Seven Tips on How to Motivate Your Cancer Man

Seven Tips on How to Motivate Your Cancer Man


Cancer people usually don’t have any problems with motivation. In fact, it seems they have an excess of motivation.

They seem to be doing the right things at the right time and for the right people.

It’s not uncommon to look up to Cancer men and see them as pillars of society or people who are completely outstanding. They seem to be on the move and guess what?

The direction of their lives always seems to point upwards.

Of course, once you have known a Cancer man to a very deep level, you would realize that there is more than meets the eye as far as the Cancer personality is concerned.

If you truly know them and become emotionally intimate with them, you know that there is a big divide between how the world perceives them and how they perceive themselves.

There’s a reason why they are driven to achieve. They try to put up really good appearances because deep down inside, they are suffering.

There’s a hole in their heart that they can’t seem to fill. All sorts of social status and achievements can’t seem to put whatever is broken in their heart back together.

This is what drives the Cancer man.

Unfortunately, this can manifest itself in many different ways.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, a lot of them operate and conduct themselves like they have their act together.

However, it can also work in the opposite. They may have lost all motivation. They may just be going through the motions.

If you noticed that your Cancer man has lost his drive, here are seven tips on how to bring motivation back into his life.

Recast material goals as emotional goals

If your Cancer man has a tough time keeping a job or starting a project, you might want to play with his reward system.

You have to understand that Cancer people are emotional people. Their reward system is not material. It’s not grounded on practical terms unlike a Capricorn or a Taurus.

They do things because there’s an emotional payoff. When you tie their material goals to emotional goals, you would go a long way in motivating them. Why?

They are motivated by emotional goals.

Focus on the social value of certain goals

Cancer people crave outside validation. They think that the more emotional validation they get from other people, the better they are.

They base a lot of their self-esteem in their career on the validation of people around them.

If you talk to them and tell them that a certain number of their goals have a high social payoff, this can motivate them.

This can emphasize the amount of social approval they would get and how much social status is at stake.

You’d be surprised as to how driven your Cancer man can be when they are motivated by social validation.

Tie achievements to status payoffs

This is in keeping with the point I raised above. However, the focus should be on social status.

Cancer people feel so small and so empty inside. As a result, they are always looking to locate themselves in terms of social status and social signals.

They feel that the higher up they are in the social hierarchy, the more complete they would be inside.

Of course, most people would have a serious issue with. Still, this is how the Cancer mind works.

If you tie achieving certain goals to status payoffs, you can unleash a tremendous of motivation in your Cancer man.

Explain that certain mindsets produce calm and peace

As insecure as Cancer men are, this of course make them desire inner calm and inner peace.

These two sides of the Cancer personality actually go hand in hand.

If you are always feeling anxious and depressed or uneasy, you tend to want personal calm and personal peace.

This is very important to know because you can work with the Cancer man in your life regarding productivity mindsets. You have to cast these mindsets as not just achieving certain goals that would produce money or upward mobility.

Those are great, but you have to remember that Cancer is not a materialist sign. They’re looking for emotional payoffs.

This is why you should recast these mindsets as producing the inner calm and peace that they so desperately crave.

Show how certain mindsets produce a sense of satisfaction

Just as certain mindsets can lead to a sense of calm and peace, certain mindsets can also lead to a sense of satisfaction.

Cancer guys have this strong dichotomy between the Cancer that you see and the Cancer that you don’t see because of a deep sense of dissatisfaction. That is the real issue.

If you are able to convince them that if they adopt certain productive mindsets, this can lead to a high degree of self-satisfaction.

They would be very motivated. This is their Holy Grail. They’re looking to achieve that balance.

Unfortunately, it often takes them many years to get a clue as to the right decisions that would lead to the balance that they so desperately pray.

Ground emotional payoffs in schedules and deadlines

You have to remember that there is nothing seductive about schedules and deadlines. However, we still need to perform by them.

They are a necessary evil.

If you are able to recast showing up on time and doing things on schedule with distinct emotional payoffs, the Cancer man can get motivated.

You have to remember that Cancers are deeply and profoundly emotional.

Emotional authenticity is big with them. Emotional intensity, at some level or other, plays a big role in their lives.

When you recast schedules and deadlines in terms of emotional payoffs, Cancer guys can get quite motivated.

Show how doing well in the future can offset past disappointments

Cancer people often find themselves doing things because they’re trying to prove themselves. They’re trying to overcome the legacy of the past.

Knowing this can help you work with them to achieve greater things in the future.

Simply tell them that by doing well today so you can get the status that you deserve in the future can help you overcome the wounds of the past.

A lot of the bad decisions in the past have hurt their self-confidence. By explaining how the future and the past are interconnected, you can help your Cancer man unleash a tremendous amount of motivation.

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