Seven Capricorn Male Personality Traits and Characteristics

Seven Capricorn Male Personality Traits and Characteristics

Capricorn Male Personality Traits

This special personality profile of the Capricorn male will help you understand the key traits and characteristics of the Capricorn man.

A Capricorn male is probably one of the most interesting horoscope signs, at least from a psychological perspective. It is very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that most Capricorns fit the stereotype. What stereotype is this? Capricorn men, compared to the other signs of the horoscope, seem to have it all figured out.

They are very career driven. They are very conventional. If you’re looking for a person that is stable and level-headed and headed somewhere in life, you’d look for a Capricorn male. If you’re looking to get a job done right, you’d probably pick a Capricorn.

If you’re looking for the right leadership for your company, a Capricorn man will probably be near the top of your list. Capricorns, throughout history, have always been viewed as leaders, go getters, achievers and successful people.

While this may be true, there is also a different side to the Capricorn male personality.

Remember, the Capricorn is a mythical creature that is part goat and part fish. The common stereotypes about the Capricorns practicality, reasonableness and responsibility tends to focus on the goat part or the earth part of the Capricorn personality. However, the fish aspect of the Capricorn is quite strong.

Usually, the typical Capricorn life cycle is that they start of in a very unpolished form.

This is the part of their lives where their emotions or the fish part of their personality plays a big role. As they mature, the goat part takes over.

Eventually, they reach a point where they fit the typical Capricorn stereotype. However, this is just part of the story. There are a large number of Capricorn men that really fail to live up to their fullest potential because they haven’t gotten off the fence.

They haven’t really fully chosen whether to go the goat route or the fish route. Eventually, they end up in the middle, and they fail to live up to their fullest potential. The truth is simple, if you are a Capricorn male personality type, you have to choose.

Even if you choose the fish part, you can still be extremely successful.

However, the success that you experience would be quite different from the success that you would experience if you choose the goat part of the Capricorn personality.

Instead of worldly success in terms of a lot of money, by pursuing your fish part, you gain a lot of self-fulfilment and contentment. While you may not have a lot of money you are probably going to be the happiest person in the room. At the end of the day, we are all going to die.

At the end of the day, nobody’s going to care. Are you going to go there with all the toys but eventually have to give up your toys because you go back into the ground?

Or are you going to go there extremely happy because you did things your way? Either way, you can be successful. The problem that the Capricorn males face is when they stay on the fence, when they really cannot fully decide.

As a result, life passes them by, and they don’t really fully evolve. Keep this key tension in mind as you read the following seven key Capricorn male characteristics and personality traits. We’ve described these characteristics largely in terms of dichotomies. In my experience this is the most accurate way to portray the typical Capricorn male psychology.

Capricorn Male Personality Trait 1: Ambition vs Laziness

As mentioned above, Capricorn men can be really driven. Just the way a goat can be very stubborn and hard-headed; Capricorns once they zero in on a goal often don’t stop until they reach that goal.

This is why many Capricorns become successful leaders. This is why many Capricorns become middle class if not outright rich. There is a certain value to their ability to focus and give everything up until they achieve what they are shooting for.

With that said, there are also Capricorn male personality types that the world would consider lazy.

These are Capricorns that sleep late, don’t really care about goals and tend to move around in circles.

The thing is, you shouldn’t write these people off. All Capricorn males have the seeds of greatness within them.

The only reason why these lazy Capricorns are the way they are, is because they haven’t gotten off the fence.

They haven’t fully decided what their goals are. Even if their goals are the arts or emotional expression or the dramatic arts, they can achieve typical Capricorn like results if they focus their mind on a particular goal.

Think of lazy Capricorns really as unpolished or undecided. They still have the seed of greatness in them. Unfortunately, they haven’t gotten around to unlocking it or claiming it.

Capricorn Male Personality Trait 2: Extreme Conventionality vs Bohemian Streak

One of the most common drawbacks of Capricorn male personality types is that they can be boring. If you are looking for a guy that is straight laced who always plays it by the book, you can’t go wrong with the typical Capricorn guy.

He makes an ideal boy scout. He tries to do things by the rules, and he tries to do things based on other people’s expectations. As you can well imagine, this can get boring really quickly!

The truth is you only have one life to live. Live it based on your rules, based on what you want.

Unfortunately, too many people waste their lives trying to live the lives of other people. Live life by your own expectations. Find your own path because that’s what life is.

Did you find your own path? Did you make your own way? And most importantly, were you happy?

At the end of the day, we’re all going to die. We’re all going to end up in the same place which is in the ground. At that point in time when you draw your last breath, your thought will always go to that core question, what did I do with my life?

And the best answer to that is, of course, to be happy. Of course, many Capricorns are perfectly happy when they’re living up purely conventional life. There’s no shame with that game.

There’s nothing wrong with that at all. However, you have to be conscious about it. In other words, you have to fully choose to live that life.

In other words, you are not living somebody else’s life. That is the big difference.

Capricorn men can also sometimes have a Bohemian streak. Of course, this Bohemian streak is very different from the Bohemian streak of let’s say Pisces, a pure water sign.

The Bohemian streak of the Capricorn male still manages to pay the rent. The Bohemian Capricorn male still manages to be responsible and respectable but he tends to do things differently.

Interestingly enough, Capricorns who indulge their bohemian personality streak tend to be the happiest of all the men born under Capricorn.

This is similar to the key traits and characteristics of the Capricorn woman and her personality type. It is also the reason that Capricorn women and men make such compatible matches in long term romantic relationships.

Capricorn Male Personality Trait 3: The Warrior vs the Happy-Go-Lucky

Many Capricorn men that are so focused and so driven actually pay a heavy price for  the results that they achieve.

The saddest Capricorn men are the ones that work really hard, try really hard, sacrifice really hard and at the same time still end up extremely unhappy.

The fully developed and mature Capricorn knows that worrying is in his or her nature. He or she cannot get rid of it. However, he or she has made a conscious choice to at least enjoy the ride.

You are going to pay a heavy price trying to focus, trying to get what you want out of life and that heavy price is your peace of mind and your happiness.

There has to be a balance. The most evolved Capricorns are those that have been able to temper their worry or deflect it in such a way that they are fulfilled, and they’re content.

What’s the point of gaining everything when you lose your peace of mind? The other extreme of the Capricorn male personality is a happy-go-lucky personality type.

These are usually Capricorns that haven’t really fully developed yet. These are the Capricorns that haven’t really fully explored the concept of consequences.

Many Capricorns grow up very quickly once they get burned, once they get taken advantage of, once they get cheated or betrayed for the first time.

Capricorn either hasn’t gotten burned hard enough or actually acts out or responds to the traditional worries and stresses of the Capricorn psyche by being so happy-go-lucky.

Be that as it may, this may not be necessarily a bad thing. As long as the other Capricorn traits of taking care of business and being punctual and double checking your work and always trying to get a promotion or a raise or going up the food chain, you can get away with your happy lucky streak.

In fact, your happy-go-lucky attitude might be your secret weapon to achieving greater success in the coming months.

Capricorn Male Personality Trait 4: Extreme Caution

In keeping with the extreme conventionality of most Capricorn male personality types, Capricorns also suffer from extreme caution. In other words, they don’t want to take risks.

This is why a lot of Capricorns end up being successful but not being successful enough. What do I mean by that? The typical Capricorn, if they really fully lived up to their fullest potential, can almost always hit the top.

The problem is they have this extreme caution that they tend to achieve success but achieve just enough success.

In other words, they don’t go all the way.

They’re more than happy with 90% or 80%. It’s not uncommon for corporations to have middle and upper middle management staff almost completely by Capricorns.

They tend to go for the high middle instead of going all the way. This can often mean that they settle for romantic relationships which they know deep down are less than ideal. Many Capricorn men will be drawn to women born under Libra for this very reason.

On the other hand, there is also a tendency for Capricorn males to be fatalistic.

Again, this is usually practiced by Capricorn males that haven’t fully made peace with a part of themselves that is driven, and that’s seeks validation based on success. In many cases, this sense of fatalism is a reaction.

It’s their push back against the drives that they are feeling all the time. The truth is this should not be surprising. You can only push a person so far until the person finally puts up his angst and just gives up, and this is the sad reality of many Capricorns that really fail to live up their fullest potential.

They can feel the pressure, but they choose to respond to that pressure by giving up or rebelling.

And this fatalism of, course, leads to a sense of loss of control which leads to a downward spiral until you actually lose control.

Capricorn Male Personality Trait 5: Pessimism

It’s very hard to find a Capricorn man that operates 100% on faith.

It’s very hard to find a Capricorn that is completely optimistic regardless of objective reality. The truth is the Capricorn male’s success is often driven by his pessimism.

To paraphrase legendary CEO of Intel, “only the paranoid succeed”, Capricorns are pushed as much by fear as by love.

In fact, in many cases, most Capricorn men are pushed by fear. They fear that society will consider them losers. They fear that if they don’t have material riches in life that they won’t have any emotional security.

A lot of it is driven by fear. That’s why it’s not uncommon for Capricorns, regardless of how successful they are and how accomplished their lives, to always look at the negative side.

In fact, it becomes quite sad.

You have this person that has achieved so much and has contributed so much, but they feel that it isn’t enough. They feel that a disaster is about to happen. They feel that nothing is perfect.

It’s this pessimism that really rots away at the enjoyment of all the products of that hard work. The countervailing Capricorn drive is cautious optimism. To go out on a limb here, there’s almost always no 100% optimistic Capricorn. It’s always mixed with some sort of caution or some sort of negativity.

Still, the flip side of Capricorn male pessimism is Capricorn male cautious optimism. They are optimistic, but they are cautious.

They are optimistic, but they have their seatbelts on. They give themselves permission to be optimistic, but they always make sure that they are fully ensured. Other signs might think this is sad, but this is the reality of the Capricorn personality. That’s just the way they are.

Nobody really has a right to judge them based on how their personalities configured.

Capricorn Male Personality Trait 6: Loyalty

Capricorn males are almost always loyal partners.

This is due to the fact that they look at relationships as part of their work. They look at relationships as something that they worked on, and they are currently working on. And just like anything else in their lives where they invested a lot of work, they don’t want to see it all go up in smoke.

So a lot of this loyalty is really out of duty and while this may seem loveless and mechanical and dry to pure romantics, think about this for a moment. Love disappears. As you grow older, love can dry up. Many situations can come up that can destroy the chance for love.

Love is often a function of emotional intensity.

While it would be nice to imagine that it can spring eternal, there are many bases for love and one of these bases is duty.

When you’re loving somebody out of duty, you love that person even though on certain days that person is pushing you back and getting on your bad side.

When you love somebody out of duty, you continue to love that person even that person has become disfigured or ugly or really old or is dying.

Duty is cemented into giving love even though you don’t get love in return.

Many Capricorns view this concept of love as the highest form of love, and it is most often seen in Capricorn – Cancer relationships. Who are we to doubt them?

Capricorn Male Personality Trait 7: Self Restraint

As mentioned above, given the right goals and the right incentives, Capricorn male personalities are pretty much unstoppable. With that said, there are many Capricorn males that really fail to live up to their fullest potential.

Either they’re stuck in dead-end jobs, or they don’t have any jobs at all or they are stuck in middle management when they are clearly capable of more.  The truth is, there is only one person that can stop the Capricorn males’ distinct drive and ability to achieve. That person is the Capricorn male himself.

Capricorn males can develop a powerful sense of self-restraint.

They can sabotage themselves with ease.

This self-restraint is purely mental. It has all sorts of emotional triggers, and it all leads to the same place. Either the Capricorn males say to himself that this is not worth doing, this is a waste of time, you can’t do it, you shouldn’t do it, all these negative messages just floating in the Capricorn males mind and eventually destroying his will to succeed.

Again, this is more common with Capricorns who haven’t embraced their full Capricorn personality.

The Capricorn male personality and star sign is one of the most powerful and amazing signs of the horoscope when it comes to material success. However, when it comes to psychological stability and consistency, they can be one of the most conflicted.

Indeed as powerful as the Capricorn male’s drive to succeed may be, they are grappling with serious internal issues that can seriously derail them from fully living up to the polished Capricorn image that most people have of the Capricorn male personality profile.

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My husband is a Capricorn male and I am a Capricorn female. Yet sometimes we are so completely different to the point were we become frustrated with each other. We definitely love each other. Just as you talk about extremes, our relationship is full of extremes as well. He is much more cautious and pessimistic than I am. I love the guy tho, very very much.

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