Aquarius and Leo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Aquarius and Leo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Aquarius and Leo occupy opposite ends of the twelve zodiac signs, making them polar opposites – and as such, likely to attract.

The highly intelligent and convivial Aquarius finds glamour and amusement in mighty Leo’s posturing, and the big cat is in turn enticed by the uniqueness of Aquarius.

But of course, to truly understand how to win Leo’s heart and how to understand an Aquarius in love, a deeper examination of what’s in play is needed.

Sink into this insight into Aquarius and Leo compatibility – the definitive guide to taming the lion and inspiring the flighty water bearer to spill some secrets.

Aquarius and Leo compatibility overview

Perhaps befitting the fact that these star signs are opposite ends of the star sign spectrum, Aquarius and Leo each occupy different realms of the mind and soul.

More specifically, Aquarius is the star sign most associated with the collective consciousness of humanity, and of creating a world in which the needs of the many are met with sincerity and equal grace.

Leo, on the other hand, is the sign of the self, and the pride taken in becoming the best version of that possible.

Secretly terrified of wandering this world unnoticed, Leo people tend to attract a lot of attention wherever they go, and fixate on ensuring their lives represent the regal air surrounding them.

How to combine such contrasting perspectives in love, you might wonder?

A lot of it has to do with the elements that rule both Aquarius and Leo compatibility. Aquarius, despite being characterised as the water carrier, is actually an air sign.

Leo, ruled by the sun and with a warmth and passion few can falter, is a fire sign.

Air feeds fire to help it glow brighter and burn hotter, and therefore so too can Aquarius altruism be said to enable the grandeur of Leo to spark up.

While it may seem a selfish interest, consider that Leo people often have a supreme presence and confidence that can help further Aquarian ideals of sharing, caring and community spirit.

As such, these star signs are wonderfully complementary when meeting the right way and using their energies in the right direction.

That said, there are certainly pitfalls to be avoided, smoothed over and worked around too.

Aquarius has a blunt way of speaking, often because their thoughts are already seven steps ahead into the ideas behind whatever their mouth is only just saying – and Leo pride is easily wounded.

Similarly, Leo individuals who consistently put themselves first will find a poor audience in Aquarius.

Flaunting the latest fashion or jewellery in an attempt to impress the Aquarius person will likely see Leo met with a blank stare and, shortly thereafter, some mumbled excuses as to why Aquarius ought to leave.

Nevertheless, attraction is often high between Aquarius and Leo people, and it pays to understand the dynamics behind that chemistry if one hopes to make the relationship long-lasting.

Matches between the Aquarius woman and Leo man

It won’t take long, even in the largest of crowds, for Aquarius and Leo to find one another.

That’s especially true if the Aquarius woman is in attendance, as her fashion sense and overall bright disposition prove catnip to fun-loving Leo, who craves individualism in all he meets.

He’s likely a well-built man, whose hair is often distinctive in the way a male lion’s mane would be. The Leo man moves with an unspoken sense of power, and his self-confidence is high.

It rarely breaks into arrogance however, as the charm of such gentlemen is so sincere that it can’t help but pull in admirers and onlookers.

The Aquarius woman may see such attention as competition, if she’s truly interested, yet she doesn’t need to worry.

When it comes to learning how to tell if a Leo is flirting, the signals are often very direct – and even if he’s playing coy, the Aquarius woman has finely tuned insights that help her interpret people’s true intentions.

The Leo man wants a mate he can show off, and finds great attraction in the individuality of the Aquarius woman. However, he soon learns that this free spirit is nobody’s plaything or prize.

If he fails to recognise and respect her individuality, he can expect to be kicked to the curb swiftly.

Admittedly, the Aquarius woman would have a hard time doing so though.

This community-centric, protective and utterly hilarious man is handsome and enticing, and although his intensity can sometimes put her off, she feels a certain comfort in his sincerity and earnestness that she seldom finds elsewhere.

The good points:

  • Instant chemistry puts these two on one another’s radar fast, and Aquarius loves her Leo man’s attentiveness
  • The Leo man is independent, just like the Aquarius woman – no fearing any clinginess
  • The Leo man is a born leader, which the Aquarius woman finds inspiring in her own spiritual journey of bringing wisdom to those around her
  • A smart Leo man cherishes and celebrates what makes the Aquarius woman unique

The bad points:

  • The Leo man is intense, sometimes to the point of being overbearing
  • The Leo man seldom apologises or admits he was in the wrong
  • He’s popular with the ladies and laps up their attention
  • The Leo man expects the Aquarius woman’s undivided attention, but she has a huge mind that’s always in several places at once

Matches between the Aquarius man and Leo woman

Almost without fail, the one key thing that helped the Aquarius man and Leo woman get together was his fun-loving spirit and tireless sense of humour.

Nobody appreciates a fun partner like a Leo lady, and they appreciate someone able to have them folded at the waist with giggles.

Breaking through her poise at first might not be easy though.

The Leo woman’s mannerisms and ways of being are always just so, and while the Aquarius man is intelligent enough to see the mask, he doesn’t always know how to look behind it.

Likewise, the Leo woman will find some confusion in the aloof air that surrounds the Aquarius man.

She may either fear he’s disinterested and stop investing in him accordingly, act up all the more to captivate his attention, or become just as aloof herself to create a strange sort of stalemate.

This kind of behaviour, if left unchecked, can go on into the relationship proper too.

In fact, the Aquarius man should be mindful of the fact that the Leo woman appreciates direct affection and very verbal and demonstrative love – all things that he himself finds difficult to conjure.

To Leo, passion is the lifeblood of love, yet to Aquarius, it’s raw emotion that clouds valuable clarity of mind.

One thing’s for sure though – Aquarius can not only keep up with the spontaneous ways of his Leo queen, but also encourage them all the more.

The antics of this pair will always lean towards excitement and adventure, from parties and travel to big dinners surrounded by family and friends.

He will think her self-conceited, and she’ll rue his scatterbrained ways, but if they’re lucky they’ll spirit up between them a mutual respect for one another’s individuality.

Such a thing is to be cherished in an Aquarius and Leo relationship, and will deepen their connection and allow it to grow.

The good points:

  • The Aquarius man fills his Leo lady’s life with laughter and silliness
  • His insights calm the Leo woman when life gets too heavy, helping her see the big picture
  • The Aquarius man respects the Leo woman enough to give her the freedom to be herself
  • A shared love of spontaneous excitement makes this a high energy relationship

The bad points:

  • The Aquarius man doesn’t get why the Leo woman wants to talk about herself all the time
  • His cool air can come off as unloving without him meaning it, and Leo is sensitive to that
  • The Aquarius man finds fixation with fashion and appearances shallow
  • The Leo woman’s emotional outbursts could be met with little more than a smirk and a raised eyebrow

Aquarius and Leo friendship compatibility

Although the attraction between the two is obvious, Aquarius finds it far easier to make friends than to pursue relationships.

Likewise, Leo attracts people into their life endlessly, always broadening the circle of buddies to turn to when they’re bored. And one thing they’ll never be when Aquarius is around is bored.

The rich web of ideas, creative solutions and philosophical insights inherent to how the Aquarius individual’s mind works means that they can’t help but inspire the Leo soul, half the time without meaning to.

The big cats of the zodiac feel their eyes widen and the hairs on their neck stand on end when well travelled and inquisitive Aquarius shares stories from far-flung places and different outlooks on life.

Often, the compassion found in a pair of Aquarius and Leo friends inspires them, without thinking, on humanitarian crusades, charity drives or community projects to spruce up the local park or help local artists find a space to show their work.

These kinds of pursuits are very rewarding to both friends – Aquarius has made life better for people, and Leo gets to feel like a hero.

Of course, certain key differences in their ways of being must be looked at with kindness to ensure the Aquarius and Leo friendship isn’t stifled before it gets off the ground.

For example, when meeting up, the Aquarius might find that Leo wants only to talk about his or her own recent escapades and experiences.

Moreover, even when Aquarius volunteers their own input, it could get overridden without Leo consciously knowing they’re doing so.

“You went to the doctors? My doctor is terrible – I had what you had once, did I ever tell you how that went for me?”

Aquarius, ever the keeper of fair play and equal footings, sees no reason why Leo should be on top of the heap and in the constant spotlight.

The drama and overblown reactions many Leos have to life’s ups and downs simply don’t gel with the fast-moving sparks of the Aquarius mindset.

That said, Leo doesn’t understand why Aquarius doesn’t listen without daydreaming either, and finds their absent-mindedness quite silly indeed.

Learning to laugh at themselves helps solidify this friendship more fully, making it stand the test of time even in the more distant Aquarian periods or more intense and grandiose Leo melodramas.

Aquarius and Leo marriage compatibility

Just uttering the word ‘marriage’ puts stars in Leo’s eyes, but don’t think it’s for the reasons of romance and commitment alone.

In their mind’s eye, they’re already seeing the event play out in cinematic slow motion.

The billowing confetti, the immense white cake, the grand hall filled with family and friends, the exchanging of vows – and most importantly, all eyes on Leo in all their finery.

This is their day, the one day where they have to matter the most.

Aquarians reading this may well already be rolling their eyes, but their perspective on marriage is so far in the other direction it’s a wonder many of them bother getting wed.

Traditions and constrictive social constructs chafe against the Aquarius soul most uncomfortably.

If the relationship is already happy and committed, the Aquarius reasons, then why is something so outdated and overpriced as marriage necessary?

The Leo needs to convince Aquarius that marriage is not just an excuse for pomp and ceremony.

It’s an affirmation of the bond, but most important, one that isn’t going to stop the Aquarius exploring the world and enjoying the fun of life and inspiration.

Whether they know it or not, Aquarius people often fear marriage through thinking it’s going to stifle and contain them.

Once the ceremony has been carried out and married life is underway though, the long term pros and cons of the Aquarius and Leo relationship come to the fore.

As one example, both star signs are easily bored, and must be sure not to misinterpret life’s quieter moments as a sign the relationship is failing.

Leo, for instance, thrives on emotional extremes and grand gestures of love and admiration.

While Aquarius will never, ever be found kneeling and screaming their Leo lover’s name into the downpour of a stormy night, that kind of image is irresistible to the Leo.

They realise it’s impossible to expect all that from cool and calm Aquarius, but what if they were to be… stirred into action a little?

Aquarius, on the other hands, cannot abide the idea of arguments being started over nothing just because Leo wants attention.

That said, they’d do well to make sure their addiction to all that’s fresh and new in the world doesn’t cause their hearts to go yonder.

Leo won’t stand for this, being possessive and protective of their mate. Colour outside the lines, and the lion will bare its fangs – and Aquarius can expect no sympathy.

All in all though, the companionship, fun and compassion in this relationship gives an Aquarius and Leo marriage a lot of potential.

By acknowledging their differences, harmonising their opposites and putting their power to the common good, Aquarius and Leo matches can become one of the great power couples of the zodiac.

Aquarius and Leo: Common issues and problems

Aquarius wants a smooth life full of fun, with plenty of room to juggle thoughts and ideas, and much freedom to do things his or her way without having to justify it to anyone else.

Yet while Leo offers plenty of things in a relationship, surrendering to that kind of outlook isn’t always one of them.

Aquarius wrinkles his or her nose at how self-serving and self-aggrandising Leo can be, even though they often don’t mean to come off that way.

Similarly, when the Leo is wounded and lashing out through hurt pride, Aquarius finds this kind of simpering behaviour quite childish.

However, Leo doesn’t understand why Aquarius wants to keep the relationship so low key, neither why that partner seems so against the idea of cute selfies or checking in places together.

Is Aquarius ashamed of them? Not at all – they simply see love as a private affair, while loud proud Leo wants to shout it from the rooftops.

Furthermore, Aquarius people are often so preoccupied with so many things that Leo can feel like an afterthought – the one thing a Leo individual absolutely hates the idea of being.

Said Leo could set a week aside for snuggles and romance with their Aquarius honey, only to be told that Aquarius is taking a trip out of town for half the week to visit old friends.

Aquarius doesn’t understand why this becomes such a big issue – he or she told their partner before going, right? Surely that’s thoughtful?

Yet the idea of being even slightly shut out of their partner’s lives or made second priority is unbearable to the Leo.

The possessiveness shown in kind is likely to grate on Aquarius tremendously, and being who they are, they certainly won’t back down or compromise about it.

Both Leo and Aquarius have developed extremely strong individual selves, and part of growing that way has been a resolute belief that they are in the right.

Neither wants to back down when tempers flare, although cooler Aquarius may opt out of fighting altogether simply through having little interest in conflict.

This only infuriates Leo further, since he or she plays to win, yet Aquarius has simply walked away from the table.

Compromise and understanding must be reached if this pairing is to avoid some truly undeserved blowouts between them.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

The idea of an Aquarius and Leo relationship is an interesting and intriguing one, if only because of the somewhat unique mix of personalities, energies and philosophies it introduces as the romance moves through the couple.

Often, if these clashes are very severe and both Aquarius stubbornness and Leo pride are at an all time high, these attractions burn out long before they’ve even had a whisper of a chance to become as truly special as they can be.

And that specialness and deep, profound connection is so worth working and fighting for.

Despite coming from opposite ends of the traditional twelve signs of the zodiac, Aquarius and Leo share a common interest in helping those around them, protecting the downtrodden and becoming inspirational figures who move humankind forward.

What’s more, they instinctively understand the power of alone time, of breathing space in a relationship and the power of alternative points of view to help further both their individual goals, and those of their relationship.

Leo is an intense lover, latching onto Aquarius in a big emotional bear hug that the air sign themselves must take great care not to misinterpret as smothering or controlling.

That said, any hints at straying will be shut down as swiftly as they appear – in the worst cases, Leos will hypocritically lap up attention from other admirers while doing this.

Both Aquarius and Leo can, through patience and loving kindness, come to the shared appreciation that a relationship is here to highlight their individual strengths, rather than swamp them in a muddled, mixed identity that snuffs out the Leo flame and tempers the swift Aquarian wind.

Becoming more profound and insightful individuals because of this, Aquarius and Leo use their relationship as a force for good, rather than a fulcrum of drama or something to run away from.

Most of all, they’ll become one another’s best friends and most trusted confidants, and face even the most terrifying of life’s plot twists with the broadest of grins, the warmest of hearts and the most diverse canvas of ideas and solutions imaginable.

Aquarius and Leo compatibility rating – 7/10

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