Leo Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility

Leo Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility

There’s a lot about the Leo woman that is very attractive to the Pisces man.

Pisces guys are not turned off by the brashness, the boldness, and the courage of Leo women. They think that there’s something seductive and beautiful about a woman that is able to express her emotions and feelings, and really stand up for herself in any type of situation.

Pisces guys also admire Leo women’s ability to make decisions fairly quickly.

On the other side, Leo women like Pisces man’s social appeal. Pisces guys have the science of getting along well with other people down. We’re not talking about the same level as Sagittarius men, but very close. The Pisces character, whether male or female, is all about interpersonal relationships on an emotional level.

The Pisces wants to feel emotionally validated, so he tends to go out of his way to emotionally validate other people. His whole strategy is based on reciprocity. If I want you to be kind to me, I should be ready to take the effort of being kind to your first.

That’s how the Pisces’ mindset works when it comes to interpersonal, emotional relationships. They have no problems about going out on a limb and making the first move.

Leo women who tend to be quite stubborn and tend to be quite shy when it comes to matters of emotion appreciate this about the Pisces men. Both signs have a lot going for them.

Leo woman and Pisces man love compatibility really boils down to completing each other.

You’ve probably heard it in many movie dialogues. The reality is that a real relationship involves people completing each other, not in the sense that one is taking from the other, but more in the sense that both grow into the relationship. It’s the relationship that completes both partners, not one person benefiting from the other person giving something up.

You know you’re in an unhealthy relationship if it is an emotional zero-sum game. How does the zero-sum game work?

For one persons’ slice of the emotional pie to get bigger, the other partner’s slice needs to get smaller. That’s a zero-sum game, and that’s not a real relationship.

Leo woman and Pisces man love compatibility can lead to mutual completion based on a real relationship. That’s how much promise there is in this combination of horoscope signs. As promising as things may be, it’s not like Leo woman and Pisces man love compatibility is a bed of roses. Keep reading.

Leo Courage and Pisces Emotional Depth

The good side of the Leo female is that she can be very courageous. She doesn’t mind stepping out on a limb and expressing her mind. She has no problem showing her heart, or going into a situation and trying to take care of a problem. This is the bright side to the Leo.

The downside is that she tends to overdo it. She tends to overplay her cards. As a result, it can get quite old. It’s very easy for the Leo’s friends to basically look at the Leo and say, “Okay, we got it. You like to take charge. You like to take credit. You like the spotlight. Fine. What next?”

This is precisely where potential conflicts can be. You have to understand that Pisces man is still a man. He needs respect. He needs his space. When the Leo woman mistakes the Pisces man’s kindness for weakness, we have all sorts of problems. The reality is that the Leo’s overarching urge to always take the spotlight is driven by insecurity or a sense of inadequacy.

The good news of Leo woman and Pisces man love compatibility is that the Pisces’ emotional depth can really help the Leo woman become a fuller and more emotionally-balanced person. The problem is, she has to ask for it. Unfortunately, many Leo women are in denial regarding their need for this emotional depth.

They already think that they are emotionally complete, and they are already well put-together emotionally. Unfortunately, continuing to think this way can lead to disaster down the road. The reality is that both partners can grow in the relationship, because they have certain elements that the other partner is missing, or need to work on.

Leo Women Can Use the Pisces Man’s Emotional Support

Pisces guys are great listeners. Pisces guys can basically amok you feel loved, accepted, valued, appreciated, and priceless. This is their great gift. They don’t need to say a word, they just let you talk and you can get the load off your chest. I often see this too when studying relationships between Leo women and Libra men.

Just the facial expressions, the gentle caresses, the eye contact, and the warm presence is enough to make you feel loved, respected, valued, and that you matter. Leo women can use more of this, because their brashness can get the best of them.

Leo woman and Pisces man love compatibility, at an emotional level, can be quite magical and beautiful, thanks in no small part to the Pisces man’s emotional depth.

Pisces Men Can Use Some Fire in the Belly

On the other end of the equation, Pisces guys can use a little bit of the fire that drives the Leo woman. It’s not unusual for Pisces men to get stuck in relationships that they are not completely happy in. It’s not unusual for them to get stuck in all sorts of situations where they would rather not be in. This is especially true when it comes to their jobs.

The reason is that they are so busy trying to take care of the emotional needs of others and they tend to neglect themselves. As a result, they tend to paint themselves emotionally unimportant.

Leo woman can teach her Pisces man to stand up for what he’s feeling, and for what he believes. This fire in the belly can really help a Pisces man achieve higher levels in life. I’m not just talking about income, social status; I’m also talking about emotional maturity and personal development.

Make no mistake about it. Leo woman and Pisces man love compatibility takes a lot of work. There’s not a perfect fit at first. However, it can definitely develop into something very beautiful and very meaningful.

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