Capricorn and Capricorn Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Capricorn and Capricorn Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

The most interesting matches in the zodiac for compatibility aren’t always those who are direct opposites, but also those who share the same star sign, such as Capricorn and Capricorn.

In this partnership, we find two quietly driven individuals who each have hidden depths, and like things to go their way.

With that in mind, will the symbolic goats of Capricorn nuzzle one another under pastoral blue skies, or will they lock horns and go their separate ways?

With so many dynamics to consider, it can be exhausting to get to the bottom of this pairing without some inside knowledge.

For that, you need to get into the depths of Capricorn and Capricorn compatibility – the definitive guide to decoding these secretive folks is ready and waiting for you here.

Capricorn and Capricorn compatibility overview

When two of the same star signs get together, it tends to go one of two ways, especially where Capricorn and Capricorn are involved.

Indeed, while it’s star signs like Scorpio who tend to get the reputation for being brooding, unfathomable, dressing in black and marching to the beat of their own drum, in truth the same can often be said of Capricorn folks – they just keep their secrets even more expertly.

Understanding the hidden messages behind the symbolism of Capricorn is often the wisest way to see how well two of a kind pair up.

Although some might scoff at looking at mythology and folklore to decode the star signs of today, the fact of the matter is that these symbolic descriptions first arose because the characteristics of the animals seen in the night sky so closely matched the personalities of those born under them – and do to this day.

In the case of the Capricorn couple, both of them are symbolised by the goat, or more specifically, the sea goat.

This is a mythological mix up of the upper body of a goat and the lower body of a fish – and in astrology, water-dwelling creatures like the crab of Cancer of the fish of Pisces represent emotional depths.

In this way, Capricorn people are pragmatic and earthy on the surface – above the water line, if you will – and a rich tapestry of roiling feeling beneath the depths.

Often, Capricorn people don’t even recognise their own emotional depths, and sudden feelings of outrage, joy, jealousy or sadness can come as a shock.

It’s worth mentioning that many modern interpretations of Capricorn depict the star sign as a mountain goat, a more realistic and relatable animal whose traits are perhaps even better suited at summing up how Capricorn behaves.

In short, the mountain goat is an animal capable of subsisting on scraps of vegetation in some of the world’s remotest places, yet is more than willing to exert itself to climbing steep rocky inclines to get to where they need to be.

So too are Capricorn people confident and sure-footed, likely to plan a meticulous path to what they want that could well be years in advance of actually attaining the goal.

Like the mountain goat, they move with measured steps and dust themselves off without complaint if they take a tumble or two along the way.

Admirable traits indeed, and a recipe for success if ever there was one – but as you might imagine, if a Capricorn and Capricorn couple isn’t stepping in the same direction, it can be more than awkward.

However, if it’s the same mountain they’re climbing, it’s hard to picture a more perfect pairing.

Matches between the Capricorn woman and Capricorn man

Understanding a Capricorn and Capricorn relationship deeply means seeing things from the perspective of both partners, starting with the Capricorn woman.

She’s self-sufficient, ambitious and likely became somewhat mature and adult in her mind long before her body had done likewise – these are the wise kids in the playground and the level-headed teens we meet from time to time.

The Capricorn woman has learned, perhaps the hard way if she’s especially unlucky, that little in life comes for free.

Rather than be defeated by this truth, she embraces it, and she expects a similar work ethic and sense of self-discipline from everyone she meets, at least at the subconscious level.

She’s often disappointed, of course – but not when the Capricorn man comes along.

If he’s not in business for himself, he’s high up the corporate chain at the company he works for, possibly at a comparatively young age – and if he’s not that, he’s certainly on his way there with a quiet, unassuming certainty.

Yet as the Capricorn woman and Capricorn man get together, there’s a levity that breaks through the seriousness of their own personal goals, in each other they seem to find almost playmates of sorts.

The joy of finding a kindred spirit is often what ignites this relationship, and the sparks will certainly fly when this happens – both partners are secretly quite physical lovers indeed.

The relationship won’t fly out of the starting gate though, as both partners are cautious – but also very sure of what they want.

Perhaps surprising the Capricorn man, the Capricorn woman will have no qualms making plain her amorous intentions if given the opportunity.

Both partners speak their minds without constraint or apology, and appreciate this honesty in each other.

Of course, the Capricorn woman won’t take any nonsense from the Capricorn man either, and over time could find his posturing somewhat insufferable.

While he’s a gentleman, and certainly knows how to treat a woman well, the Capricorn man has a penchant for peacocking that the Capricorn woman finds tiresome.

It’s not all about status and seeing to be seen, she reminds him.

Of the couple, the Capricorn woman is actually a touch more mature than the Capricorn man, and doesn’t hesitate to remind him of it when the need arises.

That said, she’s also more prone to being morose or down on herself from time to time, often in ways the Capricorn man find confusing – but if he’s wise, he’ll comfort her when she needs it.

The good points:

  • A sense of recognition from the Capricorn woman and Capricorn man to one another helps them foster trust fast
  • The partners get to show their hidden selves behind closed doors, becoming stronger for it even when frightened of being vulnerable
  • Driven to win, this couple creates long-term goals and the means to reach them in beautiful harmony

The bad points:

  • Arguments over money could rear their head, when one partner spends to show their status, and the other criticises them for not saving
  • The Capricorn woman can shut down her affections to punish the Capricorn man if he steps a foot wrong – but might not actually tell him what he needs to fix
  • Capricorn people can become fixated on their own self-interest from time to time, accidentally ignoring the needs of the other

Matches between the Capricorn man and Capricorn woman

The Capricorn man is a born strategist, whether he’s consciously aware of it or not.

From an early age, he learns that failing to plan is as good as planning to fail, and he plans out not just the course he wants his life to take, but also complementary paths he can switch to if one avenue of opportunity doesn’t pan out.

He’s good with money, and definitely good at making it – he rapidly establishes through some kind of self-analysis hidden even to his own conscious mind what his most bankable talents are, and aligns himself with a career that capitalises on those.

He doesn’t rest or slouch in doing so either, able to draw upon tremendous reserves of quiet, almost stoic energy as he makes his way in the world.

His rivals never see him until he’s already on top, and his friends – few, but carefully chosen – cheer for him every step of the way.

The Capricorn man is capable of playing the field if the need suits, but prefers to plan his life long term.

Capricorn people are solitary, not always even considering that their detailed life plans could well include a partner further down the line, so love tends to come as a surprise, albeit not necessarily an unwelcome one.

Of course, emotions are messy, and rushing into them even more so, so the Capricorn man instantly appreciates the level-headed approach to romance he finds in the Capricorn woman.

He’ll spare no expense in showing her the finer things in life during courtship, and won’t rush the subject of the bedroom either out of good old fashioned chivalry.

He should be careful not to overdo that approach though – the Capricorn woman adores tradition too, but is a very carnal creature and might take his gentlemanly conduct for disinterest.

As the relationship matures though, the Capricorn man comes to admire that his female counterpart is just as driven as he is.

However, it can cause friction when he realises that, when he’s trying to push for family time or a couple’s retreat, she’s got her mind on work.

He’s just as guilty of this himself, but doesn’t recognise that it can be something found in others too.

The Capricorn man and Capricorn woman enjoy a low key but secretly rather romantic relationship together, although he ought to watch that he doesn’t overindulge as success catches up with him.

Good food, fine wine or worse can get the better of him if his guard is down, and the Capricorn woman will waste no time in telling him exactly what she thinks of such behaviour.

By and large though, the couple pull in the same direction and are there for one another where it matters most – solid advice, considerate action and demonstration of affection that’s deep, but tasteful.

The good points:

  • The Capricorn man and Capricorn woman are just as racy as each other behind closed doors
  • Trust and dependability while keeping healthy independence means this couple rarely gets in one another’s way
  • Both partners have a long-term outlook, and plan their lives together accordingly

The bad points:

  • The Capricorn woman’s advice can come off as demanding, and the Capricorn man will sometimes wonder if she’s ever satisfied
  • The Capricorn man likes others to see he’s successful, but the Capricorn woman has no idea why he feels compelled to show off
  • The Capricorn woman can become withdrawn and melancholy sometimes without any real understanding why, and the Capricorn man might feel he’s done something wrong

Capricorn and Capricorn friendship compatibility

Birds of a feather flock together, but in astrology, even the most solidly solitary mountain goats are similarly keen to form a herd.

In honesty, Capricorn people simply don’t trust others very easily, yet Capricorn and Capricorn friendship works because these two actually recognise and respect that in one another.

Because each Capricorn friend is so independent and has so much in need of their diligence and attention, these buddies might not meet up very often, but are content to let each other walk their own path.

In times they do combine though, they find mutual understanding in discussing their challenges, sharing their plans, and even a bit of good old-fashioned opining about how difficult everything is and how irritating most people are!

Capricorn and Capricorn tend to bring out the fun loving side to one another though, so quite often their friendship sparks up some electric mischief that they’ll cheerfully sow about town on big nights out or road trips through the heartlands.

These are earthy people, but also friends of like-minded intelligence, so they’ll enjoy competitive games of skill or mental one-upmanship, like draughts, chess and card games.

Capricorn friends are dependable in a crisis, and they’ll come to appreciate this in one another tremendously.

When one Capricorn suffers, the other will be there to make things better, although there can be a dark side – that help had better not come at the expense of progressing their own personal agenda, and preferably such assistance ought not cost any money.

Capricorn and Capricorn marriage compatibility

With such long-term thinking in the minds of both Capricorn partners, it’s natural to assume that marriage is a no brainer for this couple.

Yet having anything indulged in without the involvement of the brain doesn’t sit well with Capricorn people – they are very much mind over matter and head over heart.

This doesn’t mean that Capricorn couples aren’t ever to marry, but certainly that they’re going to approach it with the due care and consideration – not letting their feelings get the better of them.

Once marriage gets underway, Capricorn and Capricorn partnerships are likely to give it their all, but also expect their own space and freedom.

Thanks to a largely mutual and subconscious understanding of one another, Capricorn marriages are a live and let live kind – at least half of the time.

In truth, Capricorn people are very much people who know their own minds and like things to be just so.

As such, one Capricorn spouse might unwittingly assume they are in charge of the relationship, steering the course of events and rustling up some friction with the other Capricorn spouse, who hasn’t felt consulted or considered in the direction love and life are taking.

However, loyalty, tradition, sensuality and practicality are all part of the promising cocktail this marriage stirs up long term.

The Capricorn and Capricorn marriage has all the ingredients it needs to go the distance, and it’s a good job this is the case – neither Capricorn would be willing to invest their heart and themselves otherwise.

The marriage will have its romantic moments, but is as much a unification of talents and practical skills as it is two soulmates coming together.

Often, Capricorn and Capricorn marriage works because each partner has a talent that complements the other – for instance, once might be a talented artist, and the other a dab hand with a hammer, some nails and a paint roller.

Capricorn and Capricorn: Common issues and problems

Some people say that there’s such a thing as too much common ground, or too much in common between two people – and that’s often where the pros and cons of Capricorn and Capricorn relationships crop up.

Both partners here are serious and somewhat self-serving, if not outright selfish. They expect the other partner to be looking out for themselves in the same way, so might not be as attentive as would be liked.

By and large, Capricorn people have a way of doing what they want when they want to due to the fact that they’ve led a somewhat solitary life that’s afforded them that freedom to being with.

They don’t always realise that there needs to be a little more given and taken in a relationship, and shouldn’t take this sort of thing as an attack on their personal freedom.

This is especially true due to how blunt, and even rude, irritated Capricorn people can be when airing their grievances.

Capricorn people also place a great deal of faith in their finances, and take money rather seriously.

Thanks to their hard-working ways, they tend to be good at making money, and in investing it in directions that pay off long-term without leaving them out of pocket in the interim.

Yet if one Capricorn partner does something that indeed leaves their counterpart out of pocket – even if it’s accidental, like having to cover the cost of a train ticket after a missed journey – the one doing the spending will feel somewhat bitter and put out.

Money is security to Capricorn people, and therefore massively important. So much so, in fact, they could have workaholic tendencies that overshadow the relationship also.

In worst case scenarios, Capricorn and Capricorn matches are made up of two workaholics so embroiled in their careers that they have no time for one another at all, and what could be a beautiful relationship peters out of its own accord.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

Some of the most fascinating matchups an astrologer will ever have the pleasure of analysing rests in those that combine two of the same sign.

A Capricorn and Capricorn relationship has every ingredient for success, but also needs to be careful that the common ground isn’t so emphasised that it gets ridden over roughshod by ambition and an escalated sense of self.

Capricorn people are ruled by the planet Saturn in traditional astrology, a giant of our solar system whose distinctive rings make it recognisable at a glance.

Saturn rules over self-discipline, reserved ambition and learning through experience, sometimes even bettering oneself in the school of hard knocks.

Saturn is said to be uncompromising, and so too do Capricorn people expect nothing but the best from themselves and those around them.

This can be motivating when two such partners are brought together, but hopefully love teaches Capricorn and Capricorn people the value of kindness and leniency too.

Pushing the partner too hard to live up to their own standards not only isn’t always fair, but will make that partner have even higher expectations of the pushy partner in turn – and then if they fail, it’ll hurt all the more.

In one another, the Capricorn and Capricorn partnership has found the one person to let their guard down to and trust, and it’s hugely worth doing.

Although perhaps even scary at first, it creates the foundation of what can be a dream team of likeminded souls, loving and gentle when they need to be, and tough and determined enough to see out even the most overwhelming of life’s challenges,

There’s no room for suspicion, stinginess or selfishness here – Capricorn has found someone who’ll stick by them no matter what, and provide valuable resources for the long climb up life’s great mountain.

Capricorn and Capricorn compatibility score: 7/10

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