Leo: 6 Mistakes You Are Probably Making When It Comes To Love

Leo: 6 Mistakes You Are Probably Making When It Comes To Love


A Leo person actually is a very interesting romantic figure.

On the one hand, you cut a heroic figure of somebody who is dashing, somebody who is brave, and somebody who is willing to stand up to authorities.

You can easily be looked at as a knight in shining armor. Similarly, you can also easily be looked at as a woman with a strong inner core.

While these are all true, it is just a small part of the total picture. These are just separate and ultimately minor angles of who you really are.

If you really dig deep down, the Leo is actually quite complicated. There is a reason why you tend to appear very confident.

The real reason of course is a deep and profound sense of insecurity, inadequacy, and lack of fulfillment.

Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all solution to this deep and profound flaw in your personality. There is no such thing as a purely imperfect horoscope sign.

We all start out at point A and depending on the choices we make, we end at point Z.

What is important is not the fact that we ended up at point Z. What is important is who we became on our way to our destination.

I hope this is clear because this is fundamental to a clear-eyed understanding of Leo’s romantic mistakes.

Here are the 6 mistakes you are probably making when it comes to love.

1. You rush into intimacy

In many cases, rushing into a situation, making snap judgments, and taking the bull by the horns pay out handsomely for you.

At the very least, you are seen as a quick decision maker.

However, honestly speaking, a lot of the times, these decisions turn out to very negative, long term implications.

You know these people around you. Know this, you may not want to talk about it all that much, but the reality is still there.

The worst thing you can do, as far as your personal life is concerned, is to rush into intimacy.

In other words, to treat it the same way as to how you would treat business or school.

At school or business, you can screw up and you can be given an opportunity to dust yourself off and start again.

When it comes to personal intimacy, the scars can be quite deep and you might get burned so badly that you do not want to try again.

So it is really important to really cool off on rushing into intimacy.

By intimacy, I do not just mean physical intimacy; I am also talking about emotional intimacy. You should not just open yourself up to somebody who, you feel, wants to know you.

That could be a sure recipe for disaster, considering how insecure you are.

2. You assume too much

One of the most common traits among Leos is that they assume too much.

They go into a situation thinking that they have it all figured out. At first, it may seem that things fit this original assumption or their original picture of the situation.

However, the reality is never so simple that we can easily categorize it. Nine times out of ten, you find yourself in a situation which is on its way of falling apart at the last minute.

 This is due to the fact that you simply assume too much.

Again, this may be reversible or otherwise be tolerable in certain parts of your life like your academics or your career. But it may prove to be debilitating when it comes to things that truly matter.

When it comes to a matter of the heart, assuming too much can be a sure recipe for disaster. The wounds can take a long time to heal and the scars can definitely be ugly.

3. You refuse to see the signals your prospective partners are sending out

Leos tend to have their own center of gravity. They think that the world revolves around them or think that the world is just one big puzzle for them to solve.

In many cases, they feel that it only takes a little bit of effort, a little bit of self-confidence, and a little bit of force to make things happen.

While a lot of this is, of course, assumed, you are basically playing a role. You are not really confident, but you want to project confidence.

Likewise, you are not really strong but you want to project strength. This can easily become a habit and this can lead to serious issues, as far as romantic life is concerned.

Since you are so focused on sending out the right signals so that you can dominate and control certain situations, you no longer see other people’s signals.

This is a serious problem because failing to see the signals your prospective partner is sending out is blinding yourself to who they really are.

And when you blind yourself to your partner’s signals, you tend to blind yourself to their their real objectives and motivations. There is no surprise that Leos often get manipulated, that Leos are often left holding on to an empty emotional bag.

The worst part is that you have nobody else to blame except yourself.

4. You read too much into things

This is to keep in mind what I just said in the previous point.

You are trying to send off certain signals. You are trying to achieve some level of control.

The problem with this is what drives it. What drives it is the ability to read into a lot of things.

This is a serious issue because nobody is perfect. Nobody can get a purely accurate view of anything.

In most cases, your best guess is 50/50. By reading too much into things, you can make really serious mistakes as to choices of partners.

Also, you might end up driving away precisely the kind of people you need in your life. You might end up alienating people that would actually help you to evolve and become the very best version of yourself.

This really is the greatest tragedy any Leo can suffer, as far as romance is concerned.

5. You are too obvious about your ambivalence

The funny thing about the Leo’s romantic personality is that you are either hot or cold.

If you are hot, you are like this Romeo on fire. No wall can stop you, no ocean is too wide and too deep to prevent you from going to where you need to go, as far as love is concerned

However, when you are not completely sure about somebody, you can easily become cold.

It is not like you want to be perceived this way, it is just that you cannot help it. You simply are too obvious about your ambivalence.

This is a serious problem if the person you are being ambivalent about is actually the right person for you. So, it is maybe a good idea to play your cards close to your vest, unless you are completely sure.

6. You send mixed or conflicting signals

I know this may seem kind of weird, as far as Leo men or women are concerned. After all, they are known for being black or white figures.

As far as signals are concerned, while the problem here is not the type of signals you are sending to the other world, the conflict or the confusion arises from your perception of the signals you are sending out.

The world may be clear as to what kind of message it is getting from you. There is neither a mystery nor mixed signals there.

However, your perception of what you are sending out might be quite different from what the rest of the world is perceiving.

This can make for lots of misunderstandings. This can also lead to quite a high level of frustration.

You might feel that you are being sincere, with tenderness and compassion, but externally or objectively speaking, you come out as cold and distant

If a Leo wants to find love, you have to be clear as to what you are doing. Pay attention to the 6 common mistakes outlined above.

You have to apply these to your specific situation. You also have to have a high level of honesty to admit that you are making these mistakes.

Only when you are completely honest will you be able to make progress.

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