1983 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Pig

1983 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Pig

Personality Type of the 1983 Chinese Zodiac

People born in 1983 fall under the Pig Chinese zodiac sign.

The Pig is stylish, fashionable, hardworking, and a perfectionist. They are very patient people who are often admired and loved by their friends and family for being generous and kind.

They have a voracious appetite for the pleasures of life, especially for carnal pleasures.

Although this may make them appear superficial, they are always ready to spend a fortune just to satisfy their need to please and enjoy their life to the fullest.

The Pig is also known to be energetic and brave, but also jealous and proud.

Although they can usually be found in social gatherings, Pigs like to be alone, enjoying small pleasures that would appear insignificant to the other signs.

When they seek inner peace, the call of nature and fresh air becomes a necessity for the Pig to achieve their personal balance.

They are often deemed as happy and dreamy, but their energy truly hides a very anxious and worried nature.

It’s easy to get favors from the Pig. They’re not good at saying no to people because they feel like they’re letting them down whenever they do.

But they become depressed when they don’t get something in return, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Remarkably polite, the Pig forgives easily.

The intelligent and often lucky Pig also appreciates money and wealth. Not for the power and fame that it gives, but for how it makes possible to achieve their desired material comforts.

At work, some people tend to say that the Pig is relatively slow. But when ideas are brewing in their heads, they know how to optimize their resources to achieve success.

Their honest nature also makes them allergic to any kind of wrongdoing.

When they feel trapped or cornered, they quickly become suspicious and stubborn, revealing nothing about what they’re truly feeling or thinking.

What Element is 1983?

If you were born in 1983 and your Chinese zodiac sign is the Pig, your element is water. The Water Pig is the most tactful, the most talented, but also the most self-absorbed of the Pigs.

No expense is too expensive in their eyes, as long as they decide that it’s necessary.

They will not hesitate to spend to improve their fashion sense, to beautify their surroundings, and to nourish their discriminating palate.

The Water Pig is the most typical representative of the twelfth sign of the Chinese zodiac because of their sensuality and gullibility.

They appreciate luxury and worldliness. Their voracious appetite for all the pleasures of life can lead them on treacherous roads, though.

Water Pigs are diplomatic, and they try to maintain calm relations with others. But they can also be overly trusting.

They should, therefore, learn to be stronger and firmer to protect their interests. They should always check everything without taking the words of people at face value.

The persevering and diplomatic Water Pig is endowed with all the qualities of an excellent scout.

They are receptive and sensitive to the hidden desires of others, and they skillfully and carefully negotiate with opponents.

And yet, under the influence of water, they see the best in people and refuse to believe that they are capable of having evil intentions.

The Water Pig lovingly believes in their loved ones.

They believe that miracles happen every day. But if they’re not careful, people can use this trait for their own selfish purposes.

An energetic, peaceful, and honest Water Pig likes having fun. They like being in the company of people.

They carefully observe the rules of the game and happily meet others halfway. The Water Pig is also somewhat passionate and erotic.

At worst, they can concentrate too much on sex food, and alcohol, and live a luxurious life at the expense of others.

When a Pig is affected by the water element, the ebb and flow of water is also imparted to their personality.

According to Chinese astrology, people who are usually influenced by water are more flexible in their dealings with others, and the Water Pig is no exception.

They have the natural friendliness of the Pig but don’t let anything really get them down.

A Water Pig negotiates better because of their natural talent to keep the peace and shake off stressful moments.

Even the most annoying people cannot get to the Water Pig. This makes them the perfect people to handle conflicts and ease tension-filled situations.

They must be careful not to place too much trust in the unknown. It’s easy for them to be taken advantage of due to their trusting nature.

If they remain cautious when meeting new people, they can avoid this fate. All in all, the Water Pig makes an excellent friend, colleague, and life partner.

Best Love Matches for the 1983 Zodiac

The Pig and the Tiger make an excellent love match, even though the chances of a compatible relationship between the Tiger and the Pig appear poor.

The Tiger craves intellectual stimulation while the Pig is happy to lead a quiet life. But then the Tiger needs personal freedom in a relationship, while the Pig needs emotional security.

What can eventually help them both to reach a better understanding of each other is a shared dislike of conflict.

Both signs are happy in their respective world of thoughts and sensations and have no desire to coerce the other to follow their own compulsions.

Both the Tiger and the Pig are blessed with an openminded approach to life. They are the least judgmental of people and situations.

All these common lovely traits could go a long way in building a relationship based on companionship and kindness instead of on raw sensuality and emotional complexities.

The Tiger and the Pig are geared towards a non-materialistic way of life. They find fulfillment in supporting meaningful causes.

While the Tiger loves to use their intellectual prowess and adventurous nature to come up with ideas that will help the world, the Pig is more inclined to follow their humanitarian nature.

This and their natural urge to help and serve makes the Pig one of the most ardent champions of the unhappy and underprivileged.

Even in their love lives, the Tiger and the Pig can form a fulfilling relationship.

In spite of their benevolent nature, the Pig has a powerful sensual side, moving them to take deep pleasure in good things, like food, drinks, clothes, and emotions.

The Pig will infuse sensuality and romance in their lovemaking. The Tiger will most likely bring the fire of their personality so that both are more than satisfied.

The Pig is also compatible with the Rabbit. When they meet in love, they will have a gentle and tender relationship.

They will both be very appreciative of what the other person contributes to the relationship. They will be happy together and not worry about material things, as long as they are careful in their finances.

These two will be exquisitely happy together in all aspects of their lives. They will get on well whether they are siblings, friends, or lovers.

The Pig is bighearted and good-tempered, and the Rabbit is kind and sensitive. Both signs are capable of forgiving and forgetting in the name of love.

In business, it’s usually the Pig that takes the lead, while the Rabbit is responsible for coming up with creative and fresh ideas.

They are both affectionate and supportive of each other. They love to stay at home, but their lives are anything but boring!

They both love beautiful things, and their home will reflect this. They also love to entertain and share their home with the people they love.

The Rabbit and the Pig compatibility has the potential to grow into a very harmonious relationship. They will get along well in the day-to-day, but their relationship will also be filled with romance.

This is a partnership that will share many common interests as both the Pig and the Rabbit have an affinity for the arts.

They will converse about music and art, and even go to the theatre or the museum when the Rabbit can coax the Pig out of their home.

A quiet but relaxing walk around the city after a day museum visits and antique shopping would suit the Pig and the Rabbit just fine.

This Rabbit and Pig relationship will be mutually beneficial. As lovers, they will encourage and support each other and be the best versions of themselves for the other.

They will be receptive to the other’s needs and respectful of the other’s hopes and desires.

They will have a dignified and loving approach to establishing the relationship of their dreams, and they will find happiness and satisfaction in being together as they make that happen.

They prefer peace and quiet. And if the Pig likes to go out on the town a bit more often than the stay-at-home Rabbit, it is perfectly alright with them.

The sensible Rabbit isn’t going to make a big deal out of it. Should the Pig get into trouble, the Rabbit can usually come up with a creative solution in minutes.

These two enjoy their alone time to a great extent and share a quirky sense of humor. Despite the odd annoyance, there is no better pair to be found than the Pig and the Rabbit.

Wealth and Fortune for the 1983 Chinese Zodiac

The Pig is not as concerned with financial success as the rest of the animals in the Chinese zodiac. But they possess qualities that guide them toward unexpected wealth.

They’re critical and are motivated by the need to fix whatever they see as defective.

They’re constantly working to improve themselves, and it’s this attitude that leads to their success and personal growth.

They also try to remain moral and clean about their intentions as they go towards success.

Lucky Symbols and Numbers

The lucky colors for the Pig are gray, yellow, brown, green, and blue. The lucky numbers for the Pig are 1, 2, 4, and 8.

The fortifying stones for the Pig include Azurite, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Amazonite, and Alexandrite.

The lucky flowers are marguerites, hydrangeas, and pitcher plant.

3 Unusual Facts About the 1983 Chinese Zodiac

The best jobs for the Pig include jobs as a fashion designer, musician, comedian, film director, actor, school teacher, lawyer, broker, beautician, and pastry chef.

The Western zodiac sign Scorpio is the closest to the Chinese zodiac sign of the Pig. The Pig is one of the most likable signs out there.

My Final Thoughts

The Pig is the model of sincerity, purity, patience, and honor.

When you first meet them, they seem too good to be true. They are careful and caring, as well as obliging and chivalrous.

Put your trust in them because they won’t let you down. They will never try to. They simply want to do everything right. They are the people everyone admires the most.

Pigs are born to give, to yield, and to serve, but a lot of people take advantage of this. Not only are Pigs easy to fool. They like it that way, too.

No matter how old they get, Pig people still only see and believe that people are basically good. They sacrifice a lot just to see someone they love happy.

They are splendid companions. They are loyal and loving, but only as long as they approve of you. Never try to force your opinions on a Pig. They rarely ask for help and cannot graciously accept it.

They don’t say much, but when they do decide to speak, nothing can stop them until they run out of subjects.

Some people claim that Pigs are snobbish. Manners, breeding, and good taste are of enormous importance to them.

In relationships, the Pig is sensitive, caring, and sweet but naïve. They are romantic and certainly are the marrying types.

But they can also be possessive and jealous and have the tendency to exclude people.

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