The Moon in Capricorn

The Moon in Capricorn

The Moon in Capricorn brings a struggle between the emotional effect the Moon has on everyone, versus your more reserved Moon sign.

As a rule, you do not like to express your emotions overtly—especially in public. You are using your poker face as a defense mechanism, which could upset your pursuits of love and fulfillment.

The Moon in Capricorn Traits

The Moon in Capricorn brings out your most emotional side, showing that your ambitions are not just about money and recognition.

You do love a nice bonus or pat on the back from the boss more than most people, but you have deeper motivations.

Your material desires often lie in the concepts of a home and comforts for yourself and loved ones.

Your desire for material and financial security is backed up by the feeling of needing to be prepared.

You feel this on all levels—from making sure that you never run out of toilet paper to never forgetting your passport, for example.

The Lunar Capricorn wants to exert control over physical/business deals because they so often have trouble dealing with emotional transactions.

The Moon in Capricorn brings together your love of making money and your emotional need for stability.

Financial security is a top priority for many Lunar Capricorns. Leaving a positive legacy is important to you. The Moon in Capricorn will strengthen your emotional efforts.

The Moon in Capricorn Women

The Lunar Capricorn Woman invokes a spirit of sharing what you have and providing for those around you. You offer stability to loved ones.

You are faithful in relationships, and you are happy to split bills on dates. The Moon in Capricorn will highlight your desire to contribute to a larger whole, like your family or community.

While you could donate money, Women with the Moon in Pisces would rather help, in person. You may be the peace-maker between family members or the first to give the Heimlich to a stranger who is choking, in the booth next to yours.

Lunar Pisces Women are amazing homemakers and business managers because you are capable of multitasking. You do not get easily emotionally overwhelmed, even when under extra stress.

The Moon brings out your most seductive side, Lunar Capricorn. It is often hard for you to express your feelings.

When the Moon is in your Sign, however, you find yourself looking great, and getting the perfect kind of attention from your new love interest.

If already in a relationship, the Moon’s romantic mood lighting and emotional push will have you both feeling each other a little more than usual.

The Moon in Capricorn Men

The Moon in Capricorn draws men toward their inner desire to father and provide for a family. This man is responsible, and a great provider.

Lunar Capricorn Men view their mothers with respect and admiration, without being overly affectionate toward them. They will be the same with you.

The Moon in Capricorn finds these men at their most vulnerable. This means that not only are they susceptible to the highest of highs, but also the lowest of lows.

Not one for PDA most of the time anyway, when a Lunar Capricorn Man feels his boundaries are not respected, he will be totally put off.

This man will make a great Head of Household, as this Moon Sign is generally great at business and making money.

Remember, he is not all about the money. He wants to provide for you and his loved ones, as well as be recognized for his hard work.

The Moon in Pisces Man will want to commit. He will be faithful to his partner. Many of these men decide while they are younger to date older women, and younger women when they are older.

Beware of the inequality and heartache these relationship norms can bring to both parties.

The Moon and Capricorn in Love

Those with a Moon in Capricorn can tend to play the heartbroken victim, especially in matters of romantic relationships.

A Lunar Capricorn is skeptical of all emotions—especially their own, and especially in matters of love.

Fulfillment will come when you find your Best Love Matches for the Moon in Capricorn. Also, beware of Moons Signs that will keep you too distracted to find your own fulfillment.

The Best Love Matches for those with the Moon in Capricorn are compassionate Lunar Cancers and open-minded Lunar Pisces.

The Worst Love Matches for those with the Moon in Capricorn are signs that could step on Capricorn’s toes too often. Fire signs, such as Lunar Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius.

Lunar compatibility can change drastically, per individual. Not only your two Moon Signs but also both of your Star Signs will come into play.

Two peoples’ compatibility has many facets, in the Zodiac. In your search for love and fulfillment, find someone who compliments you, and complements you.

Dates for the Moon in Capricorn

The Moon in Capricorn (December 22-January 19) shows up as a New Moon, which comes on December 18th. On December 26th, a New Quarter Moon appears.

The Full Moon starts off your year on January 2nd, and the Last Quarter Moon appears on the 8th. January 17thleaves the sky dark; the New Moon ushers out the time of Capricorn.

Dates for the Moon in Capricorn are not just limited to the period of the Capricorn Star Sign. The Moon in Capricorn on April 19th is Last Quarter Moon.

July 9th brings a Full Moon into Capricorn. The Moon in Capricorn shares two First Quarter Moons, on September 28th and October 27th, to round out your year.

The Moon’s motherly love is always with you, Lunar Capricorn. Watch the Moon phases and try keeping a diary of how you feel during each. Use this information for your own personal reflection, later.

On the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 9th, use the energy provided by the Moon’s brightest light of the month. You are ambitious, both at work and at home.

Use the Moon’s illumination now, and try to see what could be in your future. Make plans for around the house and in your professional arena—try signing up for a workshop you have been interested in.

When the Moon first shows up at the beginning of Capricorn, it is already in New Moon phase. This invisible moon and dark night sky might mirror your mood, right now.

Remember that you are in control of your own decisions. Whatever is giving you anxiety or envy is painting a road map towards what you really need.

7 Little Known Facts About the Moon in Capricorn

If the moon is able to influence Capricorn, then the draw it can have on different aspects of your life is going to be rather powerful.

However, we still have to spend time looking at different facts associated with this combination to make it easier for you to ascertain as to whether or not it is the kind of thing that will make as big a difference as you had perhaps hoped.

1. You like to keep your emotions in check.

One of the first things to mention is that you do tend to prefer to keep your emotions in check as much as possible.

You hate the idea of an external display of what you are feeling, so will go to extreme lengths in order to prevent this from happening.

2. You have a deep motivation to get on with life.

You hate the idea of being held back in life, and the moon just works by increasing the feeling that you have to get on with life whenever possible.

Also, you have the motivation to do this and to make the changes that are necessary.

3. You need to feel prepared at all times.

You like to be organised, and the moon is going to increase the feelings of you needing to be prepared at all times for any eventuality.

This can annoy some, but it does give you a sense of balance that you cannot ignore, which is why it will play such an integral role in whatever it is that you do.

4. You like to share what you have.

Women that have this influence in their life have a tendency of wanting to really share what they have in their life with those that they feel deserves to be in this position.

This sense of sharing is going to help them to bring those closest to them even closer than before providing them with the feeling of safety and security that they are often craving.

5. The man feels the need to provide.

The man with this influence is going to really feel the need to provide for their family, and this will push them on like never before.

They are willing to push themselves in new directions as the desire to do this is stronger than anything else that they can care to imagine.

6. You are not afraid of hard work.

Another key aspect is that you are not going to be afraid of hard work at this point, and you are willing to put in the effort to get to where you want to go. Also, you realise that this is the best way of achieving your goals.

7. You can be wary of the emotions of others.

There is a sense of you being somewhat wary of how others are displaying their emotions, and you will try to look beyond what they do in order to see if there is something else driving it all.

This cynical way of looking at things is also designed to just help you to get a better idea of who you can trust.

There is no doubt that the moon is a powerful influence, and it can affect you in a number of different ways if you allow it to.

Embrace what it can offer because who knows what else will become possible.

Final Thoughts

Star Signs tell us how our personalities provide rational thoughts and wants, according to the Sun.

When the Moon is in the designated Star Sign signs, however, such as with the Moon in Capricorn, a person’s needs are more visible. Remember that your Moon sign is like your inner child.

Studying your Moon Sign is essential to understanding what you need, subconsciously. Once you have done this, you can also compare Moon Signs with loved ones.

You may find out that you have more differences and/or similarities than originally thought. You may find you both are very different but prioritize a comfortable home to come home to each night.

Two people with the same Moon Sign might be very different from one another. Your Moon Sign tells what you need, even if you are trying to hide it.

Your loved ones could identify your Moon Sign, without hesitation. This is the closest you will get to an unfiltered version of your stream-of-consciousness.

Allow others in– you may need to practice this. Your inner Lunar Capricorn child will benefit from the work you are putting in.

Find any lingering issues and address them—Lunar help is awaiting you. Capricorn, you love to provide for others, but you will find your generosity is not always reciprocated by those you love.

A Question for You, Dear Capricorn:

How do you let a loved one know you are feeling taken for granted?

What do you think?

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