Mercury in Cancer

Mercury in Cancer

Mercury in Cancer manifests as the caring homemaker.  People with Mercury in Cancer helps others feel at ease—whether at home or out in the harsher realities of the real world.

You have a calming demeanor and are always welcoming to your loved ones.  Mercury in Cancer, along with your Watery nature both help you move around obstacles.

Mercury in Cancer Traits

Water, your Sign’s element, especially when Mercury and communication are included, symbolizes your flexibility.  You are smart enough to win most debates—but you do not like to play dirty.

You organize your thoughts and feelings, just as you would organize a bookshelf at home.  Your fluid approach to communication will greatly benefit you and your partner.

Mercury will bring you a new perspective on how you communicate with your partner.  Be aware and respectful of their needs.

You are likely the more emotionally fluid and flexible of your pair, so extend your compassion as often as possible.

You will find love and fulfillment with a partner who can get you to bend but will not allow you to break.

Mercury in Cancer Women

Mercury in Cancer Women sometimes gets pigeon-holed as a June Clever phase.  This nomenclature is super outdated.

However, the feeling of pride over your freshly swept floors and fresh sheets just never gets old.  Find both enjoyment and empowerment out of household chores.

Do not, in any way, feel vain or guilty for wanting to keep your home looking nice.

You are the Sign of Feeling at Home, Cancer, and Mercury in Cancer will only help you express your strength in this area.

You do not have to tell a friend your couch is cozy—part of the fun for them is seeing how you will outdo yourself next time.

Cherish the little moments and opportunities you get to speak through a well-placed and thoughtful act of kindness towards those in your home.

You find fulfillment in doing the little things that help your house run more smoothly, and make others feel special.

Make a packed lunch for someone in your family and include an ‘I Love You’—even if you have to scratch it into their banana.

If you’re hosting someone from out of town, you might enjoy shopping for a scented candle you know they would dig.

Leave some extra travel toiletries in your guest room/bathroom/shelf, and a note so your friend knows it’s all on the house—literally!

These small acts will put a smile on your face, even when you have to shell out those couple of hard-earned bucks.

You can squeeze even more emotional value out of that scented candle if there is a funny inspiration behind your choice.

Remembering someone’s favorite smell is not necessary, but you should know if your best friend from out-of-state hates the smell of cinnamon.

Small touches like these are not necessary.  That is why you find so much fulfillment in providing them.

Cancer, you have such a giving heart.  Mercury in Cancer will inspire you in so many more ways to show love to those around you.

Mercury in Cancer Men

Mercury in Cancer Men enriches their need for social interaction.  Cancer Men are always protective, but Mercury will help express that this is more about your safety than seeing you as his possession.

Let this man have some time to reflect before Mercury visits him, and then time to formulate his thoughts before demanding an intense, emotional conversation.

Cancer Men can sometimes be easily swayed from the interaction.  They are symbolized by the Zodiac Sign of the Crab, for many reasons.

If you agitate a crab, you are more than likely either going to see his scurry away or come after you with his claws!  Remember, this is his nature, and he may be embarrassed by his reaction.

These Men with Mercury in Cancer are trying to communicate that like their symbol, they are soft inside.

The tough exteriors are not just facades—they are serious armor.  However, you will find fulfillment with your Man who has Mercury in Cancer, if you can show him you are not out to harm him.

These men are very compassionate when they can understand where you are coming from.  Like their symbol, they tend to overreact to threats and/or isolate themselves.

Mercury’s influence over close friendships and intimate relationships will help you build trust with this man.

You will find love and fulfillment in a relationship with a Cancer Man who is willing to build up a mutually trusting bond.

Mercury and Cancer in Love

Mercury and Cancer in Love are the ultimate stay-cation planners.  Build a blanket fort for movie night with your loved one.  Grab a fuzzy blanket and some pillows.  Make them some dinner.

Spoil your love who has Mercury in Cancer, and you will reap your rewards.  If you have mercury in Cancer, spoil yourself, as well.

You do not have to spend money to have a good date—play cards or go for a walk together.  You will have the extra energy, with Mercury in Cancer, to really do it up—if you can get your hands off each other long enough.

Mercury in Cancer happens when the Ruling Planet of communication skills and your Sign are best at collaborating to make your love life more fulfilling.

This involves action on your part—your intentions, reactions, and attitude toward growth must all mature.  Be aware of the lengths others go to for you to feel at home, and show them gratitude.

Your best prospects for love are with a partner who understands your need to keep a tidy home.

This mentality may also spread to your attitudes towards the work surfaces in your life—how you speak to peers, superiors, loved ones, and strangers.

Your worst prospects for love are those partners who cannot find it in themselves to share.  Some people and Signs are more likely to be the lone philosopher type.

A Pisces may interest you with their spiritual thoughts, but bring you anxiety with their need to shut themselves away, at times.

A more outgoing Gemini or vivacious Virgo may not be the best match for your homebody nature.

Mercury in Cancer will only boost what communication strength and weaknesses are already present within you.

Conversely, you may be frustrated with a fellow Cancer, for the same reasons you get frustrated with yourself.

No matter their sign, Mercury in Cancer will allow you to speak to your loved one in a tailored way.  Mercury in Cancer in Love will seek out a motherly figure.

Make a point of curating your personal space, especially if you live with others—you will treasure the isolation and physical control over your environment, being a Cancer.

Dates for Mercury in Cancer

Mercury enters Cancer on June 21st.  This is the time for you to watch and nurture Mercury’s positive influence on your communication skills, especially in your most intimate relationships.

You will not personally be too rocked by Mercury in Retrograde, as you will be comfy inside your hard shell, Cancer.

Be aware that your loved ones may not be feeling as light as you are.  As always, when Mercury is in Retrograde for others, you should try to show them some extra love and understanding.

7 Little Known Facts About Mercury in Cancer

The draw of Mercury when in Cancer is something that you cannot then under-estimate.

In fact, there is a real sense of power attributed to this combination that you need to be aware of, especially if you are in this star sign yourself.

To make things easier, we can identify a number of facts surrounding this combination that will then result in you feeling as if you have a better grip on what the future may hold.

1. You are a real homemaker.

One of the main things that you will notice is the real pull of becoming a homemaker when this combination occurs.

You just want everything to be perfect as much as possible, and you will go out of your way in order to achieve this, but be prepared for people being reluctant to help you in achieving your dreams.

2. You are able to remain calm.

Mercury does seem to have something of a calming influence over you, and this is something that you will enjoy.

You feel as if you are less likely to become flustered, and you are able to move past obstacles that may have otherwise tripped you up in the past.

Getting annoyed is something that you used to do, but no longer.

3. You are very organised in your thoughts and feelings.

When you stop and think about things, you will realise that your thoughts and feelings do tend to be rather well organised.

This makes it easier to process anything in your mind as it does not come across as being so cluttered as it may have otherwise done.

This is certainly one trait that you want to keep with you even when Mercury leaves the equation.

4. You feel an increased sense of pride.

As a woman with this combination in her life, there is a real increased sense of pride in everything that she does.

There is a need to put across an image of bliss and harmony in life, and that is something that you will always strive for in this particular situation.

5. You enjoy doing things to make your life smoother.

You are also going to often find that it is rather enjoyable doing those small things that are able to make your life run more smoothly than it would have otherwise been able to do.

It doesn’t matter if the things are small because, to you, it is the impact that they can have that will be the most important thing of all.

6. You feel the need for social interaction.

A man with this combination is going to feel the very real need for social interaction, and if they are not getting it to the levels that they want, then they will need to do something to counteract this.

Without this interaction, they feel that there is something missing in life, and who wants that to happen?

7. You like to show love to people.

Mercury is also going to help you to really show your love to others, and that is something that you are going to enjoy doing.

It brings you so much happiness and you will wonder why you didn’t do it to this extent before.

This combination can completely change your outlook on life, but you have to be open to embracing the changes as they occur. As long as you can do that, then life is going to look a whole lot different.

Final Thoughts

Mercury in Cancer brings out your natural ability to show love and compassion to others, especially in intimate relationships.

Your strengths lie in expressing yourself to others within your home.  Mercury is, after all, the Ruling Planet of communication skills.

With Mercury’s encouragement, along with your protective nature, you will be able to share the love with your family and partner, more clearly than ever.

You will find fulfillment when you feel you have taken care of everyone around you.

Your loving and maternal nature with Mercury in Cancer will compel you to have even the hardest of conversations with those close to you.

You will find love with the partner who makes you feel like the Domestic Goddess you truly are!

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