1977 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Snake

1977 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Snake

Personality Type of the 1977 Chinese Zodiac

If you were born in 1977, your Chinese zodiac is the Snake.

The Snake often makes a bad impression on people because they are believed to be vicious, cunning, and tricky.

Snake people project a cool exterior and calm appearance. But underneath that hides a very passionate heart.

They can silently observe everything that’s happening around them and perform their tasks independently. But they are also earnest in their desires to help other people.

This can be seen in the way they help new people at work or new members of the family. They will not hesitate to help friends or colleagues who need their support.

Snake people can be trusted very easily and are very popular with everyone. They are very sociable with a positive and inspiring disposition.

They are warmhearted, optimistic, and ready to brave any challenge in life. They are not sinister as the Snake that they are associated with. In fact, they are quite the opposite!

What Element is 1977?

People born under the Snake Chinese zodiac belong to the element of fire.

Fire Snakes love being in the spotlight and are natural performers. They are superbly talented actors, dancers, musicians, and speakers.

They are charming, attractive, and have impressive social skills. Like the other types of Snakes, they don’t like ordinary.

Fire Snake people find it challenging to settle down in love because they are always looking for change.

They are sensitive and weak in love, and they often fall too quickly or too deeply as a result.

They are the more introspective kind, always listening and observing. This is what makes them so much wiser and more dangerous.

They are often wise about their money and have good luck in wealth. But their expensive tastes can lead them to financial ruin.

Fire Snake people can also sometimes be secretive or aloof, making them look standoffish.

But they are friendlier and more welcoming than they look, and they always have a positive and solid disposition.

Even if there’s an intensity about them that’s intimidating, Fire Snake people are loving and passionate lovers, as well as loyal and trustworthy friends for life.

They don’t have the desire to be surrounded by people, and they don’t consciously look for new experiences.

The Snake’s basic nature is to be happy in the familiar and all things beautiful and pleasurable. But the Fire Snake, on the other hand, will be too happy about being in the limelight.

Unlike other types of Snakes who stand by silently and confidently in the background or in the sidelines, Fire Snakes will be shouting, laughing, sharing jokes, and holding court in front of friends, colleagues, and admirers.

One of the main reasons why Fire Snakes are so popular is their ability to express their thoughts and feelings in a very compelling manner.

It’s not that the Snake lacks communication skills. They are experts in diplomatic social conversations, after all.

But in the case of the Fire Snake, there is a verbal mastery that works strongly to motivate and inspire others.

They will be able to draw out the most private and reserved character at a social function just as easily as they can convince the most willful client in the meeting room.

For these reasons, the Fire Snake is a force to be reckoned with, whether in the social or professional setting.

And although this persuasive personality can appear a little opinionated and self-centered at times, most people still can’t help but be charmed by them.

Fire Snakes are brimming with confidence, bravado, and dramatics. In most cases, this combination is hard to resist.

On the downside, though, the Fire Snake can be prone to extreme or unpredictable moods.

While the Snake has incredible self-control, under the influence of the fire element, the Snake can also lash out in white-hot rage when angered.

They can lose their poise and self-control when put in a situation that casts a bad light on them.

During these moments, the Fire Snake is surely one of the most dangerous signs of the Chinese zodiac.

Not only because of their verbal fury, but more because of their capacity to strike back with deadly vengeance.

Best Love Matches for the 1977 Zodiac

The best love match for the Snake is the Ox. They share so many things in common, including the activities they like to engage in when relaxing or socializing.

The Snake and the Ox have very sensual natures, and they are fond of anything that brings great pleasure to their senses.

Good food, fine wine, and wonderful experiences may just be some of the things that will bring these two people together.

The Snake is a big connoisseur of culture, and the Ox likes creature comforts. But they will still move in the same circles and enjoy almost the same things together.

This is an important factor in increasing the compatibility levels of the Snake and the Ox.

When two people enjoy doing the same things with each other, the higher the chances that they will stay in love and happy together.

The Snake and the Ox like to tread carefully in all aspects of their life. From picking out new furniture, to making new friends, to choosing a business venture, they want to know exactly what they’re getting themselves into.

They like the way things currently are and will be very slow to warm up to new possibilities.

This love for familiarity often leads them to have small but solid social circles. They love their routine and the familiar way they do things.

Their love of the familiar stems from their private natures. Snake people will be perfectly content to spend the whole day by themselves, listening to music, reading a book, watching a movie, or enjoying a good meal.

They don’t feel the need to be with human company or yearn for new and intense experiences.

As a couple, the Snake and the Ox understand and appreciate each other’s tastes. Neither is likely to force the other to do something that they don’t like.

These two will also have a satisfying physical relationship. They both know the importance of sexual fulfillment and will go the extra mile to indulge and make each other happy.

The Snake and the Rooster also make a very loving and fulfilling love match. They both have a social side, and both have a desire for a home that’s safe, warm, and loving.

These two can easily make a solid connection, whether in a personal or professional relationship. Together, they create a peaceful and harmonious foundation, be that in the home or in the office.

A Snake can be a great partner for Roosters because they are cool, deliberate, and discreet.

They analyze everything. If they have a moment of self-doubt, no one will ever notice because of how well they carry themselves in different situations.

The Snake will share the Rooster’s talent for speech and rhetoric, and they will have incredibly profound and interesting conversations.

As lovers, the Snake and the Rooster are made for long-term relationships and may commit to each other very early on.

It’s not because of impulse or passion, but because they see that being together will only improve or enhance their lives.

The Rooster has a good eye for detail and likes to keep a clean, safe, and beautiful home.

The Snake is known to be lucky with money and can be depended on by the Rooster to earn a living for both of them.

Snake people often become jealous or possessive in relationships because of certain insecurities. But with the Rooster, it will not be a problem in the relationship.

Rooster people are incredibly faithful and loyal and will never give the Snake any reason to be suspicious.

Wealth and Fortune for the 1977 Chinese Zodiac

People who are born in the year of the Snake are not that bothered with money problems.

They are usually lucky enough to have what they need. If the money supply is low, they can easily remedy the situation because of their many gifts and talents.

However, Snake people should not gamble because they will come out poorer in the end.

When they do suffer from huge losses, it will most likely be the last time it’s going to happen because Snake people learn quickly.

They can recover very quickly and learn their lessons so that they will not experience the same thing again. This is how they grow shrewd and smart in business.

You will be impressed by how Snake people handle their finances. Even though they’re fond of luxurious things, they never overspend.

They are aware of how important it is to pass up on expensive things if they don’t want to go broke. They can be quite generous with their money and relentless when they want to achieve a goal.

Their almost maniacal desire for money and fame will make them persist on achieving concrete results.

They are very determined and uncompromising. Once they set their sights on a goal and get to the top, they will cling to power with all that they have.

They are conservative with money and systematic when it comes to work. Snake people will find success in insurance, banking, or real estate.

Snake people know their limitations and will not overextend themselves.

Some snake people can be a bit tightfisted when it comes to money, but their compassion and sympathy often leads them to help.

When it comes to money matters, Snake people have all the luck. They simply don’t worry about it or let themselves be controlled by it.

They will always be able to get money when they need it.

Once they have it, they will become a little stingy with it. This is why in their old age they can grow quite miserly.

Lucky Symbols and Numbers

The Snake Chinese zodiac is associated with the Earthly Branch si and the yin energy. Cactus and orchids are the lucky flowers, while Opal is the lucky gemstone.

Snake people’s lucky numbers are 2, 8, 9, and their lucky colors are black, light yellow, and red. The most auspicious directions are the south, southwest, and northeast.

3 Unusual Facts About the 1977 Chinese Zodiac

The Snake is considered a small Chinese Dragon because it is inferior to the Chinese Dragon.

Chinese people compare the Snake with a cunning personality. People who belong to the Snake Chinese zodiac have indomitable spirits. They know their weaknesses and are always looking for ways to be better.

For Snake people, a disappointment is just like the process of shedding off skin. Every time the snake sloughs skin, they get another shot at life.

My Final Thoughts

Snake people are not someone that you would wish to offend anytime.

They have the intuitive power of the Snake zodiac animal. Their personalities also have the temper and dynamism associated with the fire element.

What you get is someone who is both knowing and magnificent, as well as charismatic and dangerous.

The Snake has a strong can-do attitude. They never back down from a good challenge and will keep working their way to the top until they achieve their goals.

The fire element in this Chinese zodiac sign helps them in planning just how they are going to accomplish their ultimate goals.

But because Snake people don’t like being rushed or joining everyone else in their mad dash for success, the fire element works to heighten their ambition.

Snake people want a good deal out of life. They want the money, the security, the recognition, the admiration, and everything else that a good life can bring.

But most of all, Snake people want power, and they will work hard just to achieve it.

Snake people are fun and very extroverted people with a truly likeable personality.

Beneath all that social poise and cultured and cultured appearance is a really private person who will be happy with the simplest things.

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