1986 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Tiger

1986 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Tiger

Personality Type of the 1986 Chinese Zodiac

If you were born in 1986, your Chinese zodiac sign is the Tiger. They are known to be very courageous protectors with a rebellious nature.

The Tiger hails from the cat family and enjoys being surrounded by strays who need tender loving care.

They like to get love and attention from people, and they effortlessly get it with their natural charm and irresistible wit.

Tigers are splashy by nature. They are also big dreamers who trust on their good luck and charisma to help them achieve success.

Although the Tiger may experience hardships in life, they know just how to conquer each challenge and emerge a winner.

Still, their hesitation and uncertainty may prove to be another hurdle that they will have to overcome.

As lovers, the Tiger is passionate, loving, and romantic. They are educated in the art of expressing their love, and they do this by sometimes by being jealous!

The Tiger woman is elegance personified, and do they know it.

As mothers, they raise their children encouraging them not to follow any rule books. They also spoil them rotten because they believe they deserve all the best things in life.

People who have the Tiger as their zodiac animal have very bold personalities. They love being the center of attention.

They often have a string of good luck, and they are always full of drive and determination.

Sometimes they can be too skeptical about things and people, and they can also make rash decisions. But overall, Tigers are real, generous, and loving to people.

When a Tiger works on something, they usually immerse themselves completely in their undertakings.

They are full of optimism, and they are never materialistic.

The Tiger is often moved by intensity rather than logic. At their worst, they are bullheaded, egotistic, and awkward. But at their best, they are sympathetic, sensitive, and unselfish.

The Tiger will go to great lengths to exact their revenge on someone who has done them wrong. They also hate it when they are being intentionally ignored.

The Tiger will experience just about every emotion. Their lives will be a collection of different experiences that range from the serene to the volatile.

But because the Tiger is also a great optimist, they will take all these with a grain of salt and move on to the next challenge with their head held high.

What Element is 1986?

If you were born in 1986 and your Chinese zodiac sign is the Tiger, your element is fire.

The Fire Tiger is known for their diplomacy. When there’s a fight or a conflict, the Fire Tiger will have the soundest and the best judgment to settle it.

They are also idealistic, and this helps them lead with pride and with high standards for others to follow.

The Fire Tiger is dynamic, and they are always looking for ways to grow and progress.

When others crumble in the face of challenges, Fire Tigers usually don’t have any problems dealing with them.

They can overcome their obstacles and move up in their careers or bring their romantic relationships to the next level with no drama.

They also bring love and warmth to the people around them, making it hard for them to stay away.

The Fire Tiger is the bravest of all the types of Tigers. They are always the first to lend a hand when someone is in need of help.

Fire Tigers also have a vast amount of energy which helps them accomplish multiple tasks. They are a joy to work with because of their light energy and bright aura.

On the other hand, the Fire Tiger can also be very fickle and indecisive.

In their desire to make the fairest decision, sometimes they find it hard to do so because choosing one side is wrong in their eyes from a moral standpoint.

If there’s something they want so badly, they can become self-indulgent. They will move mountains just to make themselves happy.

Fire Tigers can also be quite aggressive and will not care who they are crossing just to get what they want.

If they think that people are only wasting their precious time, they will grow impatient and take matters into their own hands.

Fire Tigers can also be very defiant. They don’t like being told what to do on a lot of things, whether in their career, finances, relationships, or life in general.

They can also be very hot-tempered. Try not to make them lose their cool because you can unleash the beast inside them and you’re not going to like it!

Best Love Matches for the 1986 Zodiac

The best and most compatible match for the Tiger is the Horse. They make a wonderful pair, whether it’s for friendship, love, sex, or even business!

These two Chinese zodiac signs are naturally independent. They have no qualms entering new ventures and exploring life’s different realms whenever they’re together.

In a romantic relationship, the strong personality of the Tiger will make them appear to be the dominant partner.

But the Horse will not mind because they are just as free-spirited and independent. They also don’t crave attention like the Tiger typically does.

When the Tiger and the Horse find common ground, their relationship will work out for the best.

The Tiger woman and the Horse man can have a lot of fun together, and they can easily establish a fun and stable relationship.

They are both okay with a non-committal relationship as well.

They are both not very good with finances. This can cause trouble when the two love to splurge and don’t give much thought to their futures.

The Tiger man enjoys spending time with the Horse woman. They can just be sharing a cup of coffee or watching a movie at home and they will still be having a fantastic time.

The Tiger man will love it if the Horse woman will allow them to assume the masculine role in the relationship.

Because they also respect each other’s sense of freedom, they are committed to stay loyal and make the relationship last.

The Tiger and the Dog also make a powerful love match.

They will shower each other with love and affection, and they can easily see themselves doing this for the next few decades should they still choose to be together.

They are free of many of the problems that affect other couples.

They also have the ability to disregard each other’s negative traits, which will help them keep the peace and harmony in their relationship.

The Dog will be a good partner to the Tiger because they are not clingy or possessive. They will make the Tiger feel secure, but they will allow them to be who they are.

The Tiger will also remain unaffected by the Dog’s tendency to be pessimistic.

They will have a great life together and a very close relationship brimming with love, warmth, hope, trust, and respect.

When it comes to business, the Tiger and the Dog will make a very good team. They are courageous, innovative, radical, and completely trustworthy.

A lot of people think that this pairing will not work, while some do. After all, both the Tiger and the Dog value their independence.

The Dog woman will love their humanitarian views, and the Tiger man will love their energy, enthusiasm, and strength of character.

The Tiger man will use his strength to help the Dog woman achieve her selfless goals. Both the Tiger and the Dog are excellent conversationalists and will never run out of things to talk about.

They are excellent communicators and will never run out of conversation, even if they spend the whole day together.

The only area of friction may be the Tiger man’s willingness to quit his job all of a sudden to do something new while the Dog woman worries about how they’re going to make ends meet.

But apart from this issue, they will get along swimmingly and enjoy a long and colorful life together. Another fascinating love match is the Tiger and the Dragon.

It may look like a complicated love match because they are both bold and headstrong. Their large egos will also be a part of the problem.

Although they may not be the cheesy kind of love match, the Tiger and the Dragon will make a really good match.

The Tiger and the Dragon are both stubborn and motivated, which can lead to a good foundation in their relationship.

The Tiger can find it hard to stay loyal to one person, and the Dragon rarely gives their heart away.

But when they come together, there will be fireworks. In the bedroom, they will share many moments of passion.

This could be one of the things that will cement their relationship and grow their intimacy.

Wealth and Fortune for the 1986 Chinese Zodiac

The Tiger is a dedicated and hard worker, especially when they’re involved in meaningful work or work they truly enjoy.

Tigers usually make good income, especially if they are in a field or in an industry that offers good money and advancement opportunities.

The Tiger tends to donate a good portion of their hard-earned money to charities or causes they believe in.

It’s hard for the Tiger to watch others living in poverty while they live in comfort. They are not one to jealously guard their money, so sharing their wealth will come naturally to them.

As for investments, they are most attracted to unique, inventive strategies that others might think are too risky or so out there.

But they’re savvy enough to know which ones will pay off over time, such as a friend’s start-up company or some other potential long shot.

Lucky Symbols and Numbers

The lucky numbers for the Tiger are 1, 4, 7, and 8. The lucky colors are orange, gray, blue, purple, and white.

The Tiger is the ruler of the hours 3:00 am until 5:00 am. The most auspicious directions are the east and the northeast.

The lucky charms or protective animals are the rhinoceros and the elephant.

3 Unusual Facts About the 1986 Chinese Zodiac

The year of the Tiger is very likely to be a volatile year. Everything is taken to its limit during this big and bold year.

The year of the Tiger can also be a year of war, disaster, and all kinds of disputes. It’s a year for massive change, but this can also bring out the best.

According to Chinese culture, Tiger people are brave and independent. Their personality reflects regality and magnificence.

My Final Thoughts

The Tiger is a symbol of power and good luck. People who are born in the year of the Tiger are thought to be prosperous and financially abundant by virtue of the sign.

However, this does not mean that they are only focused on making money. The Tiger’s focus is having a few luxuries when they want to and having a life well-lived.

Money is simply the necessary means of having these things. A Tiger has a unique ability to simply earn money whenever it’s needed.

The ease of this ability is why the Tiger is considered such a lucky symbol.

A Tiger commands respect simply by the majestic way they carry themselves. They exude authority by their demeanor.

Competition is something Tigers crave and enjoy. When they see an injustice being committed, they will rush in and correct it.

The Tiger has no fear and such a big heart that they will foolishly risk their own safety.

They move through life not from the seat of their mind but from their heart. They operate on raw emotions and not on mental contemplation.

This can sometimes lead the bold Tiger into unpleasant situations where a bit of precaution could have averted crisis, conflict, disaster, or loss.

The Tiger has great strength and the amazing ability to endure great stress and accomplish arduous tasks. This powerhouse of energy will always keep you on your toes and leave you asking for more.

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