1971 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Pig

1971 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Pig

Personality Type of the 1971 Chinese Zodiac

If you were born in 1971, your Chinese zodiac sign is the Pig.

Pig people are known to be optimistic, independent, responsible, and thoughtful.

They demonstrate mercy and generosity when dealing with other people’s mistakes, and this makes them enjoy harmonious relationships.

They are good-natured, warmhearted, gentle, and truthful. Their sense of loyalty is also something that they are very proud of.

People admire Pig people for being able to focus on their dreams and goals. Once they set their goals, they will spend their time and energy on accomplishing them.

They seldom ask help from people, but they will always be ready to lend a helping hand.

Because of their generosity and kindness, it does not even cross their minds that there are dishonest people out there. They are not suspicious, and this makes them an easy target.

They can be naïve and easily fooled, but this will not prevent them from being kind to others. Their pure hearts are what make them so easy to love!

Sometimes Pig people can be lazy and sluggish. They can lack in motivation or action, too.

But their great sense of responsibility will counteract these lazy moments and inspire them to finish what they started.

They are calm in the face of challenges because they know that they can handle them wisely, cautiously, and courageously.

Pig people are strong-willed and stubborn, but they are willing to give in if it means peace and harmony.

They are as sensual as they are energetic, and they can be very perceptive about certain things.

Their powers of persuasion also help them achieve what they want and hit their targets in the workplace.

Pig people are always in search for the truth, and they will leave no stone unturned just to find it.

They can be counted on to tell the truth, but they will also try to strike a balance doing the right thing for themselves and for the people they love.

If they catch you in a lie, they will never consider your input, views, and opinions again.

They are wise and thorough, and they make sure to doublecheck their facts before raising the issue with people.

People can trust the Pig’s knowledge. They deal with issues scientifically and have every little detail checked and cross checked.

However, because of their love for the truth, they can also become too critical or too honest and scare off potential friends, lovers, or even business partners.

What Element is 1971?

If your birth year is 1971 and your Chinese zodiac animal is the Pig, your element is metal.

Metal Pigs are openminded and kindhearted. They will try to repay every good deed or favor done to them because they want to pass on the kindness to everyone.

They are sensitive to people’s needs, and friends and loved ones don’t even have to come to them for help. Pig people instinctively know and will offer their help anytime.

Metal Pigs have natural leadership skills. However, they can be contented where they are and just be indolent because they know that they can achieve their goals anytime they want to.

Metal Pigs need to develop their perseverance and persistence to be successful, happy, and financially abundant.

They are very straightforward and honest when it comes to expressing their emotions. Sometimes they are so honest that they fail to think about how other people feel.

In love, they are ardent and determined. They will not stop pursuing the person they love until they fall in love with them, too.

The Metal Pig works hard and is highly regarded for their integrity and dependability.

In their younger years, they will try their luck at many different jobs until they find the right fit.

The right fit is usually any job that requires them to be of service to others.

They will sacrifice their time for the good of the people, and this will earn them the respect of their employers and colleagues.

Pig people also have a great sense of humor and always have something witty and funny to say. They love cheering people up and entertaining the company they’re with.

Sadly, they still get taken advantage of because of their good nature and generosity.

Because people know that they find it hard to say no, they will push their own selfish agendas and get them to do their bidding.

Metal Pigs would really benefit by learning to say no every now and then without feeling so guilty. They need to remind themselves that saying no is actually a good thing that will empower and protect them from the opportunists.

Metal Pigs are strong and resilient. They can enjoy great success in life, business, and love even after suffering from disappointment after disappointment.

Best Love Matches for the 1971 Zodiac

The best love matches for the Pig are the Sheep, Rabbit, and Tiger.

These love matches have the highest chance of a happy and loving marriage and wonderful family life.

They can overcome challenges together with love and respect, and there will be plenty of encouragement from both partners when life takes a hard turn.

They share the same values and have common goals, making it easier for them to make the relationship work.

The Pig and the Tiger were born to become perfect lovers to each other.

They have enough patience and understanding to deal with the intricacies of relationships and the challenges of married life.

They can cooperate and compromise so that the two of them will work well together.

They will also not allow for their marriage or their family to take second place because of the demands of their careers.

With the Pig and the Tiger, it will be a very relaxing family life and a long-lasting marriage.

The Pig and the Rabbit possess a common considerate and gentle personality. They will very rarely get into arguments because they will agree on almost everything.

They will both be very loyal and faithful, and they will not do anything that will harm or destroy what they have together.

Their common goals and shared love for their relationship and their family life will help them overcome the difficulties.

The Pig and the Sheep will also experience very few conflicts. The overall atmosphere will be harmonious, relaxing, and fun.

Sheep people are very romantic and creative, and every moment spent together will feel like date night.

They can live together in peace even if they have different personalities. They will not mind the shortcomings because in their eyes, their loved ones are perfect.

When it comes to love and relationships, the Pig is loyal, loving, romantic, and responsible.

They want to get married and have a passionate, romantic, exciting, and lasting married life.

They can be really shy around the person they like, but they can easily overcome their shyness when they really want something to happen romantically.

Sometimes they will feel like it’s not worth the trouble and just let the opportunity pass.

Once they decide to settle down, they will be all out to make the marriage work and support the family.

However, some Pig people will still find it hard to express how they’re feeling, which can lead to misunderstandings in the family.

The Pig is an ideal partner in love. They will worship the person they love and pour all their energy into rearing their children to be their best.

Although the Pig is stubborn, they don’t like rocking the boat and will choose to just give in for the sake of peace and harmony.

There’s a risk of being boring, but their partners will never have to worry about them breaking their hearts or betraying their trust.

They can create a relaxed atmosphere in their relationship.

They can also give a sense of security to the person they love quite effortlessly.

Pig people are good listeners, but they enjoy lots of cuddles and conversations as well.

Negative emotions won’t influence the Pig because of their candid and winning personality.

They may hurt the other person’s feelings by what they have said, but it’s never intentional.

Anyone who’s interested or in a relationship with a Pig should learn to be more patient, tolerant, and understanding.

Wealth and Fortune for the 1971 Chinese Zodiac

Pig people can live their lives and spend their money just like a pig.

They usually can afford to because they are often blessed with money.

Pig people have a weakness for lavish holidays and shopping trips. They also like to wear the latest in fashion and technology.

They are lucky gamblers and always find a way to make extra cash when they’re running low.

They are generous when it comes to financial support, but they rarely tap into their savings for this.

If you plan to borrow from a Pig person and just come up with excuses why you cannot pay them, better think about it a hundred times.

Pig people don’t like lies and dishonesty, so it’s better to be upfront to them about it.

Even if they spend their money without much thought, they are actually very astute when it comes to money matters.

They can also recover from financial setbacks quite quickly.

Once they make up their minds about something, no one can stop them.

Lucky Symbols and Numbers

The lucky numbers for the Pig are 2, 5, and 8, and any other number combination that contains these numbers, like 25, 28, 58, 258, etc.

Gold, yellow, brown, and grey are the lucky colors.

Marguerite, pitcher plant, and hydrangea are the lucky flowers.

The lucky directions are the northeast and the southeast.

3 Unusual Facts About the 1971 Chinese Zodiac

In China, the Pig is not considered an intelligent animal. This is because it just sleeps and eats and gets fat. Thus, it represents clumsiness and laziness.

But the Pig is believed to bring affluence to people. It’s also a very harmless animal.

The Pig has been regarded as a bringer of abundance and wealth.

My Final Thoughts

The Pig is hardworking, kind, and generous. They are some of the most patient, understanding, and tolerant people in the world.

They have a great passion for fashion, so it’s no surprise that they are also very stylish people.

The Pig has a voracious appetite for the finer things in life. They also desire carnal pleasures.

Although this can make them look shallow or superficial, they are ready to spend a fortune to help someone in need to improve their quality of life.

Pig people are sometimes jealous, but this stems from the fact that they just want to love and feel loved.

They are also perfectionists. They are their own worst critics.

But they are proud of a lot of things about themselves and their lives. They are courageous and enthusiastic, and they can be really good at what they do.

They are often tapped for consultation work because of their creativity, intelligence, and ingenuity.

Although they enjoy being with family and friends, they can also be found by their lonesome, enjoying small pleasures and getting lost in their thoughts.

When they crave for inner peace, they usually retreat to nature to help them restore their personal balance.

They often look dreamy and preoccupied, and this conceals their worry and anxiety.

It’s very easy to get favors from Pig people because they usually say yes.

Be warned, though, because they can be distrustful when people say no in return.

But they forgive very easily, and all will be forgotten when people show how sorry they are.

At work, Pig people can be very productive if they devote all their energies to their tasks. When they have an idea that they want to try out, they usually have the support of their co-workers.

The Pig’s honesty makes them naturally allergic to misconduct or wrongdoings.

Whenever they are backed into a corner, they will choose to become stoic, stubborn, or suspicious rather than reveal their true feelings.

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