Leo and Marriage – Does it always end in disaster?

Leo and Marriage – Does it always end in disaster?

leo marriage compatibility tipsWhen it comes to Leo and Marriage you should always remember that people born under the Lion sign make for very interesting marriage partners.

As I’ve emphasized on this website many times before, there is really no such thing as absolute bad marriage partner or love partner.

There’s absolutely no completely and irredeemably horrible worker or student in the horoscope signs. Matters of good or bad are simply matters of maturity. All horoscope signs have good sides and bad sides. Productive sides and not-so productive sides.

It’s really all a question of maturing. This is definite true when it comes to the Leo and marriage. The reality is that there are many sides and traits to the Leo personality type. On the one hand, the Leo can be a protector. On the other hand, the Leo can be a dictator and a very dominating partner.

As you probably already know, any relationship worth being in has to be a partnership. Relationships by definition have to be a two-way street. Nobody wants to be in a situation where he or she feels dictated to.

Nobody wants to be in a situation where he or she feels stuck. Unfortunately, this can often happen to a Leo and be caused by someone born under the sign of Leo.

Here are the reasons why:

When it comes to Marriage Leo can be a Protector

The Leo is not afraid about taking charge and rushing into a situation especially when it comes to protecting somebody. Unfortunately, when you are dealing not-so developed or immature Leo, the only person that the Leo is thinking about protecting is himself.

These protector instincts in the Leo man can be a great asset in a marriage with Leo. The Leo can be a great parent protecting the kids against threats and risks. The Leo can be also a great provider whether female or male. Virgo signs tend to respond really well to this aspect of the Leo personality and it is the main reason that Leo and Virgo signs are so well matched in love and romantic relationships.

The problem is when the protector side of the Leo is undeveloped. This can lead the Leo man to focus on protecting his own ego so much that it prevents the relationship from maturing. Keep reading below to figure out why.

Marriage with a Leo can be a Power Struggle

Due to the fact that the Leo has no problems rushing into things and speaking his or her mind, the marriage can become a power struggle.

Instead of the marriage being a give and take relationship, the marriage can easily degenerate into sides competing for dominance. If the Leo is matched up against a Taurus or a Capricorn or some other potentially headstrong astrological sign including a Scorpio, it can be a recipe for emotional disaster. I explain this in more detail in my report about the love match between Leo and Scorpio.

Instead of the marriage being a source of comfort and strength for both partners, it can be a drain. Instead of the partners being motivated by love and concern for each other, they might look at each other as sources of fear, ambivalence, and have a negative association with each other.

In many cases the marriage might only manage to limp along because the partners are sticking together because of the kids.

It’s all about Coping with the Leo Ego

The Leo ego is very interesting and complex. On the one hand, the Leo has a very strong need for validation. This is why the Leo doesn’t have a problem like rushing into situation or saying things off the top of his or her mind.

The Leo is always looking for other people to validate the Leo’s role in the world or the Leo’s value. This can be a bottomless pit. If the Leo doesn’t feel that he or she is getting enough validation this can increase the amount of brashness, the displays, the acting out which then dries up the validation even worse and this can go on and on and on until the person becomes really a hassle to be with.

Another problem with this trait of the Leo personality is that the Leo is always looking to be in the spotlight. It might seem that a lot of the good things that this person does is really an attempt to get credit.

A lot of help this person provides to other people might be just a way of getting praise and attention from other people. While some people might appreciate it, other people might get turned off. Other horoscope signs might think that this is simply too mercenary and too self-seeking. A lot of people might think where’s the real love, where’s the real concern.

If everything is all about your ego and all about your needs, what about me? This is precisely the kind of interplay in a Leo marriage that comes to the forefront again and again. Marriage with the Leo has to be a journey from the spotlight to real partnership.

The Secret to Leo Marriage Happiness

The secret to Leo marriage happiness is really to lead the Leo partner from the spotlight of ego and validation to real partnership.

Real partnership is all about give and take. Real partnership is all about speaking each others love signals in such a way that both partners feel welcome in the relationship. It’s all about treating each other in such a way that they feel honored, valued, and treasured. In a very real sense, truly meaningful relationships can be very therapeutic.

You have to understand that we are not meant to be alone. Whatever insecurities, hang ups, and personal weaknesses we might feel we have can be resolved in a healthy relationship. I am of course not talking about co-dependent relationships where both partners drag each other down into an emotional downward spiral. Instead, the focus should be on working with the strengths of the partners in the Leo marriage. This involves working with the Leo’s need to show protection as a power base.

This power base can be nurtured and cultivated to turn the Leo into a truly loving partner.

What is a truly loving partner?

A truly loving partner doesn’t love to get something in return. Real love is not self-seeking, it’s not negotiating, it’s not badgering, it’s not needy, and it’s not clingy.

Real love is self-sacrificing. It’s always seeking other people out. The good news is that the Leo has the base foundation for this because the Leo is a protector. By leveraging the Leo’s protective instinct you can mature your Leo partner into a truly giving partner.

The Leo can mature to a point the Leo would lay down its life to protect its partner. This is very important not in dramatic terms. I’m not talking about the actual Leo partner dying. But in terms of dying to serve, in terms of killing off the part of the Leo ego that always needs to be in the spotlight.

The Leo can reach a point where it would be able to commit some form of ego suicide so that the relationship can mature, bloom and benefit both partners.

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