20 Gemini Quotes That are So True…

20 Gemini Quotes That are So True…

Gemini, the third sign in the zodiac is a marvel of nature indeed. With the element air and the ruling planet Mercury, Geminis are actually two completely different personalities rolled into one.

Extremely curious and fun-loving by their very nature, they are quick-witted and expressive.

Geminis are sharp individuals who love to try everything new: meet new people, experience new situations, and do away with everything dull and boring!

They are passionate friends and lovers but can take time to open their cards. Best of all, as you will read in this post, they can control your mind!

Presenting here, 20 beautiful Gemini quotes that are so true, they’ll shock you! Don’t be surprised as you read through— you’ve been warned!

1. Geminis Are Absolutely Flirtatious at Times

As funny as this Gemini quote might sound, it’s true! Geminis are massive flirts at times. It’s in their very nature and they might do it for fun without even realizing they are doing it.

You know what, they are basically naturally friendly individuals who have a way with words and talk in the most charming manner.

Someone even said they could even draw a bird out its tree and give it a few new songs! This is real Gemini magic.

2. A Gemini Might Not Appear Lonely But He Really is

Well, this Gemini quote is easy enough to explain. In fact, people who’re born under this astrological sign almost always have that persistent feeling that their other half is missing somewhere.

Consequently, a Gemini will keep actively seeking their soulmate, looking out for new friends, colleagues, people, and mentors to talk to. It’s just the way they are.

They might often seem lost and distant— blame that on their unstable mind.

3. They’re Super Curious. As Hell!

Gemini is extremely curious by its very nature. They say they’re actually like the sponge that soaks up everything.

They’ll absorb all information you throw at them. Geminis are always on the voyage of discovery— looking out for new things that can interest them.

Of all Gemini quotes, this one has a special message to tell: Gemini keep looking out for new avenues and paths from time to time to avoid getting “trapped”.

4. They Constantly Need Something to Analyze at All Times

Geminis love to put their smart brains to work. At all times. A Gemini will constantly seek intellectual stimulation.

They will use their brains— thinking and analyzing while talking, walking, eating, and even sleeping.

What this quote also implies for Geminis is that they’re always seeking people who can satiate their desire for a new intellectual stimulation. They are drawn to people with witty stories and parables.

Geminis will also take up jobs that offer enough challenges for their mind. They need dynamic environments with a possibility of lots of social contacts.

5. A Gemini is Actually Two People Who Are Mirror Images

Yes, that’s true. Geminis are really two different individuals packed into one body. Consider its symbol— twins, of which the Latin name is the word Gemini itself.

Each Gemini, therefore, contains within herself a twin which is an exact mirror image of herself. It’s like there’s another person with a reverse character map inside which gives each Gemini two poles— positive and negative.

This Gemini quote is easily put to test. The next time you visit your Gemini friend, observe her. You’ll never be sure which pole it is that you’re facing— you’ll actually meet a different person every time.

It’s like Geminis have a dual personality, really!

6. Geminis Are Eager about Everything

There is a certain eagerness to a Gemini’s nature. There is that sense of urgency and immediacy to everything they do but they finish their tasks with such finesse and grace that’ll leave you wondering.

It’s a part of the way nature has designed them and their zodiac sign— they will be up and running in no time.

They will never walk when they can run and never remain silent when they can speak. They love to rapidly change their homes, jobs, and love life. Fast!

7. Geminis Are Charming— Absolutely So!

Look at their eyes— they’ll catch hold of you immediately. And beware of their communication skills!

Their ruling planet Mercury imparts them a unique way with words that is unparalleled in every way.

They will turn and twist your mind without you even realizing. In fact, they say one Gemini even sold ice cubes to an Eskimo!  The poor Eskimo didn’t know the secret weapon of the Gemini, of course.

Had he known this quote, he would have stayed away from the deadly combination of intellect and words that lies hidden in every Gemini’s toolkit.

8. They Cannot Take Decisions

An amazingly true quote about Geminis! Geminis severely lack the ability to make decisions. They are born with two minds that make it difficult for them to stand by a single choice.

As a result, Geminis often end up losing out promising opportunities in life.  In fact, many believe that a Gemini has no real sense of direction— they lack focus and are easily bored with things, situations, and people.

They keep seeking new behaviors and changes but can never cope up with something boring and stable.

9. Geminis Hate Conflict and Heated Arguments

If there’s one thing a Gemini cannot absolutely stand, it has to be conflict. They are programmed by nature to avoid arguments and conflict and will always walk away before things take a turn for the worse.

What this Gemini quote also means is that they will tend to avoid silly drama. A Gemini has more important matters to ponder over, you see, so why waste time?

10. They Like to Remain Independent

Geminis love to remain independent and can’t stand the sight of being controlled and dictated by someone else.

They are self-reliant and will make a path for themselves rather than walk the beaten path.  They will give anything for freedom and will always live their life on their own terms.

Try controlling them and they’ll immediately distance themselves from you.  A Gemini individual yearns for freedom and will have it, her way.

11. Geminis Will Take Time to Open up

Geminis are notorious for remaining guarded and seem distant at times. They will take time to ‘open up’ to you when they have developed their sense of trust.

What this Gemini quote implies is that these individuals love to talk, but if you try to intrude into their personal space, they will walk away in no time, so take care!

Develop a great rapport with them first and you’ll see magic happen. It takes time for a Gemini to accept new people but once they believe in you, they’ll be the best of friends.

12. They Can Appear Weird At Times

This Gemini quote says it all. Geminis can be absolutely random and unpredictable at times.

If you’re sitting with a Gemini individual, perplexed what’s going to happen next, you are probably not alone. Others around are feeling the same way!

They can appear happy and then suddenly sad. They sometimes tend to take in more than they can handle, which makes them depressed and erratic. Funny people!

Basically, Geminis hate anything dull and boring. They will constantly strive to mix and spice up things so they themselves, and most importantly you, their friend, will never get bored.

And you thought they are weird?

13. Geminis Have a Sharp Sense of Humor, and It’s Ruthlessly Sarcastic

Reread that quote and repeat: Geminis are ruthlessly sarcastic. They are wicked people when it comes to sarcasm. Add in some humor, and it’ll be a lethal combination.

They have an incredibly dry and sarcastic sense of humor. While their jokes might leave you confused, they will have had a great laugh.

They are absolutely hilarious, or so they think.
You better not come in the way of a Gemini and her sarcasm. It’s toxic!

14. Geminis Are Loyal Friends and Lovers too!

Geminis are fierce lovers, friends, and allies. However, it takes time for them to commit to someone. Once they do that, they will be your friend for life.

Bear in mind that Geminis like interesting rather than attractive people. Family assumes a lot of importance for a Gemini, especially children once they develop strong bonds with them.

They are highly social and full of childlike innocence.

15. They Are Fearless and Will Speak Their Mind

If you are a Gemini, it’s time to take a bow with this Gemini quote. Geminis develop a lot of opinions about people and will wait for a chance to speak their mind.

All this, thanks to their powerful minds that keep taking in new information. They will tell exactly what they think without censoring their thoughts.

Not all of them are good, though, so you better prepare yourself.  They are highly observant too, which makes matters worse for the others.

When you are out in front of a Gemini, it’s best to present your best self. Or, bear the consequences later!

16. A Gemini Can Control Your Mind

Geminis have an uncanny skill that can scare people. Yup, as this Gemini quote says, Geminis can talk you into anything depending on what’s playing at the back of their mind.

They can convince you no matter what your own beliefs are and make you feel as if all this had been your idea all along, so there’s no point blaming them later.

Geminis can literally play with your mind and let all hell break loose. Watch out when you argue with a Gemini next and try to keep up your stance!

17. They Have No Ears for Complaints

A true Gemini quote. Geminis cannot bear people who only complain all the time.

If you are a constant complainer who is always finding faults with things, situations, and people, you might be in for a disappointment.

A Gemini will soon get bored and find someone else who’s more interesting.  As harsh as this might sound, it’s best to keep conversations interesting when discussing with Geminis or you are on your own.

18. Geminis Retaliate With All Their Might

Geminis will tend to pacify matters and prevent conflicts. They are peace-loving people and prefer walking away from quarrels.

However, if you target them and corner them, they will fiercely retaliate. Once angered, Geminis will stand up for themselves strongly and use sharp words to show you who you are!

They are all in for peace and friendship but cannot stand injustice, especially when it is directed right at them.

19. They Experience Emotions Intensely

This quote applies to all Geminis: A Gemini will intensely experience emotions. They feel the emotional highs and lows equally.

This means that a powerful setback will leave them emotionally exhausted while the others might treat it in a more casual manner and move on.

It’s just the way Geminis respond and experience things. While some might consider them rather superficial individuals who do not pay enough attention to details, Geminis tend to experience deeper emotions.

20. They Are Always on the Go!

Geminis have an intrinsic desire to be on the go, always. They are restless souls and will get bored staying at one place for too long.

They seek new people, situations, and experiences as routines bore them to death.  It’s important to keep the magic alive.

If you wish to please your Gemini partner, keep that interesting spark up always, says this Gemini quote!

My Final Thoughts

If you are a Gemini yourself or are seeking a Gemini partner, these Gemini quotes should give you valuable (and shocking!) insights into the secret world of this mysterious star sign.

They are adventurous, wild, and puzzling at times.  They are born intellectuals and will constantly seek their other half.

Soft-Spoken, they have excellent communication skills and will quickly convince you of their beliefs.  They might seem distant when they’ve really been thinking about you.

Attribute this all to the twins and Mercury, which ensure that the Gemini mind keeps swinging back and forth between multiple entities.

One thing is for sure, though- there’s nothing quite like the Gemini!

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