Expert Career Advice for the Leo Sign

Expert Career Advice for the Leo Sign

Expert Career Advice for LeoAs a Leo woman you have certain personality traits that a lot of people wish they had. You have to always remember this when it comes to your career prospects as a strong Leo woman.

Unfortunately, many Leo’s often make decisions that undermine their confidence. They think that they are alone. They think that they are marginalized or that nobody cares.

When it comes to careers, it’s a good idea to fully understand the broad parameters of your personality. When you have a clear map of your tendencies and your personality’s general directions, you can make better decisions.

The worst thing that can happen is when you find yourself in a situation where you’re trying to explain yourself why you keep finding yourself in tight spots time and time again. The truth is that everything in your life happens for a reason. There is a general pattern for the things that happen in our lives.

This is why the horoscope exists. In fact, the astrology and the horoscope wouldn’t have so many fans and such a following if they were completely untrue.

Keep in mind that the modern horoscope system had thousands of years of observed human behavior guiding it. This didn’t come out of nowhere. This is not a recent invention. This is not a rehash of fables. There are elements to the horoscope that are true in the past, true now, and will continue to be true in the future.

By understanding what the horoscope and astrological system say about your Leo personality, you can map out your strategies. You can get a better understanding of how you make decisions.

Armed with this information, you can make better decisions. At the very least, you can make truly informed decisions.

Informed decisions aren’t necessarily the right decisions. However, they have a higher chance of being right than decisions that you take in the dark. A random shot always has a lower chance of succeeding than guided or aimed shots.

By understanding the broad parameters of your Leo personality when it comes to your career, you can start making better decisions.

Your Boldness Is Always Welcome

One key element of the Leo personality that other people instantly recognize is your boldness. You can go into any type of situation and look completely in control.

This is a breath of fresh air because in this day and age, most corporate settings are filled with people that are just intent on posturing. They’re always constantly positioning themselves so that they don’t get blamed.

This is a far cry from real leadership.

Real leadership involves taking risks. Real leadership involves decisiveness.

Your boldness is always welcome because people always see this level of decisiveness in you. They see those aspects of your personality that can give people a measure of confidence when a decision needs to be made or when it’s crunch time.

Unfortunately, your boldness is also your main stumbling block. Just as people can rush into a situation, take charge, and resolve the situation, they can also rush into things and make things worse.

Think about it. If Leos’ boldness is all that’s needed to achieve career success, then most Leos would be at the top of the food chain. Most Leos would be at the peak of their chosen fields.

This is not the case. In many situations, this aspect of the Leo personality actually gets in the way of them achieving the kind of success that they deserve or want. Keep reading below to understand why.

You Have To Be Bold The Right Way

Understanding the Leo personality (especially the Leo woman personality) is really all about understanding the power of symbols. Leos know that people are in desperate need of leadership. Leos know that there’s always a leadership vacuum in the corporate world.

They know that people gain some measure of assurance when they see that somebody is ready, willing, and able to make a choice.

Unfortunately, Leos respond to this mix of information by charging into situations without getting everything right. By getting everything right, I’m talking about making sure they have all the information they need so that at the very least they are making an informed decision.

Unfortunately, the Leo personality is often configured in such a way that they merely react to certain situations. They want to look like the hero. They want to be the center of attention. They want to grab the spotlight.

This need is so overwhelming that they often charge into situations when they only have a fraction of the information that they need to resolve the problem in a positive way. Once you wrap your mind around this concept, you can see why many Leos end up becoming their worst enemies as far as their careers are concerned.

Don’t Grab Other People’s Credit

The true mark of leadership is the ability and willingness to share credit. In fact, real leaders are more than content to stay in the background. Everything knows nothing really happens unless that leader approves. That’s the real mark of confident leadership.

Insecure leadership or immature leadership is all about grabbing credit. It’s all about hogging the spotlight.

Nine times out of ten, this is the Leo way of management. If you are assigned a small work group or you become a team leader, you have this overwhelming urge to take credit for whatever accomplishment your group achieves.

This is a problem. You need to fight that urge. You have to resist. Your ability to reach the higher levels of your company turns on how good of a team player you are.

I’m sorry to break it to you but constantly grabbing credit and constantly seeking to enjoy the spotlight crowd out your team members. Not only do they feel discouraged and diminished, they also become resentful. You have to remember that succeed because of the effort of everyone in the group.

Another variation of this advice is when Leos freeload. One big weakness of modern corporate structures is that work teams are often generic. In other words, you put ten people in a work team and you expect one result.

When this happens, a familiar pattern takes place. Eighty percent of the people just loaf around. Eighty percent of the people don’t do any work. Twenty percent of the people in the work group actually produce the results.

This is unfair to the people that actually do the work. Unfortunately, Leos often fall into the 80% that claim the credit but don’t do any real work.

If you find yourself engaging in this pattern of behavior, it’s a good idea to stop. If you want your career to truly blossom and if you want to be discovered as a genuine leadership material, stop grabbing credit for other people’s work and start doing the work.

In fact, the real mark of leadership is when you are content to do the work, produce the results, and not grab the credit. Eventually, people will know where the real production comes from and you will get your due recognition.

To Kick Ass, You Have To First Kiss Ass

One of the biggest unwritten rules in American corporate culture is pretty straightforward and simple: To kick ass, you have to first kiss ass.

In other words, to dominate and get awarded with a certain corporate title, you must first put in the time. This means that you have to follow directions. You have to basically be a soldier first before you can become a general.

A lot of people think this whole process of paying your dues is like sucking up or undignified, but the truth is we all have to start from somewhere and we can’t start from the top. By fully wrapping your mind around this concept, things will become easier for you.

One big downside to the Leo personality is that you often have an entitlement mentality. You often think that certain tasks in your work group are beneath you. You often think that certain jobs are not dignified.

Well, you need to get over that and put in the time. Pay your dues. You have to remember that the top agents in Hollywood started out at the mail room. Many top CEOs started out as glorified janitors.

Remember this when the going gets tough Leo and you will make it through the hardest of times.

My special Leo career horoscope for 2015 has now been published and you can read my month by month predictions here.

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