5 Capricorn Woman Personality Traits

5 Capricorn Woman Personality Traits

capricornWhat are the key characteristics of the Capricorn woman personality? How will Capricorn women characteristics change and develop?

In this special report I reveal my predictions for the Capricorn woman personality for the year ahead. If you are interested you can read my report on the Capricorn male personality here.

Among the 12 signs of the horoscope, the Capricorn profile is one of the most interesting when it comes to personality extremes.

You can’t assume a Capricorn female will live up to the full ‘typical Capricorn’ profile just because she was born within the dates covered by this astrological sign.

If you do, you do so at your own risk. Perhaps to a much greater degree than the other eleven astrological houses, the House of Capricorn exhibits many, shall we say, ‘contradictory’ traits.

This should not be a surprise, after all this sign is named after a mythical beast that is part goat and part fish.

Capricorns with their goat aspect predominant often fit the stereotypical image of a Capricorn female: driven, ambitious, unsentimental, focused on common sense, tends to gravitate towards material reasons or material rewards.

A Capricorn woman who has a dominant fish aspect is usually the exact opposite of ‘typical’ Capricorns.

Emotional, focused on the arts and spirituality, they’d prefer spiritual or emotional rewards or material ones, idealistic, and other traits you’d normally expect from, well, a water sign.

If you are looking for a sign that hosts all sorts of personality and attitude contrasts, you can’t go wrong with a Capricorn specimen.

Just as water is different from land, most Capricorn women possess a ‘hybrid’ personality that has two conflicting sides where one particular trait is dominant-most of the time.

However, it only takes a few drinks, a particularly bad day, or just the right combination of events for the other side of the Capricorn woman you thought you knew to come out. Keep an eye out for the most common personality trait pairings below between your female Capricorn friends.

Capricorn Woman Personality Trait 1 – External Self-Confidence

It is not uncommon for a Capricorn woman to both feel they are quite good-looking while feeling they are often the girl who doesn’t get asked out to the dance. Talk about a conflict.

How can this even be possible? How can one woman feel both impulses? As mentioned above, Capricorn women, like females of all other signs, are rarely ‘pure’ goat or fish Capricorns.

Most women are ‘hybrids’ in terms of Capricorn personality traits.

Either the low self-esteem or wallflower persona shines through or the very confident persona.

However, these traits exist in an uneasy union. It is not unusual for even the hottest-looking and seemingly confident and ‘well-put-together’ Capricorn to ask her girlfriends if she’s pretty enough, smart enough, or worth hanging out with.

On the flip-side, the seemingly anxiety-ridden Capricorn woman with low self-esteem would often, at least without verbalizing it, think they are the hottest female in the room while otherwise displaying low self-confidence.

It’s not unusual for a seemingly nervous or shy female Capricorn to turn into an all-out beast in bed just because you threw some lines her way that appealed to the highly conceited side of her persona. My analysis of Capricorn and Libra love compatibility explains how this will happen.

Capricorn Woman Personality Trait 2 – Driven And Ambitious

If there is any one stereotypical image of the Capricorn woman personality, it is the idea that they are all driven, ambitious, and ‘in it for the win.’

Interestingly enough, even the women who have these traits are grappling deep inside with the part of them that want to just blow off work and hit the latest beach.

It is a constant struggle, and it is not uncommon for many otherwise hard-charging Capricorn women personalities to take an extended break or experience a particularly unproductive and uncharacteristic ‘rough patch’ in terms of work quality, output, and overall attitude.

The other side of this equation, of course, is the extremely laid-back and unmotivated Capricorn female.

The Capricorn woman is normally the first to volunteer for anything at work nor would you see her regularly take on more work without at least hearing some complaining.

Capricorn women personalities with this fish-dominant mentality tend to take things easy and are not adverse to taking some shortcuts. With that said, too many managers, supervisors, and CEOs are surprised when these types of Capricorn females step up to the plate and deliver when the company they are working gets into a crunch.

Something just snaps and these usually water-leaning personalities exhibit all the drive and focus of a goat Capricorn.

Capricorn Woman Personality Trait 3 – An Almost Embarrassing Level Of Shyness

Another interesting contrast found among the Capricorn woman personality is a blend of extrovert and introvert qualities.

Someone who may normally be very outgoing and the first the meet strangers sometimes exhibit an almost paralyzing level of shyness. One would almost be tempted to think that they were faking being outgoing.

Nothing could be further from the truth. There seems to be a natural limit to many outgoing Capricorn women’s extrovert side. Once they reach that limit, they pull back for some time before pushing social boundaries outward again.

It is this side of the Capricorn woman’s personality that makes them a very good match for compatibility with Cancer.

With extremely shy Capricorn women personality types, don’t be surprised when they suddenly ‘put their game face on’ and start working a room.

This often happens when they are forced to be more outgoing as part of their job duties or some emergency or unusual event happens that requires them to crawl out of their shells.

Capricorn Woman Personality Trait 4 – Miserly Tendencies or Spendthrift?

Many Capricorns get unfairly labelled as ‘cheap’ or ‘tight fisted.’ This is truly unfortunate.

The truth is that most Capricorn women are frugal – they are willing to spend, but they will make sure they are getting the most out of their hard-earned money. This is very different from being miserly or cheap. If you’re cheap, you just don’t want to spend money, Capricorn women tend to inspect a deal closely before parting with some cash.

capricorn womanWhen I was researching for this report I found a good set of pictures on allwomanstalk.com that sums up some of the more dominant aspects of the Capricorn woman personality.

However, many Capricorns often find themselves ‘going all out’ and just spending like drunken sailors on a weekend pass if they reach a certain emotional point where they feel that they aren’t living life to the fullest.

This feeling hits some Capricorn women personalities harder and more frequently than others.

Be on the lookout for this behavior and be ready to intervene in the case of some patently ridiculous purchases.

Capricorn Woman Personality Trait 5 – Sober Responsibility or Low-Profile Daredevil?

Many Capricorn women personality types, maybe even a majority, are sober, responsible, and focused on what is instead of what could be.

With that said, it only takes a prolonged period of stress at work, traumatic life changes with a loved one, or some other external shock for Capricorn women to turn on their risk taking daredevil sites.

They still look like they’ve got it together, but they start taking increasingly riskier actions at work, at school, in their relationships, and other aspects of their lives. Capricorn women are some of the most interesting personalities in the zodiac.

They aren’t sticks in the mud or overly serious. Get that idea out of your mind.

They express a very interesting duality that makes them fun to be friends, co-workers, or lovers with.

So now it is over to you – are you a Capricorn woman? Does this ring true for your personality type?

Or maybe you know a Capricorn woman – does this profile sound familiar to you? If there are any other elements of the Capricorn woman personality that you want me to explain just leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer any questions.

25 replies on “5 Capricorn Woman Personality Traits”

Imelda Green said on

Lets get the discussion started! Who here knows a Capricorn woman? xx

Why have I seen where people say Capricorns are boring? I completely agree with what was said b.c I am a capricorn and have done just about all of the things mentioned.

I’m a Capricorn women and this is so true about us! I learned a lot by reading this article


Stephanie Meresa C said on

Probably one of the most balanced reports I’ve read. I have a lot of emotional tendencies probably due to having many water aspects and I come across as cold to some when I’m not. December 22 Capricorn (12:34am, ’85, GA). All of this rang true. Thank you.

OngoingSky88 said on

I am a Libra daughter to a Capricorn mother. The duality thing is dead spot on. My mother is generally pretty easy going and laid back but she has always been fiercely protective of me. The seasoned Capricorn woman that is my mother knows how/when to be a powerhouse go-getter (goat) and when to relax and have fun (fish). It is truly stunning to watch a Capricorn woman at work. They are never short of resources (not cheap just selective spenders). And they are absolutely intolerant of people who are all talk and no show (Certainly no stick in the mud. In fact all the signs who like to show off they’d be lucky to have a Capricorn audience). In short they can really be about their business but by nature they also have a lighter side. It just depends on which side they are more used to expressing. My mother is definitely used to expressing her more daredevil side but she really does like to retreat into her shy introvert. That’s just my Capricorn mother.

Michele A. Branch said on

Very true

I am a Capricorn woman is this is the first article I have read that has definitely been spot on.

Enjoyed this article. Im a capricorn women, with a scorpio lover. What advice would you have for that match, considering these personality traits? I agree with them all:)

Shelley Hubbard Webster said on

I agree but they also can be very self centered and snobbish, not considering the feelings of others. Sorry it’s true.

    It IS true, coming from a Capricorn. I often have to actively work towards considering other people’s thoughts, or remember to ask people how they are doing. It is something I struggle with as a natural reaction, but I am kind enough to know it’s a problem and want to alter it. : )

This was a GREAT read! I have a decent library of books on Capricorns and astrology in general, but none have ever covered the contradictions that occur. So much of this hit dead on. Thank you for explaining this! I’m a total goat-cap born 12/23 and I suffer from several of these contradictions.

Nicole Shepherd said on

I’m a Capricorn and I understand all these traits. :0

Yeah.. This is very true!! I am also a Capricorn woman and I always evaluating my personality..I don’t really believe in astrological signs but everything written here is all correct!!I am amazed!!

I am the complete Capricorn woman, born 12/30. I’m pretty sure this was written about me, specifically. Love reading about Cappie’s negative traits in a positive light.

This is spot on! I would read other articles about Caps and think this isn’t everything….til I read this. My friends, family, and lovers will read and ask me if I’m really a Cap. I just never really knew how to put this into words. I will be sending these people straight to this article. Thank you!

Have to say, this is THE most accurate report I have read about Capricorn woman. Goes without saying, I am one and I am constantly conflicted by the things you have mentioned in your article. I initially thought it was because I had some air qualities in my personality. I can be extremely impulsive as well as very planned. Sometimes I have done ridiculously adventurous things and other times I can be very cautious. I have always had trouble labeling myself one way or the other.

I remember when I was in college, someone said I was an “Oxymoron”. Best way to explain me.

Only people who would consider Cap. woman boring are the ones who haven’t spent time peeling the layers :)

Yvonne Rickman Williams said on

I am not a Capricorn, I am a Leo. My neighbor, is a Capricorn. I had been very good to her & I started a prayer group & she has just pushed me out. She appears, jealous, manipulative & a back stabber, I can not believe my kindness as brought this about! And, she does not want me to even be apart of what I started! What is really going on? All I have read is positive characteristics & I see them but I also see the above that I mentioned. My feelings are hurt! I must get over it & move on & she lives right across from me! Awkward Positionm That is Me!

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