1994 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Dog

1994 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Dog

In Chinese astrology, there’s a huge, ancient and fascinating amount of information available for everyone on the planet, depending on the year of your birth.

For those born after the Chinese New Year of 1994, it’s man’s best friend who sums you up best.

The 1994 Chinese zodiac – the year of the Dog – is one full of character and diligence, but also plenty of energy and life.

Explore deeper into not just the Dog in Chinese astrology, but also the symbols and elements behind it, in this in depth guide.

Personality type of the 1994 Chinese zodiac

As you might expect of someone born in 1994, the year of the Wood Dog in Chinese astrology, stability, dependability and loyalty all feature highly in people of this personality type, born in this year.

These are people who are, by their very nature, blessed by the symbolism of the Dog in Chinese astrology towards superb business savvy and a general aptitude for doing well in their careers.

They are hardly all work and no play, of course, but have a gift for sniffing out a good deal and a positive way forward the same way nothing ever eludes the keen sense of smell of man’s best friend.

Although the Wood Dog born in 1994 in the Chinese zodiac isn’t exactly someone who goes out of his or her way to make friends, they finds they make and keep them easily thanks to a balanced personality and a keen sense of loyalty that can’t help but draw people in.

Everyone appreciates the trustworthiness and sense of duty inherent to Dog people in the Chinese zodiac.

Because people born as a Dog in Chinese astrology have such a strong devotion to duty and kinship, the career paths at which they most excel are often oriented in some way around helping people.

Often, those born under the Chinese astrological animal of the Dog find that they are drawn to these careers quire naturally – doctor, teacher, thought leader – without realising that their actions in these vocations will assist and inspire those around them, and future generations.

Indeed, Dog people are humble most of the time, but prepared to stop at next to nothing to protect those whom they love.

People who are Dogs in Chinese astrology are also very good at giving solid, practical advice that can help people out of a tight spot.

However, despite how accomplished and respected – and loved! – Dog folks can be, they sometimes feel anxious and insecure deep inside for reasons they can’t always explain.

What element is 1994?

Chinese astrology is far more than just the symbolism of its 12 animals. There are further complexities in play here, although also very informative ones, because every year in the Chinese zodiac also has an elemental affinity.

So, for example, 1994 is the year of the Wood Dog, and understanding the Wood element in Chinese astrology helps round out the traits of the Dog nicely.

The Wood element is a creative, constructive and occasionally introspective element, and that means that there is some wonderful depth to Wood Dog people born in 1994.

They are more sociable and keen to make close lasting connections even than their other Dog counterparts born under different years – and thereby other elements.

People born as Wood Dog souls in 1994 in Chinese astrology are also very goal driven, but also imaginative in how they make those goals a reality.

It’s a rare mix indeed to be an ideas person, but also to not have one’s head in the clouds, having enough pragmatism to see things through – and know the steps to take towards a larger, long term goal.

Yet it’s here indeed that Wood Dog people born in 1994 excel. Having said that, they should be careful of a few darker sides of their personality that can hold them back.

People born in Chinese astrology as a Wood Dog are sometimes too keen to rely on what others think of them to feel good about themselves, which can be problematic – it is far wiser to rely on oneself for these things if they can find it within themselves to do so.

Best love matches for the 1994 zodiac

Both men and women born in Chinese astrology under the Dog year of 1994 are very loyal lovers who are, for the most part, only interested in mating for life.

Because of this though, compatibility is something that must be taken seriously – not all of the animals in the Chinese zodiac, or the people born under them, share that long term commitment perspective.

Avoiding heartbreak here is often very important, especially for the Wood Dog born in 1994, who is a little more sensitive than most.

However, the compatibility between the Dog and Rabbit in Chinese astrology is extremely good.

Wood Dogs are slow to trust, but give their hearts entirely – a perfect gift for the sensitive, thoughtful and considerate Rabbit.

These two will find each they are drawn together often without thinking, and might well feel nervous by the butterflies and emotions they experience when first meeting.

However, the Dog and Tiger compatibility in Chinese astrology is also very strong.

The Dog has that capacity to be devoted, expressive and emotionally available that the fast-moving and impulsive Tiger needs to feel adored.

But also, the Dog can offer the stability the Tiger needs when they need reminding to slow down in life, just as Tiger folks can bring passion and excitement to the Dog partner’s life.

A good match between the Dog and the Pig in Chinese astrology is also highly possible.

This will be a privately expressive and somewhat devoted affair that isn’t afraid of the slow burn – allowing the slow trust of the Wood Dog to emerge naturally but also speaking to the gift of patience that the Pig is often lucky enough to possess.

Wealth and fortune for the 1994 Chinese zodiac

People born in 1994 were born into a time in which economic perspectives and overall outlooks were largely positive – especially when compared to the more tumultuous financial world we are all experiencing today.

However, the Dog is smart enough to never take anything for granted and prepared to put in the work to do well at their career, one careful step at a time.

Although seldom born into wealth, Wood Dog people born in 1994 are often very careful in their younger years – no matter how their upbringing shaped them.

Perhaps they came from a poor family and learned what it is to struggle from a young age, or perhaps the Dog individual in question experienced wealth gained and squandered close at hand, and vowed never to repeat those mistakes.

As such, the Wood Dog person is careful with money in their youth, and will avoid too much travel and partying if it furthers that goal – practicality is more important than getting caught up in the moment for these people.

It’s a wise way to be, but one that is difficult to stick by for all but the most diligent of folks – which are exactly how Wood Dog people are.

Over years of tireless work, often with a streak of ingenuity and innovation that helps them stand apart without realising, Wood Dog people can be expected to amass quite the nest egg of money – but will not be prone to flash their cash or boast overly about what they have gained.

Lucky symbols and numbers

There is a lot of symbolism behind the Dog in Chinese astrology, and understanding these things can help gain extra luck and insight into how to make the most of life if you were born in 1994.

In terms of the lucky numbers in Chinese astrology for the Dog, you’re likely to find that fortune tends to go hand in hand with circumstances involving the numbers 3, 4 and 9.

It could well be that financial windfalls tend to come in figures ending in those numbers, or certain Wood Dog people born in 1994 might discover that they are strangely drawn to these numbers or patterns thereof in life.

Of course, good fortune can only exist with bad to balance it out, so unlucky numbers for people born in Chinese astrology as a Dog are 1, 7 and 8.

Given that Western culture places a great emphasis on 7 as a lucky number, people who are Dogs in Chinese astrology might well find they go against the grain in preferring to avoid it!

In terms of lucky colours, Dog souls in Chinese astrology have lots to choose from.

Green, red and purple are all recognised as lucky colours for these people, and they often are quite alluring to the Dog as well – so even those who don’t know about their Chinese zodiac symbolism might well be drawn to those colours without realising on a conscious level.

Keep in mind that, once again, those lucky colours are offset by blue and brown, which are unlucky colours for the Dog in Chinese astrology, and better avoided.

Especially sensitive Dog people might well find that an abundance of those colours in their surroundings makes them feel uneasy.

Yet for such humble people, the lucky mineral for the Dog in the Chinese zodiac is a wonderfully luxurious one.

It’s the emerald, touching on both the lucky colour for Dog people and the rarity of their character.

People born in 1994 as the Wood Dog aren’t too fond of being so flash as to garland themselves with emeralds most of the time, but they will certainly find themselves drawn to them in some way.

3 unusual facts about the 1994 Chinese zodiac

The Wood Dog born in 1994 is a wonderfully complex character, and you’re sure to realise that for yourself as you get to know him or her.

There are a lot of factors in play that lead to their personas under Chinese astrology, and that can make for some unusual characteristics.

For instance, Wood Dog people have the same kind of pack mentality as you might expect to find dogs to have in the real world.

They shy away from positions of overt leadership, finding it too much hassle to be so constantly exposed to scrutiny.

Yet despite preferring supporting roles in their lives and careers, people born in 1994 also tend to be competitive at the same time!

Secondly, people born in 1994 as the Wood Dog are often more sensitive in their health than they like to admit.

These are driven people, who always want to give their best and hate the thought of letting the side down.

Yet at the same time, things like colds and flu tend to hit them hard, but they prefer to try and soldier through.

Watch out for issues with the digestive system that could arise from poor dietary habits, too.

Thirdly, the myth behind the Chinese zodiac overall – the invitation of the Jade Emperor to the mythical animals, and their race to reach him – saw the Dog come in eleventh place out of the twelve animals.

Yet this was not because the dog was slow or lazy – he was fighting on behalf of the people in a faraway land when the call came out.

Wood Dog folks born in 1994 are similarly protective and self-sacrificing.

My final thoughts

Loyalty, security and quiet ambition are all important to people born in 1994, Chinese astrology teaching us that the Wood Dog is a dependable people’s person who also, thanks to the Wood element, has a creative way of solving life’s challenges.

Yet the Wood Dog is advised to not let this wonderful gift for uplifting all around them make them too reliant on others’ praise and recognition for success.

Self-assurance begins with the person in the mirror, so don’t feel guilty, dearest Wood Dog, if you need to take time for yourself from time to time. Your loved ones understand, and it can only help you grow.

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