1980 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Monkey

1980 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Monkey

Personality Type of the 1980 Chinese Zodiac

If you were born in 1980, your Chinese zodiac sign is the Monkey.

People born under this zodiac sign are known to be excellent speakers. They also possess inquisitive minds that are always fresh and alert.

They have an extremely lively personality, and they are always full of ideas.

Their pragmatism is very useful, but they are also in a seemingly permanent state of agitation, which for them make them enjoy life and feel most alive.

In the business setting, it will always be beneficial to pay attention to what the Monkey is saying. They are capable of finding solutions to even the most complex situations after all.

A person who’s under this Chinese zodiac sign can give out the best professional advice as long as they feel admired, respected, and listened to.

If ever people start doubting their word, the Monkey can become dishonest and manipulative. In their romantic life, the Monkey curiosity and appetite can only bring them temporary satisfaction.

Instead of feeling euphoric over the moment that has been shared, the Monkey will choose to run away because of their desire for freedom.

It’s only in the latter part of their lives that the Monkey can truly find a better and stronger balance, security, and stability within their homes.

When it comes to business, the Monkey is always on the lookout for new ideas to improve because of their indescribable love for money.

Their charm, confidence, ingenuity, and practicality help them find the best and most effective solutions to most of the problems that they face.

Some people take the Monkey’s confidence as conceit or arrogance. The Monkey’s opponents will also not hesitate to try and turn their passion and spirit against them.

But the Monkey has a strong and sound mind, and any attempt to hurt their ego and slow them down will just be a waste time.

The Monkey is an excellent strategist with a very likeable personality. When they decide they want something, they will get it, thanks to their charm and brilliance.

They can effortlessly convince and seduce even the worst and biggest enemies.

What Element is 1980?

If you were born in 1980 and your Chinese zodiac animal is the Monkey, your element is metal.

The Monkey is energetic, witty, and engaging. They are highly sociable and fascinating conversationalists who are able to attract a wide circle of friends.

Metal Monkey people have a naturally low threshold for boredom. They are curious about anything extreme, and they believe that the grass is always greener somewhere.

They always find themselves looking for things that will keep them stimulated, amused, or interested.

But Metal Monkeys are often too smart for their own good and can be deemed as unscrupulous and opportunistic, to the point of being manipulative.

This is because Metal Monkey types have an acute psychological understanding that allows them to read people like books.

Although the Metal Monkey often gives the impression of getting along well with everyone, this is nothing more than a ploy.

Metal Monkeys are typically selfish and egotistical. They tend to be lazy, choosing to focus on small matters while ignoring the more important ones.

They ignore the challenges and the obstacles because they find them not worth considering.

Playful and even accommodating at times, the Metal Monkey prefers to keep their thoughts about others hidden beneath their apparent friendliness and gregariousness.

They don’t easily trust people who are born under different signs because they think of themselves as superior to all of them.

They are highly intelligent and have an incredible ability to deceive others.

The Metal Monkeys are very versatile and highly adaptable. They are excited about everything, and they often spend their time expanding their minds and being fascinated with art.

They love luxury, individuality, and refinement. They are resourceful and inventive and can solve most problems in the quickest and most skillful way possible.

The Monkey acknowledges their attraction to money, and they feel no shame about it. They quickly absorb facts and figures and learn new techniques.

When it comes to business, their opportunistic tendencies and competitive instincts give them the edge to spot even the tiniest opening.

Once they find that opening, they can begin the work that will bring them success and fortune. People born under the Monkey zodiac sign succeed in almost any profession.

They can try anything, and it will work, especially if they have been lucky enough to receive higher education.

Although they will find success in a variety of occupations, a lot of Monkey people will be attracted to showbusiness. This is because the Monkey has a natural need to be seen and noticed.

But because they are such reckless people who don’t care about their reputations, it does not matter whether the impression they create is a good or a bad one.

For Monkey people, the more publicity, the better.

The first part of the Monkey’s life will be satisfying and happy. The second will be confusing and upsetting, and their plans will often fail.

When they reach a ripe old age, the Monkey will increasingly love their simple and peaceful life.

Under the influence of the metal element, the Monkey will be fierce, expressive, powerful, elegant, and independent, with an unquenchable desire for financial stability.

They have high ambitions and may seem overdramatic and status conscious.

The Monkey is practical as they are hardworking. They are very convincing and charismatic, and they will shun any kind of help from other people in their pursuits.

Best Love Matches for the 1980 Zodiac

The Monkey’s best love match is the Rat.

Their similarities are more than their differences, and their love compatibility quotient is also quite high. Provided that they don’t compete with each other too much and let their egos clash.

The Monkey and the Rat are both clever and versatile. They can put their minds to almost any task with ease and expertise.

There is no situation or project that’s too difficult or unmanageable for these two. They are likely to be attracted to each other in the same way that birds of a feather flock together.

When they’re in a relationship, they will enjoy pursuing arts, culture, sports, and travel. They will share their own experiences and educate the other on what they’re not that familiar with.

They will keep each other interested with new things to do, different places to go, and new experiences to engage in.

It will never be boring with these two because they will both make sure that every time is a good time!

Their mutual love of variety can only be matched by their ingenuity in making things happen and overcoming difficult odds.

They will encourage and support each other with their personal and professional challenges. They will be each other’s biggest fans.

The exciting lifestyle and unique experiences that they are drawn to would be difficult to share with other signs in the zodiac. Other signs will just not get what they are so attracted to or inspired by.

The Monkey and the Rat are perfectly suited to be with each other because they challenge each other to have wider interests and different intellectual stimulations.

Both are good natured and proud of their large circle of friends and strong family support.

The Rat is the epitome social charm and good conversation. They are affable, friendly, and capable of disarming even the demurest people with their natural charm.

The Monkey is also a master at social situations, impressing people with their intelligence, and knowing the right things to say to the right people.

They are stylish and fashion-conscious. They like to cook and host, making them highly sociable characters.

The Monkey and Rat love match is likely to be one of the most popular couples in town and the sweethearts in social circuits.

Even if it’s not a good enough reason for romantic compatibility, having common friends and a shared love of socializing have been known to be effective with long-time partners.

The Monkey and the Rat are both emotionally secure. They have enough interests and friends to keep them occupied.

This does not mean that they are not capable of having a deep and meaningful relationship with each other, though.

Once they decide to commit to a person, the Rat will shower them with love and attention, while the Monkey will keep the passion alive and the fire burning.

Wealth and Fortune for the 1980 Chinese Zodiac

The Monkey is well-versed with money and knows how to grow his riches. Although sometimes the Monkey may acquire money in ways that are not completely honest, honorable, or legal.

Monkey people want financial comfort, and they are ready to sacrifice their personal freedom just to have it.

They believe that it’s worth living a basic life now if it means having their dream life in the future.

When they use their rich imagination, it will bring them great fortune. They can take a loss or a failure and turn it into a gain or a success just by the sheer force of their ideas.

Unfortunately, Monkey people are easily bored. They need a lot of stimulation to keep moving forward.

They can also be quite stubborn and make bad investments if their fantasies have convinced them that everything will work out alright.

Lucky Symbols and Numbers

The Monkey’s season is the summer, and its lucky gemstone is Peridot. The lucky colors are purple and black, and the lucky numbers are 9, 1, and 5.

Some of the luckiest jobs and careers for the Monkey are as lawyers, art gallery dealers, real estate agents, diplomats, astrologers, osteopaths, craftsmen, painters, photographers, singers, musicians, actors, comedians, and artists.

3 Unusual Facts About the 1980 Chinese Zodiac

People born under the Monkey Chinese zodiac sign have great instincts about money. They are also believed to have the “Midas Touch”.

You will often discover a collection of fine art in their homes, especially metal sculptures.

They need to be independent because they work better on their own. The metal element in this Chinese zodiac drives them to have risk-taking careers, such as in the military or with ocean-related jobs.

My Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, Monkey people with the metal element possess a great deal of confidence. You will rarely see a nervous Monkey because they know how to present themselves to the world.

They are resolute in their drive for success to the point of being stubborn. They will not stop until they get it right, and they will not stop until they achieve their dreams.

There is a strong sense of attractiveness around them, and they have an energy and self-assurance that makes them very sexy and likeable.

Once the Monkey decides on something, it’s nearly impossible to make them go back on it. They are very ambitious and independent, and they are ready to take the necessary risks.

Monkey people are good team players and are able to guide their team toward the right direction. They are reliable, responsible, and focused.

They are always exploring new and challenging prospects. They are never one to be complacent or overconfident.

They are hard workers, which means they earn well, spend well, and save well. They like to ensure that their future is secure.

On a social level, the Monkey is very outgoing, friendly, and affectionate towards friends and loved ones.

They also have an incredible talent in persuasion. Combine this with their gift of words, and they can easily do the seemingly impossible, including selling ice to Eskimos!

Although they are more than capable of taking care of themselves, they should not turn away from all kinds of help.

Being open to other people’s help can finish their tasks faster and more efficiently. Their independence may appear arrogant or intimidating and make them look unapproachable.

But if they are aware of it and try to tone it down, they will definitely make more friends and gain more support!

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