things too personally.

Breaking up a relationship can seem like the right thing at first to the Cancer.

However, as days, months, and years roll on, a deep and debilitating regret can overcome them.

You have to understand that breaking up is not as bad as the regret that comes to mind when you realize that you broke up with the right person, that you broke up with the one person who could make you happy.

That is one regret most people don’t want to have. Unfortunately,

Cancers are putting themselves in that position if they don’t go through the proper analytical steps before pulling the plug on their relationship. These dating tips can help for Cancer people.

Here are seven things Cancer people should consider before ending a relationship.

Make Sure You’ve Taken the Time to Truly Know Your Partner

You might think that your partner is a jerk. You might think that your partner doesn’t get you.

You might be under the impression that your partner is simply wrong for you.

You are more than welcome to feel this. You are more than welcome to think these thoughts.

However, make sure that you don’t jump to conclusions. Make sure that whatever you are feeling is backed up by objective reality.

One of the simplest ways to do this is, of course, to ask yourself whether you truly know your partner.

How can you break up with somebody you don’t truly know?

How can you turn your back on a relationship with somebody that you haven’t given yourself time to fully understand? I hope this is all clear to you.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t break up with this person. I’m not saying you shouldn’t end your relationship.

All I’m saying is make sure you’re doing it for a perfectly good reason.

At the very least, make sure that you truly know them.

Because if you truly know them, you would be in a better position if they truly are wrong for you. Otherwise, you may just be jumping the gun.

Otherwise, you might just be rushing to a conclusion.

Maybe You’re Overreacting to a Particular Situation’s Impact

Different people have different emotional reactions based on a situation. We all live life faced with many different situations.

And in many cases, our reaction isn’t a true reflection of who we really are.

If you see your partner freak out based on one particular situation, maybe you’re doing the same thing.

Maybe you’re overreacting to a particular situation’s impact on your partner. If this is the case, then you are being unfair to your partner.

You are judging your partner based on something that is quite rare and unusual.

Everybody has a weak spot. Everybody can overreact.

You should give everybody that privilege.

You give yourself that luxury. Shouldn’t you extend the same luxury to them?

Be Sure That You’re Not Leaving Your Partner Because of Impossible Comparisons

It’s not unusual for people to compare their current partners with past partners. This happens all the time.

This is also extremely unfair.

You have to look at your partner based on his/her strengths and his/her features. Don’t compare your partner.

Otherwise, you are simply sabotaging your relationship.

Double-Check If You’ve Emotionally Walled Off Your Partner

Cancer people respond to emotional stress in a very predictable way.

At some level or another and at some time or another, they wall off their partner.

The reason they do this is pretty simple. They don’t want to get hurt. They are not doing this to emotionally punish their partner.

They are doing this so they can shield themselves from the emotional fallout of whatever is happening in the relationship.

The problem with walling off your partner as a defensive maneuver is that you stop listening to them.

When you do this, you start rationing your emotional response and attention to them.

As a result, your relationship starts to die. It’s unfair for you to end your relationship when you are the one who walled off your partner.

You did not give that person a chance to save the relationship.

Are You Sure You’re Not Just Looking “Tough” and Saving Face?

Cancers like to look good. They like to look like they have everything in control.

If they feel like their relationship is spiraling out of their control or if they feel that there are certain things happening in their lives and they can’t handle the relationship right now, they might want to pull the plug on the relationship.

However, nine times out of ten, they do this only because they want to look tough and in control.

In reality, they’d like to stay.

However, they are so concerned about how other people will view them that they would rather look tough and save face than hang on to an otherwise beneficial relationship.

Take Stock of the Things Worth Saving in Your Relationship

You have to understand that there must be something good in your relationship. There must be something beneficial in your partnership.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t be in it. Pay attention to these things.

Maybe by remembering them and appreciating them, you would change your decision.

Be Certain That There Is No Potential for Further Growth in Your Relationship

Make sure that it’s impossible for your relationship to grow before you end your relationship.

If you are clear that there is really no way both of you partners can emotionally grow up and mature in your relationship, then it’s okay to pull the plug.

Otherwise, you might be jumping the gun. Otherwise, you might be reading too much into the situation.

You might want to give yourself some time and space to get your head right.

This might save your relationship. You might thank yourself for this later on.

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