10 most common dreams and their meanings

10 most common dreams and their meanings

What are dreams, and why do we see them?

Dreaming while we sleep is a naturally occurring process. Each one of us experiences it regardless of whether we remember it or not. Dreams are the most fascinating and intriguing aspect of human existence.

Dreams can be pleasant, surprising, nonsensical, alarming, scary, awkward, or a warning sign. Analysts say that dreams say a ton regarding your wellbeing, life, and conditions. It is an overall thought that whatever your brain cycles and thinks the whole day is reflected in your dreams whenever you sleep. Well, this is not entirely true.

Dreams don’t generally come from ourselves. Some of the time, they contain a profound and covered-up message sent as a sign from the spiritual world. It may be a forecast of something fortunate or unfortunate going to occur, contingent upon the idea of the fantasy, or it very well may be an admonition sign setting you up to be more prudent throughout everyday life.

Do our dreams contain a deeper meaning than we think?

Dreams have a mysterious world of their own. Science has found the answers to many questions, but the secret world of dreams remains unconquerable. There are two trains of thought on the subject of interpretation and meanings of dreams. One opinion is that dreams are useless and they don’t hold any significance in your life. They occur spontaneously and are just a depiction of one’s subconscious mind.

The other school of thought believes that dreams hold a deeper meaning than we actually think. They are a sign from the spiritual world and act as a doorway between this world and the spiritual realm. Sometimes these dreams come from the Higher Powers as a sign of warning or an indication of possible good luck coming your way.

It is quite possible that in real life, you are about to encounter some danger or bad news. Just before that, you dream about it and wake up worried and restless. Don’t ignore such dreams as they are warning signs from the Divine Realm to be extra cautious and prudent in the coming days.

Similarly, it so happens that you are about to receive some good news, whether it is of your promotion to a much-awaited post or it is an anticipation of wealth and abundance coming your way. These good tidings come to you beforehand, in the form of your dreams.

It is quite possible that one day you wake up from a dream that exhibited you doing charity and giving out money and other necessities to the less privileged. This dream is a clear indication that wealth, prosperity, and abundance will make their way into your life pretty soon. You will receive so much wealth that you will use it for the greater good of people.

10 most frequently occurring dreams and their meanings

Various interpretations are linked with different dreams in every culture and religion. Each dream has a unique and different meaning. The nature of a dream can affect your life circumstances in either a positive way or can have a negative influence on your life.

Here are some most common dreams and their meanings according to dream interpreters and analysts.

1. Dreams about planes

To see planes in your dream is a good sign. When you dream about an airplane, it is a clear indication that you will overcome all obstacles and setbacks in your life. This dream showcases diligence and the strength that you will gain in the near future to face life challenges. It also depicts that you will ascend to a whole new level of conspicuousness and will be in complete control of your journey of life.

2. Dreams about food

Having dreams about food doesn’t mean that you are a foodie or you are going to dine out the next time you step out of your house! Seeing food in your dreams is a symbolic indication of wealth, prosperity, and abundance coming your way. Another interpretation of whenever you dream about certain foods can be your subconscious mind trying to be a parent, a sibling, a best friend, or a lover to you to give you a message of love, hope, courage, or healing.

These dreams will usually arise when you’re going through a difficult time at work, at home, or with your personal or professional relationships.

3. Dreams about snakes

Dreams that revolve around your encounter with serpents can have multiple meanings. Seeing snakes in your dream can be as terrifying an experience as in real life. There are two most common explanations for this dream. One depicts transformation, rebirth, or upward growth since serpents are best known for shedding their old skins. The second interpretation indicates a negative or harmful factor in your life that you need to get rid of as soon as possible.

Either way, it is good for you not to ignore this dream and take the message or the warning seriously.

4. Dreams about tornadoes

When you see a tornado in your dream, it depicts the emotions of anger, rage, and resentment in your subconscious mind. Multiple tornadoes or seeing a warning of tornadoes is also a symbol of a destructive situation currently residing in your life.

When you are going through a rough patch in your life, the problems and challenges of life seem to overtake you, and you feel overwhelmed about your current life situation; it is when tornadoes appear in your life.

You can take it as a warning sign. Have a shift of emotions and let go of your worries. Try to come out of this can of worms and practically solve your issues rather than worrying over them.

5. Dreams about babies

Dreams that involve babies are quite pleasant. Whether you have babies yet or not, seeing a baby in your dream will definitely surprise you and will give you the feeling of love, comfort, and purity.

When you dream of babies, it is a clear indication of new beginnings in your life. The sense of warmth and innocence that comes with this dream symbolizes that there is still a child hidden inside you, craving to live free of worries and responsibilities of this life.

This dream signifies that maybe it is time to explore and unleash that part of your subconscious or your personality that craves running through the meadows and wants to believe that unicorns and tooth-fairy exist for real!

Moreover, seeing a crying baby is an indicator that part of you feels neglected and overburdened. You should take out time for yourself and nurture your soul and mind. Pay attention to your insecurities and unfulfilled goals and dreams.

6. Dreams about your ex

Having dreams about your ex can be clear as mud. You might dream about your ex and wake up feeling a mixed rush of emotions, with confusion and bizarreness topping them all.

There can be multiple reasons behind seeing your ex in your dream. If your breakup occurred recently, then it is perfectly understandable why you have dreams about your ex. Deep inside, you still miss them, and part of you wants to get back.

However, if you dream about them after a long time, it may seem fishy and awkward. It may indicate that part of you wants closure and is not ready to get past the fact that things with your ex ended and it is over.

Dreams of this kind are a message that you need to find closure. Also, let go of the baggage of the past, and it is high time that you move on in life.

7. Dreams about death

One of the most terrifying and jarring dreams is dreams about death. You may find such dreams bone-chilling, and they can shake you up to your core.

When death appears in your dreams, it is considered a bad omen. Although, generally, it doesn’t actually mean that you or someone you know is going to die soon. It is a symbol of the ending of something, whether it is a certain phase of your life, your career, or your relationship. Dreams revolving around demise indicate significant changes coming your way.

Dreams like this simply mean bidding farewell to a specific era of your life or a certain part of yourself.

8. Dreams about bugs

When you hear the word bugs or insects, the first reaction that comes to your mind is cringe and disgust. Having a dream about bugs can make you squirm.

When you see bugs crawling in your dream, it is a sign that you are anxious about something in life. This dream symbolizes fear, anxiety, guilt (sometimes), or feelings of negativity that crawl through your mind.

Counsel yourself and find out the loopholes in your personality. Try to overcome your shortcomings and find out the reason why your subconscious holds these feelings of resentment and fear.

9. Dreams about drowning

When you see yourself drowning in your dreams, it indicates that you currently feel overwhelmed by your work or relationship or life itself. Drowning is a clear sign that you feel like losing control of yourself and feel drowned under the pressures and standards of this material life.

This dream indicates that you feel like all hope is lost. Take this dream seriously and return to life. Work things out, stop overworking yourself with responsibilities and pull yourself out of this mess called life.

10. Dreams about choking

Having a dream about choking is quite common and shouldn’t be taken lightly for the message it carries. When you see yourself choking in your dream, it means that you are facing some troubles and worries in your life and are having a hard time accepting these circumstances.

This dream also points out your inability to express yourself, to overcome hurdles in life, to reach the desired goal, or to find a solution to the problems of your life. When in real life, you feel suffocated and gasping for breath, buried under the expectations and challenges of life, it is when you have dreams about choking.

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