Gemini: Seven Things That Make A Gemini Man Husband Material

Gemini: Seven Things That Make A Gemini Man Husband Material


If you are a woman looking at the signs of the horoscope and wondering which sign makes for great husbands, the answer is simple.

The answer is all of them.

I do not mean to be flippant, but the truth is there is no such thing as a perfect horoscope sign.

All horoscope signs are combinations of saints and sinners. All horoscope signs are combinations of black and white.

There is no one horoscope sign that shines above everybody else.

Everybody has their own distinct set of advantages and disadvantages.

Add to this the always present factor of free will and personal choice, and your choices definitely will be very diverse.

With that said, if you have your eyes fixed on a particular Gemini man in your life, here are seven things that would make him husband material.

Pay attention to these following signs.

You have to remember that not all Gemini men will live up to these signs. Why?

I think you know the answer. The reason is simple.

It is maturity.

All horoscope signs go through a certain maturity.

We are all on a personal journey. We are all starting from one point and ending up at another point.

Depending on the choices we make, depending on the situations that we face, and the set of circumstances that surround us, we often come to the same point looking, feeling and acting very different from each other.

That is just the fact of life. Regardless, maturity is the key.

If you see these seven signs in a Gemini man, then you should definitely consider him as husband material.

Geminis Have Extra Charm to Spare

Geminis are nothing but charming.

They can charm your pants out. That is how charming they are.

They have a great personality. They are very approachable. They seem to be able to tell you naturally what you want to hear.

They are fun to be around and it seems like life is an adventure with them.

They definitely beat very boring earth signs.

If you are serious, they can be serious. If you feel like having follow-up, they can deliver more follow-up than you can handle.

It is no surprise that many women find Gemini men charming.

Gemini’s Creativity Knows No Bounds

One hallmark of the typical Gemini personality is their creativity.

They might not be necessarily artists, actors or writers, but they look at the world in an unusual enough way that they can always come up with a different perspective.

They can always come up with a different angle that makes everything look different.

This is exactly the kind of person you would want in your life if you do not want to live a boring life.

You want somebody that mixes things up a bit. You want somebody that can make sure that there is never a dull moment with you.

Geminis are Fun and Unpredictable

Nothing robs life of all its fun and meaning than predictability.

If you can be sure that the next day will be exactly like the day before, then you might find yourself bored.

You might even question why live life if it is just going to run on into each other until you die.

The search for fun and the search for adventure are hardwired into the human soul.

Geminis have no problem finding the follow-up and predictability and creativity in any kind of circumstance.

This is why many people are drawn to them. This is why a lot of people would love to make them their friends.

They always know how to bring a party to any kind of situation regardless of how depressing or serious it may otherwise be.

Gemini can be counted on for an interesting perspective. As I mentioned earlier, Gemini people are very creative.

They tend to look at the world in many different ways. In many cases, they tend to look at the world in creative ways that many people simply ignore or overlook.

Not surprisingly, they can always be counted on to put a different spin on certain issues.

This is especially important if you are trying to make a decision. Unfortunately, most people tend to make decisions based on habits.

If they made certain decisions in the past following a certain pattern, it is very hard for them to break out of that pattern.

This is why many Geminis are highly sought after because people are looking for that interesting twist.

People are looking for individuals that can think out of the box.

It is no surprise that since Gemini men make for ideal husbands because they can always see things from a new perspective.

In many cases, this new perspective points to the solution to what would otherwise be an impossible problem.

There is Never a Dull Moment with Gemini Men

Gemini men like to make people laugh.

They like to inspire people. They like people to be active around them.

This is why they do not hesitate to make a fool out of themselves. They do not hesitate to put on a show.

Unlike the Leo or Aries, they are not putting on a show to draw attention to themselves. They do not care about that.

What they do care about is to bring a lot of lightness and life into whatever room they find themselves in.

It is very easy to fall in love with this aspect of the Gemini men.

Geminis are Mysterious

There is a reason why Gemini people are often misunderstood.

They are often viewed historically as backstabbers, liars and traitors.

This is all undeserved, of course. The reason why is because people look at the fun side of the Gemini and think that that is all there is to the Gemini personality.

That is absolutely wrong.

The Gemini, after all, is patterned after the horoscope sign of the twin.

These are two totally different people occupying the same body.

This is reflected in the Gemini personality because they have many different sub-personalities.

There are many different sides to their personality.

If you do not want to feel betrayed and if you do not want to feel like you got stabbed in the back by your Gemini friend, make sure to know that person completely.

Unfortunately, most people will not tell you all their hidden sides. Gemini men are no exception to this.

This is why they always have that air of mystery around them.

Make no mistake about it.

Nine times out of ten, this air of mystery is not intentional. It is not aimed to deceive you.

It is just a natural defense mechanism. They do not want to give away too much too soon.

Your Curiosity is Infectious

Part of the reason why Gemini men are great cheerleaders and centers of attention is because they are curious.

They love to know more about people. They are not interested in gossip, but they want to know people fully. 

Young Gemini men have pure hearts.

Unfortunately, they keep getting hurt again and again, especially when it comes to love, and a lot of this is due to their poor communication skills.

They easily become victims of bad perceptions and misunderstandings.

This truly is too bad because their sense of curiosity lights up any room.

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